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Rebuild Small Busines Success with DejaOffice PC CRM

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DejaOffice PC CRM – Your data on your PC and Phone, Easy, Fast, Secure!

Traditional Contact Manager includes History, Deals and Projects and runs securely inside your home or office.

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / — DejaOffice PC CRM gives lighting fast access to Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, and Notes with data that has been stored securely in your home or office. CompanionLink has created a traditional CRM that runs fast on the PC but is also works great without an internet connection. DejaOffice is priced affordably at a single payment of $49.95 for a lifetime single-user license and a one-time charge of $199.95 for 5-users ($40 per user).

“As Hurricane Ida swept across Louisiana, several people felt their lives change forever, losing homes, internet, and various other necessities,” says Wayland Bruns, CTO at DejaOffice. “For those business owners, they have lost out the valuable income needed through sales due to the loss of internet. DejaOffice is the only CRM that allows these business owners to continue working right where they left off without any issues. Not only that, but DejaOffice is faster than any other CRM out now you can search, look over a customer’s history, and even begin typing notes faster than you can log into any of the other major web-based CRM products out there. When creating this CRM, I wanted to create something that can help those companies who face hardships such as Ida.”

DejaOffice is a Contact Management Solution that does not need an active internet connection on Android, iPhone, and PC Windows platforms. DejaOffice uses a local data store on all platforms. With the help of DejaOffice, the only CRM that allows this, businesses would be able to keep track and contact customers throughout these difficult times, allowing these businesses to pick up where they left off without any issues.

DejaOffice has a Pro version that sells a 5-user license for $199.95 ($40 per user), where each user can have a unique login and set up a unique password. With this Calendar, Notes and Tasks can be assigned between co-workers or made visible to every employee, allowing any of the 5-users to view their Calendar or view every employee’s Calendar. Users can create a Contact or Event privately so that only that user will see it.

DejaOffice has an optional RunStart for an additional $49, where one of our experienced technicians can log into your PC once to set up the CRM and migrate your data as needed. You can also buy Premium Support for $129, which allows our techs to log into your PC and solve any issues you may run into for an entire year. DejaOffice is incredibly easy to install and runs swiftly. In less than an hour, our techs can set up DejaOffice, migrate 5000 contacts, and create a five-user calendar for you.

About DejaOffice
DejaOffice was created by CompanionLink® Software, Inc., a pioneering developer in data sync solutions for mobile phones. CompanionLink has released DejaOffice® CRM for Android™, iPhone®, iPad®, and Windows®. CompanionLink also white-labels their software, supporting branded PC and Mobile Apps that synchronize Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks from Outlook to Web. Established in 1987, CompanionLink has helped mobilize information across devices, computers, applications, and web-based services. For more information, please visit and

CompanionLink, DejaOffice, and DejaCloud are registered trademarks of CompanionLink Software, Inc. Other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Wayland Bruns
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Classic CRM for Your PC

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Radiology Associates, P.A. Becomes First Practice in Arkansas to Partner with Rad AI

Partnership with Rad AI embraces cutting-edge AI to improve quality and speed of radiology reports

We believe our partnership with Rad AI will enable us to maintain this type of technological leadership, and Rad AI Omni will be a powerfully assistive tool for our radiologists.”

— Benjamin J. Bartnicke, Chairman of the Board at Radiology Associates, P.A.

LITTLE ROCK, AR, USA, September 16, 2021 / — Radiology Associates, P.A. (RAPA), a nationally recognized leader in introducing innovative new technologies, announced it is forming a long-term partnership with Rad AI. RAPA will use Rad AI’s advanced technology for generating customized radiology report impressions and consensus guideline recommendations. RAPA has consistently been at the forefront of technological innovation, and services 25 hospitals throughout South, Central, and Northwest Arkansas, as well as more than 100 clinic practices that include 4 outpatient imaging facilities.

“Our practice has been on the forefront of innovation in radiology, building on our heritage of leading the way with transformative technologies that ultimately prove to become the gold standard for radiology practices,” said Benjamin J. Bartnicke, Chairman of the Board at Radiology Associates, P.A. “We believe our partnership with Rad AI will enable us to maintain this type of technological leadership, and Rad AI Omni will be a powerfully assistive tool for our radiologists.”

Rad AI automatically generates a customized impression from the findings and clinical indication dictated by the radiologist, using the most advanced neural networks. It learns each radiologist’s language preferences from all of their prior reports, to create an impression that the radiologist can simply review and finalize. In addition, Rad AI improves report accuracy and consistency by making sure to include significant incidental findings, answering the main clinical question, and providing consensus guideline recommendations for follow-up. The impression appears in the practice's voice recognition software as soon as the radiologist finishes dictating the findings, without any clicks, hotkeys or new windows.

“After reviewing a number of AI solutions, we felt that Rad AI’s approach on reporting and automated impression creation really helps us achieve benefits across all study types and subspecialties – not just a single study type or single subspecialty like most AI vendors.” said Jeff Wieler, CIO at RAPA. “We also appreciated Rad AI’s transparency with their product roadmap, and their immediate responsiveness to feedback. The ability to see into the future while constantly adapting is critical for technology tools. We feel that Rad AI understands that level of foresight and agility.”

“We are excited about our long-term partnership with RAPA to implement Rad AI Omni in their practice,” said Dr. Jeff Chang, ER radiologist and co-founder of Rad AI. “While being a radiology AI leader requires a carefully crafted and cutting-edge product, it also requires innovative radiology practices to embrace these solutions; RAPA is a quintessential example of this type of practice.”

About Radiology Associates, P.A.:

Radiology Associates, P.A. serves 25 hospitals throughout South, Central, and Northwest Arkansas, as well as more than 100 clinic practices that include 4 RAPA outpatient imaging facilities. In addition to keeping Arkansas’ best and brightest physicians from UAMS, RAPA has attracted radiologists from the best programs in the country, including the Mallinckrodt Institute at Washington University, The University of Michigan, Duke University, Southwestern University in Dallas, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the University of Oklahoma. Among our many radiologists, we have physicians with fellowship training in nearly every radiology sub-specialty.

Over the past 20 years we have expanded and enhanced our practice throughout the state of Arkansas. We have also partnered with St. Vincent Health System to open the St. Vincent Breast Center. For more than 100 years, we’ve worked to build not merely a network of resources but also to establish a legacy of compassion for Arkansans with healthcare needs. We continue to work tirelessly to keep Arkansas current with an innovative, state-of-the-art outpatient facility that meets the needs of our progressive medical community.

Learn more about Radiology Associates, P.A. at

About Rad AI:

Rad AI aims to streamline radiology workflow, providing time savings for radiologists and improving report consistency, while helping reduce radiologist burnout. Co-founded by the youngest US radiologist on record, Rad AI is working with some of the largest and most innovative radiology practices in the US and expanding quickly. Rad AI is based in Berkeley, CA, and backed by Gradient (Google’s AI fund, which invests in the top companies using AI to positively transform their fields).

Learn more about Rad AI at or on Twitter @radai.

Niven Shah | Press Relations
Rad AI
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LenderHomePage and LeadMailbox Modernize Lead Management Capabilities for Mortgage Companies

Loanzify + Leadmailbox

Loanzify logo

We’re thrilled to partner with LeadMailBox as part of our shared goal to provide a more digitally advanced and intuitive digital mortgage experience for all.”

— Rocky Foroutan, CEO

SANTA ANA, CA, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / — LenderHomePage announced today a new partnership with LeadMailBox designed to help mortgage companies streamline and enhance their lead management process. The new integration addresses the problematic disconnect modern lenders face when utilizing mortgage CRM and POS software from different providers.

Implementation of cloud-based POS and CRM software increased dramatically in the past five years and is a cornerstone of digital transformation. The top benefits of digital transformation include a 45% revenue growth (Deloitte, 2020), a 20-30% increase in customer satisfaction (McKinsley, 2019), and improved operational efficiency (PTC). However, there remains the challenge of seamless integration between the aggregator’s POS and CRM as data between the two does not always populate accurately, thus, requiring manual data entry.

The automated transaction between Loanzify POS and LeadMailBox CRM addresses this major issue by eliminating the time-consuming, error-prone, and redundant manual data entry, thereby allowing the mortgage companies to take full advantage of the platforms’ and originator’s revenue-generating potential. This deep integration improves customer experience and retention, automated lead nurturing, increases lead quality and revenue, accelerates the loan lifecycle, and improves data accuracy.

Since 2003, LenderHomePage has been a market leader in innovative mortgage technology development. They are the designer of highly acclaimed mortgage software products, including Loanzify POS and Loanzify Mortgage Mobile App, enabling mortgage companies of all sizes to create better operations efficiencies and deliver an omnichannel experience for their consumers.

LeadMailBox CRM is a cloud-based CRM lead management system that organizes, distributes, and analyzes mortgage leads for improved lead qualification and lead nurturing. The intelligent solution enables mortgage companies to modernize their sales processes with features such as Insta-Call, customizable lead distribution, lead scoring, and metrics.

"Customization and integrations are purpose-built in all of our software products," states Rocky Foroutan, CEO of LenderHomePage. "With technology and industry demands constantly evolving, having a robust and agile platform is key in remaining competitive and unlocking new revenue opportunities. We’re thrilled to partner with LeadMailBox as part of our shared goal to provide a more digitally advanced and intuitive digital mortgage experience for all."

Lydia Hernandez
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Loanzify Mobile App

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Niraz Buhari’s view on blockchain technology in insurance and reinsurance industry

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 16, 2021 / — Blockchain is expected to revolutionize the way insurance and reinsurance businesses operate, allowing closer interaction between stakeholders such as vendors, reinsurers, and brokers among others. Blockchain builds trust between parties sharing information, which is the principal feature that helps promote the security and accuracy of transaction data. In reinsurance, blockchain helps reduce the claim processing time and cost of placement claims settlement and aligns key processes such as compliance checks.

Blockchain technology continues to revolutionize businesses around the world. Even though it's a widely popular term in the latest innovations, blockchain as a concept eludes many people. That is, many do not know what blockchain technology means. To define it in the basics of terms, blockchain is a distributed database system that hosts transaction and activity records, hence allowing signing, exchanging, and verifying without involving a third party.

Blockchain enables secure, transparent means of conducting business transactions without needing to involve an intermediary. Based on the highlighted features, the technology is poised to bring revolutionary changes to the way we conduct business in almost every sector. One of those industries is the insurance industry, expected to realize changes in the way stakeholders interact with each other. Stakeholders in the insurance sector include brokers, reinsurers, and vendors among other ecosystem partners.

The challenges in the insurance industry
Despite the increased adoption of technology in the insurance industry, the challenges with the current insurance setup still have a lot of loopholes that diminish the multi-trillion dollar global industry in many aspects. For example, consumers still call brokers to purchase a new insurance policy, the error-prone paper contracts are still used to process policies, etc.

The complexity of insurance processing makes it even harder to ensure efficiency. It involves consumers, brokers, insurers, and reinsurers who are all working to build the main product- risk management. Every step in the insurance processing presents a point of failure with the potential to lose information, misinterpretation of policies, and lengthened settlement times.

Blockchain in Insurance
The most fundamental features of blockchain applicable to the insurance industry are trust, transparency, and immutability. Blockchain works in a way that provides a single source of information that is updated in real-time, which allows parties involved to maintain the comprehensive asset, contract, and data ownership records without the need to involve intermediaries.

In the insurtech industry, blockchain provides a single source of data (truth), which drastically reduces friction in business processes. Blockchain-enabled smart contracts help facilitate and automate distributed Ledger Technology (DTL) networks. Therefore, blockchain applications can be applied in many subsectors of the insurance industry, including:
1. Fraud detection & risk prevention to eliminate fraud
2. Property & casualty (P&C) insurance through a smart contract to improve efficiency
3. Health insurance to help secure health records and increased interoperability
4. Life insurance to help in the automation of death claims, hence relieving family members from the tedious act

Blockchain in Reinsurance
The main challenges in reinsurance are the inefficiencies in understanding risks, placement, claims settlements, and compliance. Blockchain’s smart contracts are seen to have a huge potential to revolutionize reinsurance, which is an important aspect of the insurance chain. Research has established that blockchain could help reduce the processing time and cost of placement, the settlement of claims, and the alignment of key processes such as compliance checks.

Blockchain is also seen to help get a better view of risks and identity, considering the amount of data flowing between stakeholders such as clients, brokers, reinsurers, and outsource service providers. All these entities require multiple data entries and reconciliation, making blockchain an appropriate technology to solve the inherent problems.

The current insurance claim settlement process is seen as tedious, and blockchain can streamline and facilitate risk transfer from one insurer to another. Through smart contracts, blockchain records every transaction, including premium paid and losses on the ledger of the insurer and reinsurer. The process eliminates the need for paper records and institutions to coordinate individual claims.

Reinsurers can also allocate capital to claims in real-time through the data shared across fixed registers. This will allow them to settle claims fast and efficiently without the need to rely on the primary insurer for data on every claim.

How Can Blockchain Help Provide Insurance To Developing Countries?
A majority of the population in developing countries does not have access to health insurance. Health insurance is extremely costly due to high administrative costs and the risk of corruption.

Traditional insurance agencies operate on a ‘pen and pencil’ based system where clients contact insurance agents who then perform the liaison activities to provide the best options for the customer. Healthcare records like birth certificates, records of treatments, and previous insurance coverage are subject to damage and misplacement.

This is an especially difficult model for developing countries. Most third-world nations experience problems with consistent internet connections and phone service.

Smartphones and cloud-based blockchain solutions provide an answer. ​​

Final thought
Blockchain may not solve all the challenges insurers face today, but it’s an important foundational technology that is promising to promote transparency, trust, and stability. The overall benefit is the ability to automate the process, making the insurance industry more efficient.

One of our group company Smarttek is currently doing further research and development in the area of Blockchain with a view to doing a soft launch in 2022 as a SAAS model.

Niraz Buhari
CEO, C&C Group

Chris Beasley
Smart Cover Insurance
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Recruiting for Good Sponsors BBQ Chef Interview By Talented Mom Parrish Walsh

BBQ Chef Bilal Brooks of Grillin and Chillin @chefbs_chillin_an_grillin

BBQ Chef Bilal Brooks of Grillin and Chillin @chefbs_chillin_an_grillin

We Created a Meaningful Travel Funding Service to Help Moms Support Their Talented Athletic Kids #supportmoms #talentedkids #elitetravelteams

BBQ Chef Bilal Brooks of Grillin and Chillin @chefbs_chillin_an_grillin

Let Recruiting for Good Represent You...Land Sweet Job + Love Life #landsweetjob #makepositiveimpact #recruitingforgood

Let Recruiting for Good Represent You…Land Sweet Job + Love Life #landsweetjob #makepositiveimpact #recruitingforgood

Recruiting for Good hired Parrish Walsh to interview and write a story of Bilal Brooks a talented and passionate BBQ Chef based in LA.

Parrish thank you for writing a wonderful interview!”

— Carlos Cymerman, Fun Advocate+Founder, Recruiting for Good

SM, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / — Fun loving staffing agency, Recruiting for Good helps companies find talented tech professionals and generates proceeds to make a positive impact.

Talented mom, Parrish Walsh interviewed and wrote a story about local BBQ Chef Bilal Brooks.

According to Recruiting for Good Founder, Carlos Cymerman, "How this interview occurred? Recruiting for Good‘s Founder, Carlos sponsored a dinner party (food prepared by Bilal) to celebrate Parrish Walsh landing a sweet job. She was impressed with his cooking skills (delish farm to table dishes). And we hired Parrish to write this interview. We are grateful for passionate professionals who love to serve people."


You can find Bilal Brooks of Chillin’ and Grillin’ on instagram @chefbs_chillin_an_grillin, or do yourself a favor and email him to cater your next gathering at His vision is to open a BAR-B-Q combining a bar with great grilled food. He would love to highlight So Cal BBQ culture which also has a cross section with Mediterranean shawarma and food like Carne Asada.

This Holiday Season, Recruiting for Good is Sponsoring Love is a Treat; The Sweetest Celebrations for Talented Kids. Starting in October (we're celebrating Halloween every weekend). In November, we're celebrating Thanksgiving with Grateful for Pie Parties (Taste LA's Best). And in December, we're hosting iCelebrate Cake Parties (Taste LA's Best).

Since 1998, Recruiting for Good has been a purpose driven staffing company. Companies retain our recruiting agency to find talented and value driven professionals who love to use their talent for good in Engineering, and Information Technology. We're generating proceeds to make a positive impact. #landsweetjob #lovelife #makepositiveimpact. Looking to land a sweet job and love life. Send us your resume today.

Carlos Cymerman
Recruiting for Good
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Concord Selected to Participate in Exclusive Dcode Accelerator

Concord Logo

Dcode Logo

Concord Tech was recently selected as one of 12 cutting-edge technology companies for the fall cohort of the Dcode accelerator program.

PORTLAND, OREGON, USA, September 16, 2021 / — Dcode works with the tech industry and government to bring top tech onto contract and into government missions and the acceleration program provides participants a simpler, faster, and more streamlined way to scale in the federal market.

“We are excited to join this elite program, especially because government-ready product is a key focus for us as a company,” said Concord CEO Dash Lavine. “As more government agencies are focusing on modernizing their data practices, the Dcode accelerator presents a unique opportunity for Concord to align our solution with the needs of government.”

Throughout the program, Concord will receive one-on-one advisory support from the Dcode team and live, virtual sessions with Dcode and industry experts to guide its federal strategy. The program also provides the opportunity for participants to meet key decision makers across government and potential channel partners to build market presence. When the program concludes, Concord will be better positioned for accelerated growth in the federal market and will continue to partner with Dcode on the federal side.

About Concord

Concord’s platform helps companies ensure compliance with the latest data privacy regulations while building trust and loyalty with their users to drive higher engagement and more opt-ins. Concord provides a secure and scalable data processing engine and a user-facing privacy center that public and private organizations can easily implement without code expertise, enabling privacy protected data collection, sharing/preference controls, and regulation-ready compliance feeds. One platform for compliance and privacy-first data collection that drives better data, user loyalty, and security & protection.

For more information, please visit:

About Dcode

Dcode connects the tech industry and government to drive commercial innovation in the federal market. Dcode’s solutions for tech companies, government organizations, and industry partners are all designed to improve the way government runs, using product and practices from the private sector. We offer integrated solutions for all parts of our community, and when they come together… that’s where the magic happens.

For more information, please visit:

Dashiell Lavine
Concord Technologies Inc.
+1 833-444-2673
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India Developers Accepts BitcoinZ as Currency

India to Adopt BitcoinZ as Legal Currency?

India to Adopt BitcoinZ as Legal Currency?

Multiple Merchants to Accept BitcoinZ in India

Multiple Merchants to Accept BitcoinZ in India

India Developers Join Forces with BitcoinZ

India Developers Celebrate BitcoinZ 4 Year Birthday with a BitcoinZ Birthday Cake

Investment from India into BitcoinZ (BTCZ) is flowing strong and hard! Multiple India Developer teams have joined the BitcoinZ Project with great aspirations!

We are growing & improvising our knowledge, Let us realize our dreams through BTCZ. We will contribute in a big way technically, we have a huge motivated army of techies…”

— Keshava Moorthy C, Mentor, Senior VP of IT Division @ Vibhaa Technologies

PUTTUR, KARNATAKA, INDIA, September 16, 2021 / — Investment from India into BitcoinZ (BTCZ) is flowing strong and hard! Multiple India Developer teams have joined the BitcoinZ Project with great aspirations! These developers are building a vast network and infrastructure inside India with huge community support.

So far, many India businesses have started to accept BitcoinZ as a form of payment. There are also large capital investments taking place as some whales are taking positions in the BitcoinZ crypto as well as the community buying and trading.

India was particularly drawn to the BitcoinZ project for many reasons:

1) Fair Start – no Premine, no ICO, no Developer Fees
2) Security – POW & ASIC resistant
3) Privacy – created under the zkSNARKs technology
4) 100% Community Driven
5) 100% Decentralized
6) Faster Block time for Faster Network
7) A Strong Fast Growing Community
……and Much More LEARN WHY

Interested in joining the BitcoinZ developer team? Join the DISCORD today!

The Community in India has really taken off! The BitcoinZ Team there has been traveling all over the country holding live seminars about BitcoinZ and getting everyone involved. The Team in India has also been hard at work getting businesses onboard to start accepting BitcoinZ as a form of payment and so far this movement is growing Fast and Furious! Many organizations and businesses in India are now accepting BitcoinZ as a form of payment with more joining each day! This force in India is driving the BitcoinZ project to new levels and mass adoption is starting across the country.

Want to Help the India Project with Mass Adoption? Please Donate to the BitcoinZ India Team Via #BTCZ to this Address: t1SZLneSdzZUwJw8aTumjxUWwn5TZ6NdEU3

BitcoinZ has many large projects in the works which anticipated to be released in the near future. With all these extra developers joining forces, projects will be completed sooner and additional projects can be started. We are very excited to see the new developments and goals as they emerge!

BitcoinZ is a 4 year old Crypto project that is community driven, with no PreMine, no ICO and no Developer Fees! It has been rumored BitcoinZ was created by the Famous zkSNARKs, (though no one really knows who created BitcoinZ which adds to the Mystery) this crypto project has a mysterious history and a bright future. The zkSNARKs wanted to create a "Gift to the World" by fixing the problems associated with Bitcoin while adding privacy and security. They created the 21 Billion supply with a particular goal of achieving a $1 price and allowing everyone in the world to hold at least one coin.

BitcoinZ hit an all time high on January 9, 2018 of $0.033584 a whopping 6,850% higher than the price at the time of this writing!!! There is a great online Calculator here: BTCZ-Calculator to calculate your potential Returns!

October 10th, 2021 is a day to mark your calendar! This day will be the first Halving for BitcoinZ and historically, shortly after halving occurs, the price of a crypto asset increases. 🚀 This has happened in every case with Bitcoin and we believe the same will happen with BitcoinZ. By reducing the supply of coins into the marketplace by Half, the supply greatly reduces and law of supply and demand kicks in…..usually producing Higher Values! Will BitcoinZ Halving Drive the price back to its all-time high? Or maybe even Higher? We believe we will see new All-Time Highs in the near future.

In addition, many crypto projects are talking about moving to POS, as those coins become no longer mineable, crypto miners will look for alternative coins like BitcoinZ to mine. Historically, more miners drive up difficulty, higher difficulty drive up the crypto asset price. ⛏️ We believe in the very near future more miners will start mining BitcoinZ therefore driving up the price!

The BitcoinZ core developer team is strong and growing. They have quietly been building on their Blockchain for 4 years and its only a matter of time before people start to take notice. Most of the Core Developers have been involved with the project since the beginning and have deep knowledge in zkSNARK technology and are determined to change the world.

Currently under the Radar, BitcoinZ is a project you will not want to miss, its your opportunity to get involved in a project that has 4 years of infrastructure built but trading at a start-up value!

Rok Mikuz
email us here

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ValueHealth Announces Partnership with New York-Based Gramercy Surgery Center

This partnership will meet the demands of the New York market by expanding access to value-based surgical care in an affordable, trusted outpatient setting.

Gramercy’s demonstrated commitment to delivering a quality surgical experience to their patients and physicians is what makes them the right partner for ValueHealth.”

— ValueHealth CEO, Don Bisbee

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / — ValueHealth®, LLC, the nationally recognized leader in Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE)™, today announced an equity partnership in Gramercy Surgery Center, a leading multispecialty ambulatory surgery center (ASC) operator in the state of New York. This strategic partnership will meet the demands of the New York market by expanding access to value-based surgical care in an affordable, trusted outpatient setting.

This new value-based partnership will connect Gramercy Surgery Center to ValueHealth’s national network of high-performance surgical facilities. As a result, the partnership will form New York City’s first focused ASC network for implementing successful value-based surgical care inclusive of bundled payment programs with a warranty. A dramatic shift from the region’s traditional fee-for-service payment models, this newly formed value-based ASC network aligns with the needs of employers and consumers in the region seeking the highest quality care at the greatest value.

“Our partnership is centered around growth and transformation,” says ValueHealth CEO, Don Bisbee. “We have the proven ability to deliver superior clinical outcomes by focusing on the satisfaction of both our patients and clinical care teams. We do this through the intentional design of our surgical care pathways and value-based payment model to maximize efficiencies within the ASC space. Gramercy’s demonstrated commitment to delivering a quality surgical experience to their patients and physicians is what makes them the right partner for ValueHealth.”

Ranked by Newsweek as the #1 and #2 ASC in New York in 2021, Gramercy Surgery Center currently has locations in Manhattan and Queens, with additional locations under evaluation. In addition, ValueHealth and Gramercy Surgery Center have begun planning for future surgery center locations throughout the larger New York City area.

“Our partnership with ValueHealth is the first of its kind in New York,” says Gramercy Surgery Center CEO, Austin Cheng. “Our focus on the satisfaction of both patients and surgeons has always been the driving force of our business and sets Gramercy apart from other ASCs. Now, with this partnership, we are building upon that mission with an explicit focus on lowering the overall cost of surgical care in our market – all while continuing to improve clinical outcomes. As industry leaders, we are excited to offer our customers an innovative approach to outpatient care by bringing more accessible value-based surgical care to our region. This sustainable solution will serve our New York communities and drive system-wide changes to how healthcare is delivered and consumed.”

About ValueHealth
ValueHealth has pioneered the ambulatory surgical space since 1997. Today, the company is leading the country in healthcare's transformation to value-based care, with data-driven protocols that are rapidly positioning its innovative approach as the gold standard for the industry. This data-driven healthcare services company offers a surgical digital platform designed to accelerate the transition from fee-for-service to value-based surgical care model while positioning its provider partners to flourish in an emerging risk environment. Today, ValueHealth operates in more than 30 states, and its nationally recognized Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE)™ are leaders in the transition to value-based care. For more information, visit

About Gramercy Surgery Center
Gramercy Surgery Center is an award-winning multi-specialty outpatient surgical provider with facilities in Manhattan and Queens, New York. The facilities are able to accommodate a wide array of nearly a dozen surgical specialties, which has positioned Gramercy as a critical access point for outpatient surgical care in New York City. Due to its founding as a non-surgeon owned ambulatory surgery center, Gramercy Surgery Center has grown with a business model heavily built around both patient and surgeon satisfaction, which it calls “The Gramercy Difference.” Building on its emphasis on customer service, Gramercy Surgery Center has since expanded from its original location in Manhattan to its second location in Queens. This network model has allowed Gramercy to not only attract dozens of leading independent surgeons, but also larger medical groups that have a presence across multiple boroughs. Today, Gramercy’s two facilities are currently ranked the #1 and #2 ASC in New York, respectively, by Newsweek. For more information, visit

Teresa Olsen
ValueHealth, LLC

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ZAF Energy Systems Expands Monobloc Patent Portfolio

Rendering of Zaf Systems Monobloc Batteries

US Patent Monobloc Batteries

ZAF expands its IP Patent Portfolio to 12 US Patents and 14 overall

The advantages of this monobloc architecture to enable mass-produced manufacturing is a crucial component for future commercialization of nickel-zinc batteries.”

— Randy Moore

JOPLIN, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / — US Patent Application US2020/0259130A1, titled “Monoblocs and Monobloc Batteries,” has been allowed and will be granted as US11128002 on September 21st to ZAF Energy Systems Inc. (ZAF), a developer of next-generation zinc battery technologies. The patent will expand ZAF’s IP portfolio to 12 United States patents and 14 overall.

This is ZAF’s second monobloc patent, which will help pave the way for manufacturing an unrivaled high voltage Nickel-Zinc battery. The monobloc design allows for an aqueous based battery capable of 48V and can increase the energy by 33%, over a standard modular design. These batteries will provide a safe, cost effective, and environmentally benign alternative to Lithium-Ion and other high voltage battery chemistries. The monobloc design allows for the lowest cost, highest quality, and most energy dense design for automated manufacturing of high-volume Nickel-Zinc battery formats.

The Nickel-Zinc high voltage monobloc design can provide electrification solutions for numerous markets, including telecom, industrial, stationary energy storage, and transportation. The patented monobloc design can also be easily integrated into the aviation market, where Nickel-Cadmium is currently being used. The replacement of Nickel-Cadmium by Nickel-Zinc will solve many historical problems that have plagued the industry for years, including memory effects, electrolyte dry out, and environmental issues. ZAF’s Nickel-Zinc chemistry does not suffer from memory effects and the dry out failure mode has been eliminated with gas to water recombining devices. Many environmental issues are alleviated with Nickel-Zinc, as it does not contain cadmium and is RoHS compliant. The chemistry is also easily recycled in a low temperature process.

According to Randy Moore, President and CEO of ZAF Energy Systems, “While we’ve proven the viability of the chemistry for the past several years, the advantages of this monobloc architecture to enable mass-produced manufacturing is a crucial component for future commercialization of nickel-zinc batteries.”

About ZAF Energy Systems, Inc.
Incorporated in 2011 with locations in Joplin, Missouri and Bozeman, Montana, ZAF Energy Systems develops and commercializes next-generation zinc battery technologies that use sustainable materials that can be safely and easily recycled. Its breakthrough battery technologies include Nickel-Zinc, Lithium-Zinc, and Zinc-Air. ZAF’s primary and rechargeable batteries provide long-life and economical solutions in a safe package for a variety of applications. For more information, visit:

# # #

Kirk Plautz
ZAF Energy Systems
+1 813-267-5669

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2021 Cylynt Connect: Achieving Zero Dark Usage of Your Software Products

2021 Cylynt Connect – Zero Dark Usage

Registration for the premier event for software monetization, anti-piracy, cybersecurity, license compliance, and data privacy technologies is now open.

We are grateful to work with so many of the top industry players and executives who give their time and bring their expertise to the event and provide attendees with such a rich insight.”

— Graham Kill

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / — 2021 Cylynt Connect is now open for registrations and is a must-attend event for all those working in software monetization, anti-piracy, cybersecurity, license compliance, and data privacy technologies.

Now in its eighth year, this annual summit features panel discussions and presentations, bringing together leading authorities on the technical, legal, and business aspects of software usage.

This year’s format will be a mix of virtual and in-person sessions. The virtual two-hour sessions will run in October and will cover themes focusing on the most up-to-date developments in anti-piracy technology, business issues, and legal insights through real-world case studies, tangible strategies and best practices, and interactive Q&A sessions. Further in-person events are planned for December, travel restrictions permitting.

Participants include license compliance professionals, software developers, corporate attorneys and senior executives in sales, marketing, product management, finance, and operations. The sessions provide attendees with insight into approaches to maximize revenue from their on-premise software, to gain a better understanding of how their software is being used, and share the opportunity to learn from experts about best practices and developing continuous improvement.

This year's theme launches Cylynt’s new mission, Zero Dark Usage, which combines Cylynt’s expertise in revealing and illuminating illegal (and legal) software usage that would otherwise be ‘dark’ to software companies with analysis that yields actionable insights to drive revenue recovery. Cylynt is well-established in this arena, as the leading software antipiracy, license compliance, and cybersecurity experts, the Cylynt platform is trusted by some of the world’s top software companies for enhanced business intelligence and globally is protecting around $50 billion of software assets.

“The agenda for this year’s event features a host of leading authorities to discuss the burning issues, so we are already seeing a great deal of interest,” commented Graham Kill, Executive Chairman and CEO of Cylynt Group. “We are grateful to work with so many of the top industry players and executives who give their time and bring their expertise to the event and provide attendees with such a rich insight into – in many cases – how they have transformed their own operations.”

“While last year’s summit was 100% virtual and we had record attendance, it is hoped that we can also follow up the virtual events with some in-person events, as these are always very well-received giving attendees fantastic networking opportunities with our industry experts, so please stay tuned for those too.”

More information on 2021 Cylynt Connect can be found here.

About Cylynt
Cylynt provides SaaS based anti-piracy, license compliance and software monetization technology for the world’s leading software companies. Cylynt’s data-driven approach to software utilization enables technology companies to derive more value while protecting their IP and clients are currently realizing an ROI of 9:1. Cylynt helps clients make informed business decisions, correct licensing problems, and protect customers from unfair competition. With a solution for every budget, Cylynt’s innovative technologies organize, analyze, and interpret telemetry data into meaningful market insights and quality lead generation.

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