How Threat Intelligence Platform is Utilizing a Unique Approach than other Cyber Security Companies

Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Platform

Threat Intelligence Platform Utilizing Unique Context-Based Cybersecurity Approach for Monitoring Third-Party Reliability and Efficient Resource Allocation

At the end of the day, threat intelligence provides a framework to stop cybercriminals from finding new ways to exploit countless online assets and deceive users into committing errors”

— Jonathan Zhang

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 19, 2019 / — Threat Intelligence Platform, a California-based data, tool, and API provider specializing in automated threat detection, security analysis and threat intelligence solutions for Fortune 1000 and cybersecurity entities, has pushed to the front of the cybersecurity pack by utilizing a unique content-based approach for monitoring third-party reliability/safety and efficient resource allocation.

“Businesses today vary in their approach to operating data and information systems and, as such, evaluating IT infrastructure according to standardized auditing routines for cybersecurity just isn’t enough,” states Jonathan Zhang, founder, and CEO of Threat Intelligence Platform. “Many aspects must be taken into consideration, including industry, size and system-specific configurations. This is where our deployment of a context-based cybersecurity system comes into play; rather than taking a one-size-fits-all stance, our engineers are able to explore risks proactively while future-proofing systems from attacks and accidents.

“This is accomplished by checking the computing infrastructure in a risk-based method across various parameters and recommending what needs to be done, making the overall process cost-effective while investigating all conceivable situations within a given context and confirming or negating assumptions regarding threats and risks with precision.”

With regard to monitoring third-party reliability and safety, Threat Intelligence Platform representatives point to the way businesses – as they grow and become more successful – rely more on third-party tools and services, and how this is providing cybercriminals the opportunity to gain access to these businesses via partners and suppliers with more lenient security practices. Threat Intelligence Platform, in response, examines the connections to third parties with which sensitive information is frequently shared, an investigation that ultimately assesses the reliability and safety of third-party providers’ systems – both prior to their selection and throughout a contract’s implementation.

Threat Intelligence Platform analysts also help clients optimize the allocation of their security budgets, establishing more secure systems, upgrading security protocols and correcting system anomalies. Meanwhile, management and users involved are advised on what they can do to protect their data and systems, reduce human errors and, at times, even change their cybersecurity roadmap.

“At the end of the day, threat intelligence provides a framework to stop cybercriminals from finding new ways to exploit countless online assets and deceive users into committing errors,” concludes Zhang.

The unique draw of Threat Intelligence Platform remains its provision of fundamental building blocks for constructing cybersecurity, threat hunting/defense, and cyber threat intelligence applications and platforms. The company’s system offers easy-to-use threat intelligence tools, services and APIs to obtain detailed information about hosts and the infrastructure behind them, gathering data from various providers, utilizing substantial internal databases – compiled for more than 10 years – and real-time host configuration analysis.

Threat Intelligence Platform is part of the Whois API Inc. Family, an intelligence vendor trusted by over 50,000 clients. For more information visit or email

Zed Augustine
Threat Intelligence Platform
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Ai4 Cybersecurity: The First Conference to Exclusively Explore How AI & ML Are Impacting The Cybersecurity Industry

Ai4 Cybersecurity is a two-day conference taking place on April 29th and 30th, 2019 in New York City.

After artificial intelligence, cybersecurity will never be the same.”

— Co-Founder, Ai4 Cybersecurity, Michael Weiss

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2019 / — The two-day cybersecurity conference will occur on April 29th and 30th, 2019 in New York City. Executives and data practitioners from Fortune 500 companies and government organizations will be in attendance to learn how artificial intelligence is impacting cybersecurity operations.

In its inaugural year, the Ai4 Cybersecurity conference is taking place at the center of this industry-wide AI transformation. The conference provides a knowledge sharing venue for both business executives and data practitioners to compare notes on their AI journeys. CISOs from enterprise companies like CA Technologies and Pioneer Natural Resources, leaders of cybersecurity firms like Darktrace, and practitioners from organizations like MIT Lincoln Labs and CERT will take the stage to discuss how they have successfully implemented and benefitted from artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Attendees will encounter two distinct tracks, the Business Track and the Data Track, that differentiate between non-technical and technical discussions. Topics will be covered either from the perspective of the business exec (Business Track) or data practitioner (Data Track). Topics include company-wide cyber health monitoring, modeling corporate cyber risk, vulnerability management, data security and data loss prevention, automated classification of data, identifying corrupted training data, combating advanced AI threats and zero-day attacks, optimization of alerts, orchestration and incident response, incident response storytelling, AI and cloud security, DevOps security, white hat hacking and penetration testing.

Once the conference ends each day, "AI After Dark" picks up with a series of curated dinners on Monday night and an Ai4 bar crawl on Tuesday. You can apply to attend Ai4 Cybersecurity, taking place on April 29th and 30th, 2019 at 117 W 46th Street, New York, NY.

Ai4 Cybersecurity is part of the Ai4 Conference Series which organizes industry-specific conferences centered around AI applications. In 2019, Ai4 conferences will educate 1500+ top executives & data practitioners at the world’s largest companies about how they can responsibly leverage AI today. Confusion is still commonplace when discussing AI for the enterprise; from basic definitions all the way to implementation. Through our conferences and content, we aim to provide a common understanding of what AI means to the enterprise. Visit our homepage at to learn about each of our conferences: Ai4 Finance, Ai4 Healthcare, Ai4 Cybersecurity, Ai4 Retail, and Ai4 Telecom.

CALL FOR PRESS: Are you a journalist who writes about cybersecurity? Do you write about AI in cybersecurity?! Email us at to request press credentials.

Confirmed Speakers To The April Conference Include:
Erin Kenneally, Portfolio Manager – Cyber Security Division, US Department of Homeland Security
John Prokap, CISO, HarperCollins
Michele Guel, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco
Chris Novak, Director of Threat Advisory Research, Verizon 
Hussein Syed, CISO, RWJBarnabas Health
Justin Vermillion, Head of Application Security, Los Alamos
Eliezer Kanal, Data Science Team Lead, CERT
Serge Vilvovsky, Consultant – Cyber Security & Big Data Software Engineering, MIT Lincoln Labs
Justin Vermillion, Office Leader, Los Alamos
Nick Sikora, Cybersecurity Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton
Tina Posey, Program Manager – Cyber Security Operations, Conde Nast
Vernon Habersetzer, Senior Enterprise Technical Expert, Walmart
Leo Simonovich, Vice President & Global Head – Industrial Cyber and Digital Security, Siemens Energy
David Billeter, CISO, CA Technologies
Ricardo Lafosse, CISO, Morningstar 
Raghu Dev, Director Identity and Access Management, BNY Mellon
Yossi Barkalifa, Head of Cybersecurity & Compliance, Amdocs
Parthasarathi Chakraborty, Head of Cybersecurity Architecture & Strategy, Guardian Life
Aaron Blackstone, CISO, Texas Department of Public Safety
Gregory Wilson, CISO, Pioneer Natural Resources
Jason Odell, Director, Incident Response, Walmart 

Michael Weiss
+1 954-253-1777
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LEXIT Launches Platform To Buy and Sell Companies and Assets Globally

LEXIT team

The LEXIT platform will streamline mergers and acquisitions for companies and individuals coming from a wide variety of industries.

TALLINN, ESTONIA, February 19, 2019 / — LEXIT Technologies, a fintech startup targeting the M&A industry, today launched the first phase of, its upcoming comprehensive solution designed to simplify the way assets, tech and businesses are sold. LEXIT aims to accelerate the processing of mergers and acquisitions for their customers, which include both companies and individuals. is a unique platform that will cover all aspects required to complete the sale of a business asset, i.e. deal sourcing, data room management, due diligence, deal completion, and post-merger operations for a wide variety of industries. This all-around solution aims to improve the transparency and efficiency of business deals.

The upcoming LEXIT marketplace will have an easy-to-use interface which will enable users to complete business transactions using a single solution. The time taken to source, analyze and purchase an asset will be reduced up to 75 percent.

According to Amir Kaltak, CEO of LEXIT Technologies, "This platform is an example of how technology can transform the way to make deals and grow companies through acquisitions. We look forward to welcome our first users, who in the near future will become the first sellers of our M&A marketplace."

LEXIT Phase I currently offers companies and individuals to open an account and list both equity and assets. In the upcoming weeks, LEXIT will verify these first users and listings in order to soon launch its marketplace and data room features.


LEXIT is an all-around solution designed to buy and sell companies, intellectual property and assets. Through a centralized platform, LEXIT allows M&A processes to be concluded four times as fast, at about a quarter of the traditional costs. Entrepreneurs are empowered to discover the true value of their assets on a vibrant and highly liquid marketplace, without having to bear overpriced prepayments. And most importantly – an efficient market for IP and patents is established, allowing companies to trade assets as conveniently as one would buy or sell a car or real estate.

Forward-looking and Cautionary Statements

Certain statements in this release are forward-looking statements, which involve a number of risks that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements. The risks and uncertainties include and are not limited to, uncertainties regarding fluctuations our ability to generate and manage growth, legal restrictions on raising capital or acquiring companies, and unauthorized use of our intellectual property.

Toomas Lepik
LEXIT Technologies Ltd.
+372 5999 9977
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BM Interactive Group & Piloto 151 join forces to bring User Experience Training to Developers & Designers in Puerto Rico

Training workshop for UX Decoded for Developers on March 30th at Piloto 151

UX + DEV Process Decoded Workshop - March 29th

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, February 19, 2019 / — San Juan, Puerto Rico – BM Interactive Group, LLC, a user experience and product design services business headquartered in Miami, FL, and Piloto 151, Puerto Rico’s top cutting edge coworking facilities for tech and entrepreneurs, are teaming up to bring a two-day event of affordable user experience professional training for all techies, developers, designers, product managers, and local business owners looking to learn or further enhance their knowledge in UX.

At the event, from Friday, March 29th thru Saturday, March 30th, 2019, a total of two UX workshops will take place. “UX For Developers Decoded” is tailored to the developer looking to not only understand and learn about UX but also understand how to quickly apply UX to their day to day practice. It will assist them in further bridging that gap between technology and design.

Sofia Stolberg, Co-founder and CEO of Piloto 151, stated that “although Puerto Rico’s startup and tech ecosystem is burgeoning, most companies have failed to prioritize user interfaces and experiences as crucial elements to developing world-class products and services. Educating startup founders, tech leaders and the general population on the importance of user-centric designs to drive sustainable business growth will take us further in fulfilling our mission of continuing to strengthen our tech ecosystem.”

The second workshop, “UX+DEV Processes Decoded” is tailored to product teams or business owners looking to not only understand and improve their internal process to maintain user experience but also execute and deliver products quickly and efficiently. This workshop will address pain points teams face throughout the product journey, allowing teams to create and develop rich experiences effortlessly.

“Puerto Rico has an upcoming tech scene today, which is why I definitely see the potential and value in helping companies and professionals realize the importance of UX, as well as understanding how UX is a must-have to remain competitive in today’s digital landscape,” said Ignacio Garcia-Huidobro, founder of BM Interactive Group and co-founder of UX+DEV SUMMIT.

Invision App, a worldwide leading design tool used by many product teams, recently published a “2019 UX Trends” article which states:

“From a consumer perspective, good UX is no longer considered a unique selling point. It’s gone from being a novelty—something that really helps a product stand out—to an expectation. We’ve reached a point where, if a product or service provides a sub-par user experience, the user will discard and replace it in a heartbeat.”

“We’re passionate about Puerto Rico and we love to see how the tech scene is growing, which in turn will provide great opportunities and jobs to the area. We’re hoping to contribute in our own unique way with education” says Ignacio.

Lastly, attendees that participate will have a chance to meet and network with like-minded individuals, while visiting the wonderful facilities Piloto 151 has to offer. They will also have the opportunity to learn about Piloto 151’s Codetrotters, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean’s first coding boot camp, along with their newest course in UX Design.

The event will take place at Piloto 151’s Old San Juan location. You can learn more about Piloto 151, BM Interactive Group, and the upcoming workshops at:

Learn more about UX+DEV Process Decoded – March 29th, 2019
Learn more about UX Decoded For Developers – March 30th, 2019

Throughout February only, a promotional price of $99.99 early bird special runs through February and ends on March 15th. Act fast as space is limited!

About BM Interactive Group
BM Interactive Group is a product design, development, and services firm headquartered in Miami, Florida. BM Interactive specializes in helping companies transform and reimage their digital experiences from concept to completion. More information about the company is available at, or by calling 305-702-0274.

About Piloto 151
Piloto 151 is the first coworking space in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with locations in Old San Juan, Santurce, and Milla de Oro. As a leader and supporter of the local tech ecosystem, we provide virtual offices, shared workspace, private offices and suites, soft landing packages, staffing services and more to help our community grow. For more information, visit, email, or call 787-501-2048.


Javier Garcia
BM Interactive Group
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GoodFirms Unveils the Catalog of Top Document Management Software Providers for Feb – 2019

Best Document Management Software

Best Document Management Software

GoodFirms has featured the Document Management System providers that deliver intelligent automation to maintain and revise all sorts of documents

Document management systems allow capturing, retrieve and deal out high-value business information for maintaining daily operations”

— GoodFirms Research

WASHINGTON DC, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2019 / — In this modern era, document management software is being used by many businesses, enterprises, schools, colleges, hospitals etc. With the help of this software, people are able to scan the paper documents and convert them into digital format and save it forever. Document Management System within an organization has made effortless for them to maintain and retrieve any of the documents at any moment. If you are looking for such a system, here GoodFirms has released a catalogue of Best Document Management Software providers based on several qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Take a Glimpse at the List of Document Management System Software Cultivated by GoodFirms:

•Zoho Docs
•ShareDocs Enterpriser
•Secured Signing

These days you can come across a number of different systems that are offering huge perks to businesses. One of them is BPM (Business Process Management). This software assists in various ways such as analyzing, measuring and optimizing, improving and automating the business process. You can meet the Best Business Process Management Software providers at GoodFirms along with genuine ratings and reviews.

GoodFirms is a worldwide acknowledged B2B research, ratings and reviews platform. It fetches out the top IT development companies, best software and other firms from diverse segments and indexes them in the list of exceptional agencies. It performs this research process to assist the service seekers in getting associated with best firms.

The research squad of GoodFirms conducts a deep assessment considering three main point of reference that is Quality, Reliability and Ability. These main points are also incorporated with plentiful other metrics such as verifying years of experience, skills in their domain area, determining the past and present portfolio, market presence, client reviews etc.

GoodFirms analyst team follows the above method and then compares every company with each other. After this process, all the firms are allotted with points out of total 60 and then they are indexed in the list of most excellent companies.

Moreover, GoodFirms inspire service seekers to engage themselves in the on-going research process. Thus, grab an opportunity to get listed in top companies for their credibility to deliver optimal solutions to their clients. Getting listed in GoodFirms will give you a great opening to showcase your ability to provide various services to global customers.

Presently, GoodFirms has also curated a list of Best Productivity Software providers that help the businesses and organizations to manage the daily activities efficiently.

About GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a Washington, D.C. based research firm that aligns its efforts in identifying the most prominent and efficient document management software providers that deliver results to their clients. GoodFirms research is a confluence of new age consumer reference processes and conventional industry-wide review & rankings that help service seekers leap further and multiply their industry-wide value and credibility.

Get Listed with GoodFirms.

Rachael Ray
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Online Education Market 2019 Global Analysis, Growth, Size, Share, Trends, Forecast to 2025

Online Education Market –Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities, Analysis of Top Key Players and Forecast to 2025

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, February 19, 2019 / — Online Education Market 2019

Wiseguyreports.Com adds “Online Education Market –Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities, Analysis of Top Key Players and Forecast to 2025” To Its Research Database.

Report Details:

This report provides in depth study of “Online Education Market” using SWOT analysis i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat to the organization. The Online Education Market report also provides an in-depth survey of key players in the market which is based on the various objectives of an organization such as profiling, the product outline, the quantity of production, required raw material, and the financial health of the organization.

This report focuses on the global Online Education status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players. The study objectives are to present the Online Education development in United States, Europe and China.

The key players covered in this study 
K12 Inc 
White Hat Managemen 
Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH & Co. K 
Beness Holding, Inc 
New Oriental Education & Technology 
YY Inc 

Request a Sample Report @

Market segment by Type, the product can be split into 
Type I 
Type II

Market segment by Application, split into 
Mobile & Tablet

Market segment by Regions/Countries, this report covers 
United States 
Southeast Asia 
Central & South America

Key Stakeholders 
Online Education Manufacturers 
Online Education Distributors/Traders/Wholesalers 
Online Education Subcomponent Manufacturers 
Industry Association 
Downstream Vendors

If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will offer you the report as you want.

Complete Report Details@

Major Key Points in Table of Content:

1 Report Overview 
1.1 Study Scope 
1.2 Key Market Segments 
1.3 Players Covered 
1.4 Market Analysis by Type 
1.4.1 Global Online Education Market Size Growth Rate by Type (2014-2025) 
1.4.2 Type I 
1.4.3 Type II 
1.5 Market by Application 
1.5.1 Global Online Education Market Share by Application (2014-2025) 
1.5.2 PC 
1.5.3 Mobile & Tablet 
1.6 Study Objectives 
1.7 Years Considered

2 Global Growth Trends 
2.1 Online Education Market Size 
2.2 Online Education Growth Trends by Regions 
2.2.1 Online Education Market Size by Regions (2014-2025) 
2.2.2 Online Education Market Share by Regions (2014-2019) 
2.3 Industry Trends 
2.3.1 Market Top Trends 
2.3.2 Market Drivers 
2.3.3 Market Opportunities


12 International Players Profiles 
12.1 K12 Inc 
12.1.1 K12 Inc Company Details 
12.1.2 Company Description and Business Overview 
12.1.3 Online Education Introduction 
12.1.4 K12 Inc Revenue in Online Education Business (2014-2019) 
12.1.5 K12 Inc Recent Development 
12.2 Pearson 
12.2.1 Pearson Company Details 
12.2.2 Company Description and Business Overview 
12.2.3 Online Education Introduction 
12.2.4 Pearson Revenue in Online Education Business (2014-2019) 
12.2.5 Pearson Recent Development 
12.3 White Hat Managemen 
12.3.1 White Hat Managemen Company Details 
12.3.2 Company Description and Business Overview 
12.3.3 Online Education Introduction 
12.3.4 White Hat Managemen Revenue in Online Education Business (2014-2019) 
12.3.5 White Hat Managemen Recent Development 
12.4 Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH & Co. K 
12.4.1 Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH & Co. K Company Details 
12.4.2 Company Description and Business Overview 
12.4.3 Online Education Introduction 
12.4.4 Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH & Co. K Revenue in Online Education Business (2014-2019) 
12.4.5 Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH & Co. K Recent Development 
12.5 Bettermarks 
12.5.1 Bettermarks Company Details 
12.5.2 Company Description and Business Overview 
12.5.3 Online Education Introduction 
12.5.4 Bettermarks Revenue in Online Education Business (2014-2019) 
12.5.5 Bettermarks Recent Development 
12.6 Scoyo 
12.6.1 Scoyo Company Details 
12.6.2 Company Description and Business Overview 
12.6.3 Online Education Introduction 
12.6.4 Scoyo Revenue in Online Education Business (2014-2019) 
12.6.5 Scoyo Recent Development 
12.7 Languagenut 
12.7.1 Languagenut Company Details 
12.7.2 Company Description and Business Overview 
12.7.3 Online Education Introduction 
12.7.4 Languagenut Revenue in Online Education Business (2014-2019) 
12.7.5 Languagenut Recent Development 
12.8 Beness Holding, Inc 
12.8.1 Beness Holding, Inc Company Details 
12.8.2 Company Description and Business Overview 
12.8.3 Online Education Introduction 
12.8.4 Beness Holding, Inc Revenue in Online Education Business (2014-2019) 
12.8.5 Beness Holding, Inc Recent Development 
12.9 New Oriental Education & Technology 
12.9.1 New Oriental Education & Technology Company Details 
12.9.2 Company Description and Business Overview 
12.9.3 Online Education Introduction 
12.9.4 New Oriental Education & Technology Revenue in Online Education Business (2014-2019) 
12.9.5 New Oriental Education & Technology Recent Development 
12.10 XUEDA 
12.10.1 XUEDA Company Details 
12.10.2 Company Description and Business Overview 
12.10.3 Online Education Introduction 
12.10.4 XUEDA Revenue in Online Education Business (2014-2019) 
12.10.5 XUEDA Recent Development 


Wise Guy Reports
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POM Checker: Best way to Measuring Posture

The device does not need separated sensor to extract joint information.

POM Checker at CES 2019

Team Elysium Inc. Announced AI Musculoskeletal Measuring Equipment

SEOCHO-GU, SEOUL, 대한민국, February 20, 2019 / — Team Elysium Inc., the medical IT start up in Korea unveiled its new medical device, POM Checker, analyzing musculoskeletal disorders at CES 2019. The company noticed the discomfort of doctors and patients from the methods, and tried to resolve it. This led to the development of musculoskeletal measuring device, POM Checker, which is applied with image processing technology and AI. The device digitizes and presents measured values in real time so that it helps doctors and patients caring posture disorders easier.

An analysis of joint motion is a critical indicator in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders. However, traditional measuring methods use anglers or de-adhesion markers, resulting in poor accuracy and reproducibility.

However, this medical device developed by the company scans targets with 3D cameras using Depth and RGB and extracts and analyzes major joint motion information through artificial intelligence. Conventional instruments or marker de-adhesion are not required, because the 3D camera correctly extracts the target's joint position. The accuracy of the extracted joint data is only around ±3° or so in measurement error using the unique algorithm and AI technology developed by the startup. Due to its technology, it is able to maximize reproducibility. All of these processes digitize and present measured values in real time, so that a mere five seconds of diagnosis can best identify a patient's condition.

The equipment also provides connected digital healthcare. Basically, doctors can check the diagnostic process, results, and data wherever they want. This is due to a patient management system that is synchronized to multiple PCs. The results of the measurement and the cumulative measurement are immediately generated and printed as a report, and sent to the individual mobile devices of the patient. The report graphically visualizes the extracted data to show at a glance the progress of treatment for imbalances in posture or musculoskeletal disorders. Various methods of motion that suits the patient's condition is provided based on all of these data combined.

Doctors and patients are connected through digital healthcare so that patients can easily view the results of medical examinations they receive anytime, anywhere, and doctors can also receive information linked to them to perform more detailed treatment and management of patients' disease. Furthermore, it goes on to go to hospitals and make a series of procedures to treat diseases like routine, not any ‘special’ event. It is to get rid of the vague pressure people have on diseases and hospitals and to immerse the healing process into everyday life. Reliable relationships between doctors and patients are formed due to transparent and accurate findings as well.

About Team Elysium Inc.
Team Elysium Inc. is a medical IT company based in Seoul, Korea. Founded in 2017, the startup is finding areas in the medical field that require the interface of the latest IT technologies and improving the healthcare environment through the development of relevant medical software and hardware.

Eun sik Park
Team Elysium Inc.
+82 10-4709-4788
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Google’s Cloud Talent Solution Enters the German Market

The Cloud Talent Solution allows the applicants to find the most suitable vacancies, while employers get the best possible candidates.

The Cloud Talent Solution is based on machine learning, which learns to better understand applicants’ goals and the content of job vacancies. is the First German Job Board to Use the Google Cloud Job Search Technology

We're just getting started, but the results are optimized on a daily basis and the AI learns with every search.”

— Konstantin Janusch, Managing Director of Yourfirm

MUNICH, GERMANY, February 19, 2019 / — is the first job site in Germany to use Google's job search technology, the Cloud Talent Solution. The job platform which specializes in German SMEs (called ‘Mittelstand’), is using the Google Cloud Talent Solution, to find suitable employees for the companies faster with its AI solution. The Cloud Talent Solution is based on machine learning, which learns to better understand applicants’ goals and the content of job vacancies. This allows the applicants to find the most suitable vacancies, while employers get the best possible candidates.

In the US, Google Cloud Talent Solution was launched in August 2018. Since January 2019, has been running the Google job search technology on its website. "We're just getting started, but the results are optimized on a daily basis and the AI learns with every search. In addition, other useful features will soon follow, such as commute time filter that restricts returned jobs to those within a specified travel time from a designated starting point," explains Konstantin Janusch, Managing Director of Yourfirm. "It's incredibly exciting to work with Google to constantly improve the quality of job search results."

Google's search technology goes far beyond the classic keyword search. For example, machine learning technology also understands company jargon or unclear phrasing in job advertisements and still manages to serve those results to the most suitable applicants. This creates greater satisfaction on both sides and saves companies costs in the recruiting process.

CEO Dirk Kümmerle: "We want to offer the best results to our users on, so they can successfully find their dream job in small and medium-sized businesses. Since Google is the forefront of online search technology and is now offering a specific job-search solution, it was a logical step for us to leverage the Google Cloud Talent Solution. Already, we’re able to record positive results."


The online job platform is the premier job board for anyone looking for jobs in SMEs. Instead of large corporations and temporary employment agencies, the focus is solely on career opportunities in successful small and medium-sized companies. That is why more than 1,000,000 candidates per month search on with a career focus on SMEs, forming a valuable pool of candidates, setting Yourfirm apart from the usual job boards.

YouTube: Cloud Talent Solution

Christina Nachbauer
Yourfirm GmbH
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Educational Webinar About Food Safety Compliance and ERP Helps Processors Stay on the Safe Side

Thursday, March 7, 2019 Educational Webinar Session Looks at Food Safety Technology and Compliance

OAK BROOK, IL, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2019 / — Ultra Consultants, Inc., an independent research and enterprise solutions consulting firm serving the manufacturing and distribution industries, and Kestrel Management, a consulting firm that helps companies achieve food safety regulatory and certification standard requirements, join forces to present an educational webinar session Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 2PM ET.

Register here >>

Today’s food and beverage processor must implement the appropriate processes and systems that not only manage recalls, reporting and document control, but also offer the flexibility to respond to changing regulatory requirements.

Experts from Ultra Consultants and Kestrel Management offer an educational webinar session taking place March 7, 2019 to learn what it takes to integrate compliance programs into core business processes and systems.

Set for Thursday March 7, 2019 2pm ET, the Showcase Webinar is entitled “Food Safety Compliance and ERP : How to Stay on the Safe Side.” The session details how to meet a pressing need – selecting and implementing the right technology to meet strict food safety mandates.

Key Takeaways:
• Understand the key food safety trends and regulations impacting the sector.
• Get an overview of strategies to help meet and sustain food safety compliance, certifications and regulatory mandates.
• See the must-have ERP features to help reduce operational risks, achieve food safety requirements, and realize sustained value through effective use of enterprise technology.

Who Should Attend?
• C-level leaders at food and beverage processing companies
• Quality, Compliance, Finance leadership
• ERP, IT Directors
• Operations Directors, Production leadership
• Anyone responsible for overall business process improvement

Register for the webinar >>

About Ultra Consultants
Ultra Consultants is an independent research and enterprise solutions consulting firm serving the manufacturing and distribution industries throughout North America, as well as companies with global operations. Since 1994, Ultra has delivered enterprise technology expertise and process management to drive business performance improvement for our clients. More information on the company's services, leadership, industry verticals served, and software vendor relationships can be found at

Julie Rogier
Ultra Consultants
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Global Loyalty Management Market Analysis, Strategies, Segmentation And Forecasts 2019 To 2024

Loyalty Management – Global Market Growth, Opportunities, Analysis Of Top Key Players And Forecast To 2024

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, February 19, 2019 / — Loyalty Management Market 2019     

Wiseguyreports.Com Adds “Loyalty Management – Global Market Growth, Opportunities, Analysis Of Top Key Players And Forecast To 2024” To Its Research Database.

Loyalty management deals with designing of rewards to consumers for past purchase as well as provides them incentives with an objective to make future purchase. Rewards program aims at providing strong value to the customers followed by improved customer penetration, cross selling and retention. A loyalty management system consists of operational parameters which include funding options, program design and transaction types among others. In addition, it also includes various value parameters such as redemption thresholds, redemption options and earn rates. Many organizations are focusing on spending on loyalty programs owing to their offerings. The offerings include expansion of coverage to daily consumer spending, innovative rewards leading to an increase in scope for consumer response and retention followed by collaboration opportunities for enhanced services .Loyalty management software tools basically aims at building successful loyalty program for business and individual customers. Key enterprises are focusing on implementing these tools with an objective to maintain high customer satisfaction, by providing specialized loyalty programs which includes special auctions, lotteries, coupons or benefits through one platform.
Nowadays, there are three mainly types of Loyalty Management, including Customer Loyalty, Employee Retention and Channel Loyalty. And Customer Loyalty is the main type for Loyalty Management, and the Customer Loyalty reached a sales value of approximately 1330.99 M in 2017, with 66.76% of global sales volume.

According to this study, over the next five years the Loyalty Management market will register a 17.5% CAGR in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach US$ 5240 million by 2024, from US$ 1990 million in 2019. In particular, this report presents the global revenue market share of key companies in Loyalty Management business, shared in Chapter 3.

This report presents a comprehensive overview, market shares and growth opportunities of Loyalty Management market by product type, application, key companies and key regions.

The report also presents the market competition landscape and a corresponding detailed analysis of the major vendor/manufacturers in the market. The key manufacturers covered in this report: Breakdown data in in Chapter 3.
Alliance Data Systems Corporation
Oracle Corporation
IBM Corporation
Aimia Inc
Maritz Holdings Inc.
Fidelity Information Services
Bond Brand Loyalty
ICF International
Kobie Marketing
Tibco Software

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This study considers the Loyalty Management value generated from the sales of the following segments:

Segmentation by product type: breakdown data from 2014 to 2019 in Section 2.3; and forecast to 2024 in section 10.7.
Customer Loyalty
Employee Retention
Segmentation by application: breakdown data from 2014 to 2019, in Section 2.4; and forecast to 2024 in section 10.8.
Travel & Hospitality
Consumer Goods & Retail

This report also splits the market by region: Breakdown data in Chapter 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
United States
Southeast Asia
Middle East & Africa
South Africa
GCC Countries

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Table of Content:

2019-2024 Global Loyalty Management Market Report (Status and Outlook)

1 Scope of the Report
1.1 Market Introduction
1.2 Research Objectives
1.3 Years Considered
1.4 Market Research Methodology
1.5 Economic Indicators
1.6 Currency Considered

2 Executive Summary
2.1 World Market Overview
2.1.1 Global Loyalty Management Market Size 2014-2024
2.1.2 Loyalty Management Market Size CAGR by Region
2.2 Loyalty Management Segment by Type
2.2.1 Customer Loyalty
2.2.2 Employee Retention
2.2.3 Channel Loyalty
2.3 Loyalty Management Market Size by Type
2.3.1 Global Loyalty Management Market Size Market Share by Type (2014-2019)
2.3.2 Global Loyalty Management Market Size Growth Rate by Type (2014-2019)
2.4 Loyalty Management Segment by Application
2.4.1 BFSI
2.4.2 Travel & Hospitality
2.4.3 Consumer Goods & Retail
2.4.4 Other
2.5 Loyalty Management Market Size by Application
2.5.1 Global Loyalty Management Market Size Market Share by Application (2014-2019)
2.5.2 Global Loyalty Management Market Size Growth Rate by Application (2014-2019)


11 Key Players Analysis
11.1 Alliance Data Systems Corporation
11.1.1 Company Details
11.1.2 Loyalty Management Product Offered
11.1.3 Alliance Data Systems Corporation Loyalty Management Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share (2017-2019)
11.1.4 Main Business Overview
11.1.5 Alliance Data Systems Corporation News
11.2 Oracle Corporation
11.2.1 Company Details
11.2.2 Loyalty Management Product Offered
11.2.3 Oracle Corporation Loyalty Management Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share (2017-2019)
11.2.4 Main Business Overview
11.2.5 Oracle Corporation News
11.3 IBM Corporation
11.3.1 Company Details
11.3.2 Loyalty Management Product Offered
11.3.3 IBM Corporation Loyalty Management Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share (2017-2019)
11.3.4 Main Business Overview
11.3.5 IBM Corporation News
11.4 Aimia Inc
11.4.1 Company Details
11.4.2 Loyalty Management Product Offered
11.4.3 Aimia Inc Loyalty Management Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share (2017-2019)
11.4.4 Main Business Overview
11.4.5 Aimia Inc News
11.5 SAP SE
11.5.1 Company Details
11.5.2 Loyalty Management Product Offered
11.5.3 SAP SE Loyalty Management Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share (2017-2019)
11.5.4 Main Business Overview
11.5.5 SAP SE News
11.6 Maritz Holdings Inc.
11.6.1 Company Details
11.6.2 Loyalty Management Product Offered
11.6.3 Maritz Holdings Inc. Loyalty Management Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share (2017-2019)
11.6.4 Main Business Overview
11.6.5 Maritz Holdings Inc. News
11.7 Fidelity Information Services
11.7.1 Company Details
11.7.2 Loyalty Management Product Offered
11.7.3 Fidelity Information Services Loyalty Management Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share (2017-2019)
11.7.4 Main Business Overview
11.7.5 Fidelity Information Services News
11.8 Bond Brand Loyalty
11.8.1 Company Details
11.8.2 Loyalty Management Product Offered
11.8.3 Bond Brand Loyalty Loyalty Management Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share (2017-2019)
11.8.4 Main Business Overview
11.8.5 Bond Brand Loyalty News
11.9 Brierley+Partners
11.9.1 Company Details
11.9.2 Loyalty Management Product Offered
11.9.3 Brierley+Partners Loyalty Management Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share (2017-2019)
11.9.4 Main Business Overview
11.9.5 Brierley+Partners News
11.10 ICF International
11.11 Kobie Marketing
11.12 Tibco Software
11.13 Comarch


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