Silicon Valley investors connect with their African counterparts at DEMO Africa 2018 in Morocco

Leading Venture capitalists will be in Casablanca for the 7th edition of the annual startup showcase that launches a new generation of African startups

Attending events like these helps me learn and takes me well outside of my comfort zone. Hearing from early stage founders is something I always benefit from. Global perspectives are important”

— Claire Lee

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 24, 2018 / — All roads lead to Casablanca in October for the 2018 edition of DEMO Africa. Over two days of exciting programming including pitches from the 30 selected finalists, and pre-show activities around the Angel Investor Summit, Casablanca is offering an October to remember especially as some of the leading Venture Capitalists from Silicon Valley and around the world join their African counterparts to explore investment opportunities,broaden their knowledge of African startup ecosystems and share best practices on global venture creation. 

Supported by our lead sponsors Microsoft 4 Afrika and Accenture, amongst others, the 2018 edition of DEMO Africa will also include the Ecosystem Enabler Series - a combination of keynotes, panels and fireside chats that will yield productive dialogue between industry leaders and innovation actors about the future of the African technology ecosystem; the Investor Round-tables and Angel Investor Summit- a convening of a niche group of angel investors from all across Africa and the global venture capital community; the Alpha Pitches (in partnership with Le Wagon, Casablanca)and the Lions@frica Innovation Awards – where five (5) Startups will be chosen as winners of the DEMO Africa and will proceed to Silicon Valley, California for the Lions Innovation Tour. 

This year's edition of DEMO Africa in Morocco will welcome a stellar cast of Silicon Valley investors that have an unyielding passion for the African technology ecosystem, but more importantly, are banking on the growth and ingenuity of African entrepreneurs to start and scale global ventures. A number of these investors have had a remarkable track record of supporting the growth of startups in the Valley and in Africa, and are eager to share their experience with their counterparts on the continent.

Claire Lee, Head of Early Stage at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is scheduled to deliver the opening keynote at the Studio Des Arts Vivants on day one of the DEMO showcase. Silicon Valley Bank is an industry leader in financing the growth of technology startups globally, and uniquely positioned in the innovation ecosystem, working with the best VC-backed startups, corporates and VC and PE firms. Claire joined SVB in January 2014 from Microsoft where she spent a decade building out programs and initiatives to better support early stage startups, working closely with the partners that incubate, invest in and support them. Claire has a deep experience in Europe, Middle East and Africa and a commitment to support international development through partnerships.

As a founding member of Lions@frica and DEMO Africa, and a long-time advisor to the office of Global Partnerships at the U.S. Department of State, Claire was instrumental in bringing DEMO to Africa in 2012 thanks to the leadership of Secretary Clinton – and continues to support this event six years later. In 2015, Claire traveled to Nairobi for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit with President Obama and senior members of the administration including Commerce Secretary, Penny Pritzker, and SVB played a major role in supporting the GES 2016 event at Stanford University which saw 700+ startups from 150 countries visit Silicon Valley.

Outside of running the early stage practice at SVB, Claire is an active advisor, mentor and speaker. She is a thought leader on issues such as entrepreneurship, education, inclusion and international development. She is a recognized advocate and spokesperson for advancing efforts around equality, inclusion and representation – aimed at advancing underrepresented constituents in the tech industry. “Attending events like these helps me learn so much about entrepreneurship globally – it takes me outside of the ‘bubble’ and outside my comfort zone. Hearing from early stage founders in nascent, growing markets, is something we always benefit from. Global perspectives are really important.” said Lee.

From Cross Culture Ventures - Jennifer Richards, a Senior Associate in the firm, is returning back to Morocco after visiting after her last visit in 2012 during her time in France. Jennifer, a bilingual and immensely talented venture builder, will also be working to support the female entrepreneurs within the DEMO Africa cohort and promote the bridge building efforts between Silicon Valley and Africa.

From Padovani Ventures - Riad Hartani, a bi-coastal venture capitalist of Algerian descent, will be showcasing the regional venture networks in North Africa and highlighting the fantastic opportunities in the region. With operations in Silicon Valley and Algeria, Dr. Hartani and Padovani ventures specialize in the development of Internet, Mobile and Artificial Intelligence technologies, mostly out of the Silicon Valley as a hub, building multiple leading technology startups, advising on strategic investments and rolling out innovative technologies all over the world.

From Precursor VC - Sydney Thomas, Investment Associate and Head of Operations is joining the DEMO Africa network to seek out opportunities on the continent. Precursor is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on investing in the first institutional round of investment for the most promising software and hardware companies.They are interested in companies with courageous visions and Sydney is excited for the possibilities that she will uncover through her interactions with the African ecosystem.

The list goes on.

"We are thrilled to welcome these global players to Casablanca, Morocco as part of the DEMO Africa conference", commented Stephen Ozoigbo, Managing Partner of the Lions@frica initiative. "We are confident at that our North African ecosystem leaders will prove to be worthy hosts of our global partners and venture stakeholders."

Across the continent and within the region, there are notable angel groups, VC firms and banks that will be joining DEMO Africa including, but not limited to - IDF Captial, Lions@frica, Wamda Capital, Lagos Angels Networks, Convergence Partners, African Business Angels Network, Maroc Numeric Fund, Outlierz Ventures, HSeven, Starup Brics, UK Business Angels Association, Sawari Ventures, Blackbox VC, IFU, Orange, Energy Access Ventures, Nailab, FLat6Labs, Techwadi, Reenging Ventures, GSMA Africa, Algebra Ventures.

Join us in Casablanca. Register for DEMO Africa -
A VIP Pass is required to attend the Angel Investor Summit and Investor Round-tables.

Stephen Ozoigbo
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DEMO Throwback

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HMS Enhances Site to Assist Clients with DCAA Compliance

Free Resource portal helps organizations comply with the US Defense Contract Audit Agency standards when using the TimeControl timesheet system.

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, September 24, 2018 / — HMS Software, the publishers of the popular TimeControl timesheet system have enhanced and extended their free resource-portal to assist clients with how to use TimeControl to become compliant with the US Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) requirements for Labor Charging.

According to the March 2018 Report to Congress on FY 2017 Activities of the Defense Contract Agency, the DCAA’s 300 offices around the world and their 4600 employees examined over $281 billion in Defense contractor costs. As a result, the Agency realized savings of over $3.5 billion.

The DCAA standards for auditing government projects are applied to Defense contract spending as well as federal projects in the United States from Homeland Security, NASA, the Department of Energy (DoE) and others.

One key area of DCAA compliance for projects underway is the tracking of labor costs and in particular the recording of those costs in an auditable timesheet. The DCAA must ensure that an invoice for work done on a US government contract is accurate and that it can be audited. This is a commitment required of contractors on such contracts. Determining that the items detailed in an invoice for a particular government project can be distinguished from work done for other projects is an essential element of contracting.

The DCAA focuses on reviewing the contractors’ process rather than any particular software and does not certify or endorse any software product. However many TimeControl clients are required to comply with DCAA standards and as a result, HMS has reviewed these requirements to ensure that DCAA compliant functionality and methods of configuring and using TimeControl in DCAA compliant fashion is continuously updated. HMS Software has an extensive background in defense, aerospace and energy projects dating back to the early 1980s.

TimeControl is a multi-function timesheet designed to serve the needs of both Finance and Project Management simultaneously. Its design makes entering timesheets simple for the end user yet the robust functionality and configurability of the timesheet makes it ideal as an auditable source of financial information.

HMS maintains a free resource portal on its website and has recently enhanced the portal with additional and updated resources. There are numerous tools and collateral that will be of interest to clients who must ensure they meet this stringent criteria. Materials on the site have been updated to reflect the most current DCAA information available.

Included on the TimeControl DCAA Solution Portal is:
1. A white paper on how to configure the TimeControl timesheet system to meet the DCAA compliance standards,
2. A slide presentation with screen shots and configuration examples for the main criteria of DCAA compliant standards and;
3. A webcast outlining how TimeControl’s functionality can be configured in a DCAA compliant scenario.

HMS Software has numerous clients who service the US DoD, DoE, NASA or Homeland Security and have assisted them in deploying TimeControl in a manner that meets DCAA standards.

Access to the TimeControl DCAA Solutions Portal is free at

Chris Vandersluis
HMS Software
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Bridgette Chambers joins Evolutyz Corp as Chief Advisor to the board

Bridgette Chambers Chief Advisor at Evolutyz Corp

Bridgette Chambers Chief Advisor at Evolutyz Corp

Evolutyz Corp

Evolutyz Corp

Evolutyz Corp a leading Global IT Products and Services company, announced that Bridgette Chambers is joining the executive team as Chief Advisor to the board.

I'm thrilled to join the Evolutyz Corp Advisory board. Evolutyz is poised for continued growth as it builds upon its rich history and effective, tailored, and global delivery capabilities.”

— Bridgette Chambers Chief Advisor to Board at Evolutyz

CHICAGO, IL, USA, September 24, 2018 / — Evolutyz Corp a leading Global IT Products and Services company, announced that Bridgette Chambers is joining the executive team as Chief Advisor to the board.

Bridgette Chambers is an American Business Association award-winning executive, turnaround expert, growth strategist, and successful business author. Chambers has been recognized more than a dozen times by the American Business Association, including Turnaround Executive of the Year, Maverick of the Year, and Female Executive of the Year. At Evolutyz, she will advise the board and global demand generation organization, thought leadership, direction to the board, and a vision to ensure alignment with the company's strategic goals. As a critical member of the advisory board, Bridgette will also help to set the company's strategic goals and targets.

Speaking on occasion, Bridgette mentioned, "I'm thrilled to join the Evolutyz Corp Advisory board. Evolutyz is poised for continued growth as it builds upon its rich history and effective, tailored, and global delivery capabilities. Large enterprises today are looking for players like Evolutyz Corp to manage their large and complex projects. Besides, there are significant changes taking place concerning the digital transformation and deep tech solutions, which is forcing enterprises to collaborate with innovative players like Evolutyz. The key differentiator today that Evolutyz has to offer are COE’s, Platforms and talent pool ready to ramp-up projects across technology stacks."

Chambers received her undergraduate degree from the University of Houston, her MBA from Texas A&M, and her Ph.D. from NorthCentral University. Chambers proudly began her career in leadership by enlisting in the US Army Reserves and later the Texas Army National Guard.

Raghavendra Hunasgi, Evolutyz Corp CMO, said, "We're excited to have Bridgette join our advisory board right at the time when we are exploring our growth story. As we look to reinvent our solutions that will address current business challenges for some of the world's largest corporations, Bridgette’s expertise will help us improve our value proposition and deliver relevant and actionable insights to our clients to help them build competitive advantage."


Evolutyz Corp is a leading next-generation IT products, platforms, and services company delivering guaranteed business outcomes, seamless customer experience, actionable insights, and IP-led digital transformation. Evolutyz Corp brings unparalleled knowledge of domains, markets, and technology platforms, to enable clients to realize their business goals. For more information, visit

Raghav H
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India's only university to produce job creators and not job seekers

Mr. Satyanarayana, President of KL Deemed to be University

Mr. Satyanarayana, President of KL Deemed to be University

KL Deemed to be University

KL Deemed to be University

To ensure the rise in the Indian economy & eliminate unemployment, KL has taken the first step in this direction to encourage the young talent and their dreams.

KL offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programmes under various disciplines, and has been instrumental in nurturing and garnishing the all-round development of millions of students”

— Mr. Satyanarayana, President of KL Deemed to be University

CHICAGO, IL, USA, September 24, 2018 / — The 21st century will be made, not managed, according to Reddit’s co-founder, Alexis Ohanian. Startups and entrepreneurs are quite the buzzwords today and there’s none who has not been influenced by the duo. Entrepreneurs are at the core of the making of the 21st century. The Indian Government is gearing up to embrace this wave of change by unleashing its entrepreneurial energy through initiatives such as Make in India, Skill India, and Startup India. These initiatives which are aimed at bridging the gap between academia and industry, foster innovation and commercialize research.

Academic institutes on their part are expected to proactively take part in this generational change and cooperate in building an innovative-friendly entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is the same belief and vision that Mr. Satyanarayana, President of KL Deemed to be University, just shares as well and affirms to the very own fact of developing an ideal entrepreneurial ecosystem. Wanting to curb the crisis of unemployment and ensure the rise in the Indian economy, KL has taken the first step in this direction to encourage the young talent and their dreams.

“KL offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programmes under various disciplines, and has been instrumental in nurturing and garnishing the all-round development of thousands of students under its care. With innovation as the prime focus, KL has been identifying, introducing new specializations and offering programs in emerging areas. On one hand, it has been incorporating the Application orientation into the curriculum and exercising high standards of competence for academic delivery. On the other hand, it has been designing and implementing the educational system adhering to outcome-based International models,” Mr. Satyanarayana said.

Young entrepreneurs of the country are the ones who take an active role in shaping the future of the country. All the young people who dream to take on demanding roles or become the job producers, there is one major drawback that they generally face, and it is the encouragement. This is exactly what KL has conceptualized with the Center for Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship (CIIE). KL has succeeded in building a state-of-art entrepreneurial ecosystem towards next generation entrepreneurs and set up a trademark model with a separate and dedicated center called CIIE in the year 2013.

It may be mentioned that the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) has released a Startup India policy in the year 2016 with a vision to create 100,000 tech-based startups and a million employment opportunities by 2025. KL has foreseen the need to produce entrepreneurs much earlier and has developed a policy even before AICTE has released its start-up policy. It has implemented and practiced trademarked strategies which by virtue have become a part of national level startup policy.

The university through its CIIE policy has ensured that handholding support is part of their academic journey for whoever wishes to become an entrepreneur. CIIE integrates entrepreneurship into academic curricula keeping students’ academic profile in mind. As specified in AICTE policy, University has shown to the world the ecosystem they have built and provided all the benefits to the next generation studentpreneurs.

Establishing measures and adhering to the skills and competencies of students that not only improve their efficiency but also leverage their adeptness, KL makes the students to lead the procession of job creators. The university has clinched its spot among the top-ranked institutions and becomes the first university for being adorned as the center for innovation and entrepreneurship. Envisioned to uplift the future of graduates by making them the job creators who create jobs, KL, undoubtedly, undeniably and unquestionably becomes the only university in the nation to produce first-class entrepreneurs and not just graduates. It certainly Ranks #1 in India in producing the finest entrepreneurs and innovators.

About KL: K L Deemed to be University is situated in a spacious 100-acre campus on the banks of Buckingham Canal of river Krishna which is eight kilometers from Vijayawada city, Andhra Pradesh, India. Built within a rural setting of lush green fields, the institute is a virtual paradise of pristine nature and idyllic beauty. The campus has been aptly named "Green Fields" and the splendid avenue of trees and gardens bear testimony to the importance of ecology and environment. The campus ambiance is most befitting for scholastic pursuits. The university has been situated on a built-up area of around 15, 00, 000 SQ. Ft.

Jennifer Smith
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Unilytics Hosting Stephen Few Visual BI Workshop in Toronto

Unilytics, a Tableau training & consulting company based in Toronto, will be hosting a Business Intelligence Visualization workshop developed by Stephen Few.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 24, 2018 / — Unilytics, a business intelligence visualization company, will be hosting a Stephen Few Visual BI Workshop in Toronto, to be taught by Nick Desbarat. The workshop will run for three days, from October 31st until November 2nd, and will focus on Visual Business Intelligence. Nick Desbarat is the only educator authorized by Stephen Few to teach this material.

The three-day workshop will revolve around information and strategies from Stephen Few’s best selling books. This includes advanced business intelligence visualization methods and reporting. Stephen Few’s work is renowned in the data visualization and analytics world, as his methods help business intelligence reporters sift through Big Data and produce clear and concise reports to help management make sense of the data and act on it correctly.

“We’re very excited to be hosting this data visualization and dashboard design training program,” adds Peder Enhorning, President &CEO of Unilytics, “Stephen Few’s content is invaluable for business analysts to know. Nick hosts engaging workshops and really helps to make sure that everyone attending comes out feeling confident in what they’ve learned.”

The program will run from 9:00am to 5:00pm for three days, starting on October 31st. Registration is now available at the Unilytics website: For more information on the seminar you can contact them directly at

About Unilytics:
Unilytics has been a leading business analytics company since 2001, offering products, consulting and training to over 800 customers in a wide variety of business sectors and government. Unilytics’ helps its clients simplify complex data and present it in a manner that is easy understand, allowing clients to gain new business insights. As a premier supplier of Tableau and Alteryx products, Unilytics offers data preparation, data warehouse building, dashboard development and extensive product training.
To learn more, please visit their website at

Karen Ragotte
Unilytics Corp
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U-Are Technologies Re-branded

LONDON, ENGLAND, September 24, 2018 / — U-ARE Technologies are pleased to announce the launch of their new website. Having been in the pipeline for the few months, the arrival of the new site completely overhauls previous content offerings, as well as giving a smoother, more intuitive user experience.

With a focus on consumer engagement U-Are has successfully launched a brand-forward website that focuses on storytelling and imagery.

With the departure earlier this year of CEO, Mr. Van Der Noordt, the Company’s primary goal during the redesign process was to move towards a more valuable, user-centric and responsive resource across all platforms and devices. Specifically, the focus has been on making it easier for our users to learn and locate valuable information about who we are and about our solutions for their particular application or industry not only at their desk but on mobile devices.

The brand has also been revised and the logos updated to reflect the Company’s new direction which is incubation of new applied technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), AR and VR technologies

Please visit

We hope you enjoy our new look!

Marketing Dept.
U-Are Technologies Ltd.
+44 (0)20 3955 7558
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nFusz, Inc. Set to Uplist To Nasdaq This Year 2018 and Plans Strategic Acquisitions.

nFusz, Inc. (OTCQB:FUSZ)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 24, 2018 / — A leading company focusing in stocks with massive potential, reports on nFusz, Inc. (OTC QB: FUSZ)

nFusz, Inc. is a Hollywood-based digital tech company. Our proprietary next generation interactive video technology is the core of our new broadcast and cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. We offer subscription-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales lead generation, and social engagement software on mobile and desktop platforms for sales-based organizations, consumer brands, and artists seeking greater levels of engagement and higher conversion rates. Our software platform can accommodate any size campaign or sales organization, and its enterprise-class scalability meets the needs of today's global organizations. Our service is built around our proprietary notifi interactive video technology, which places interactive video front and center in all customer and prospect communications. With our flagship product, notifiCRM, we've re-invented what a CRM, lead-gen tool should be in today's video-centric business and social environment. For more information on nFusz, Inc., visit

StocksAwareness Video Interview Questions

We sat down with the CEO of nFusz, Inc. Rory J. Cutaia and asked him the following question
1. Can you let our viewers know a little about your prior professional experience?
2. What is your Company’s primary product (s) and competitive advantage?
3. NFUSZ is currently in a partnership with Odoo CRM, can you advise our viewers what are the benefits of this partnership?
4. Do you foresee in the near future, NFUSZ being up listed to NASDAQ?

nFusz, Inc. Web Site and Social Media:

StocksAwareness Recent Articles and Video Interviews:
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About StocksAwareness

StocksAwareness a leading company focusing in undervalued stocks. We identify this stocks and bring awareness to the market. We are experts on identifying stocks that we believe should not be at low levels. Our goal is to find gems for all our subscribers and potential subscribers. All information contained herein as well as on the StocksAwareness website is obtained from sources believed to be reliable but not guaranteed to be accurate or all-inclusive. All material is for informational purposes only, is only the opinion of StocksAwareness and should not be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities. The information may include certain forward-looking statements, which may be affected by unforeseen circumstances and or certain risks., or its associates will NEVER accept free trading or restricted shares. Stocksawareness did not receive any compensation to release this article. please consult an investment professional before investing in anything viewed within this article or any other portion of

StocksAwareness Web Site and Social media:


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$FUSZ nFusz, Inc. CEO Rory J. Cutaia’s Interview

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Cinedapt Ends Film Piracy with Blockchain Technology and Machine Learning

Cinedapt logo

Cinedapt logo

Cinedapt advances blockchain technology to end piracy with artificial intelligence and its patent pending, customized film streaming service

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 24, 2018 / — Cinedapt, LLC ( announced today that it is currently accepting filmmakers and investors to collaborate as part of its initial horror lineup for the 2020 launch of its patent pending, cinedaptive streaming platform.

Cinedapt is an adaptive film streaming service which provides a customized version of a movie tailored specifically for each person or group of people watching. Dynamic content and effective scene variants are brought together through machine learning to present viewers with their most impactful and unforgettable experience in cinematic history.

In a torrent of countless video streaming services, Cinedapt is anchored as the next major evolution of film in more than a century. This advancement is comparative of the technological enhancement from the silent film era to modern mobile entertainment. While other services are focusing on producing and distributing content, Cinedapt is leading the cinematic evolution with original, personalized films.

Additionally, Cinedapt leverages blockchain technology to end piracy in a similar way forensics of DNA has been used to solve crime. This is accomplished by incorporating blockchain's immutable public ledger for each film containing the user identification and unique rendered film information. However, filmmakers interested in complying with award and festival guidelines may still release a piratable version of their cinedaptive film through conventional distribution such as theatrical, physical, and digital. Cinedaptive short or feature length movies are intended for playback via streaming mobile, desktop, TV, VR, and more.

The initial launch of Cinedapt will focus on the horror genre and allow filmmakers to provide a personalized, relatable, yet unpredictable movie experience by knowing a viewer's fears while using machine learning to adapt the movie seen. With more than ten thousand short and feature length films produced every year, those made with Cinedapt in mind are destined to be more memorable with a greater reaction from its audience and a greater return on investment.

Cinedapt questions original content providers in Hollywood with "when was the last time you saw a horror movie that gave you nightmares, a comedy that made you laugh, or a drama that made you cry?"

Cinedapt is the solution by providing relatable options for filmmakers which go beyond basic targeted advertising. Examples of this include but are not limited to: displaying alternate scenes based on a user's phobia; randomizing timing in scare sequences for unpredictability; and rendering scenes with recognizable names, locations, and more along with familiar images, audio, and video.

If a viewer has a high tolerance to horror, Cinedapt rewards by adapting further with more frightening mutations of the movie such as: synchronizing a scene beats per minute with a user's resting heart rate before ramping above intense during the scare sequence; synthesizing vocals from frequency extraction of deceased loved ones, so the user hears relatable phrases spoken in a familiar voice (future feature); and introducing disturbing imagery and content based on analysis of the user's online psychological profile. For more examples and descriptions, visit

For filmmakers and investors unsure of Cinedapt's potential, Michael Kureth, its Founder and CEO, is reminded of a similar effort he had in 2007 with what he copyrighted as "The World's First Online Movie Theatre" (US Copyright TXu001617004 issued December 20, 2007; US Copyright PA0001735643 issued June 17, 2008; US Design and Utility Patent 12/072,276 filed February 21, 2008). This was a digital streaming service he created to empower independent filmmakers and major studios to be compensated for their films in an online theatre. The response at the time from filmmakers and investors was a concern of piracy in having a film streamed online and an assumption that people would never pay to watch a movie on their computer or phone.

The services and processes of Cinedapt are patent pending technologies. Cinedapt, Cinedaptive, and its logo are filed trademarks. Cinedapt, LLC is an active and registered California company.

Cinedapt is the future of cinematic entertainment. Interested filmmakers and investors may get involved by visiting or contacting

Press Release:

Promo Video:

Michael Kureth
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accelQ Inc, the leading test automation platform announced sponsorship of Dreamforce 2018

“accelQ’s goal is to solve the deep rooted real world problems in the ALM solution space."

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, U.S., September 24, 2018 / — Dreamforce 2018 is the world's largest vendor technology conference, and expects more than 120,000 people to register and experience the power of social and mobile cloud computing. With more than 2,700 sessions, opportunities to get hands-on with the latest product innovations, and thousands of Trailblazers to learn from, attendees can participate in interactive sessions, thousands of live demos and unparalleled networking. The conference will be held Sep 24-28 in San Francisco.

accelQ will be exhibiting in booth #1958, showcasing how its signature cloud-based test automation platform helps deliver lightning fast salesforce implementations at higher quality.

accelQ has significantly accelerated Salesforce test automation projects, enabling customers to closely align with continuous delivery of releases at higher quality.

VP of Technology at a leading information services company recently shared his thoughts about how accelQ made a significant difference in bringing agility and improve quality in their Salesforce initiatives.

“Staying ahead of the rapid changes and iterations in a large-scale enterprise platform can be challenging. The accelQ testing platform helps us do this, with an enterprise-grade solution that simply works. Through accelQ Universe, Test Suites, Reporting, and CI/CD Integration we are able to stay ahead of the rapid changes and ensure we deliver only quality enhancements to our Platform.”

Mahendra Alladi CEO and Founder of accelQ was also reached on this occasion for his comments

“accelQ’s goal is to solve the deep rooted real world problems in the ALM solution space. We are looking forward to show the salesforce community how codeless test automation can disrupt the automation landscape and help companies stay ahead of the rapid changes and iterations in a large-scale enterprise platform, maximising their ROI”.

Salesforce, Dreamforce and others are among the trademarks of, inc.

About accelQ:

accelQ is the only cloud-based continuous testing platform today that seamlessly automates API and web testing without writing a single line of code. IT teams of all sizes use accelQ to accelerate their testing by automating critical aspects of lifecycle like test design, test generation and execution. accelQ drives automation with smart view recording coupled with powerful natural language automation to handle the most complex testing and automation requirements. Lowering the change and maintenance effort is where accelQ customers have saved 70%. accelQ makes this possible with an AI-powered core to bring self-healing automation amongst other unique capabilities. For more information and to sign up for a free trial, please visit

Guljeet Nagpaul
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STS International Teams Up with the Washington Redskins to Equip Kids with Schools Supplies for the New School Year

STS International Logo

STS International, Inc. employees recently volunteered at the Redskins Charitable Foundation’s Back to School Fair held

Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation

STS International Teams Up with the Washington Redskins to Equip Kids with Schools Supplies for the New School Year.

STS International, Inc. is really proud to support the D.C. area children getting ready for school. This is an amazing event and it truly helps the children and their families get ready to start,”

— Dave Morgan, Vice President STS International

LANDOVER, MD, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2018 / — STS International, Inc. employees recently volunteered at the Redskins Charitable Foundation’s Back to School Fair held at FedExField on August 11, 2018. The Fair provides DC area children with back to school supplies, dental services, books, and groceries for families in need of support in starting off the new school year.

“STS International, Inc. is really proud to support the D.C. area children getting ready for school. This is an amazing event and it truly helps the children and their families get ready to start the new school year,” says Dave Morgan, Vice President of STS International, Inc.

“It was great to see all the children getting these critical supplies and medical services so that they can start the school year off on the right foot. The Redskins did a tremendous job organizing this event. It was a lot of fun,” says Jennifer, a volunteer from STS.

STS International is a proud sponsor of the Redskins Charitable Foundation.

About STS International
Founded in 1992, STS International is a U.S. Veteran Owned business with over twenty-five years of experience providing secure solutions and services to the federal government in the areas of Engineering and Integration, Enterprise and Logistics Management, Simulation and Training, and Business and Professional Services. We have focused our efforts in the domains of C6ISR, Surveillance and Situational Awareness, IT and Cyber, Robotics and Unmanned Systems, Medical, and Emerging Markets

Jennifer Morgan
STS International
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