rfxcel Ready to Help Dairy Industry Comply with Russia’s 2021 Serialization Regulations

rfxcel traceability system

Safety through traceability

rfxcel's track and trace solutions ensure companies operating in Russia’s dairy market can comply with dairy serialization regulations being rolled out in 2021

RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, February 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — rfxcel, the global leader in digital supply chain traceability solutions, today announced that it was prepared to ensure companies operating in Russia’s dairy market could comply with serialization regulations being rolled out in 2021.

Mandatory serialization of cheeses and cottage cheese and ice cream and food ice is set to begin on July 1, 2021. These are the first dairy products required to be serialized in Russia’s National Track and Trace Digital System, known as Chestny ZNAK. Companies were allowed to begin labeling these goods as early as January 20, but the regulations will not go into full effect until July.

Furthermore, dairy products with a shelf life of more than 40 days and fewer than 40 days are required to be serialized beginning September 1 and December 1, respectively. The regulations apply several product categories, including milk and cream, buttermilk and fermented milk products, and dairy products for baby food.

rfxcel CEO Glenn Abood said the company had been preparing for the dairy regulations since an industry pilot was announced in 2019. “The long and short of it is that we’re always prepared to help companies in any industry navigate Russia’s strict and complex regulations,” he said. “We committed ourselves to being the leader in Chestny ZNAK compliance when the system was created a little more than four years ago, and our team in Moscow has followed its rollout, the evolution of the regulations, and the pilots for different industries, including dairy. We knew what was coming, so we’re ready to go.”

The dairy pilot ran between July 2019 and the end of 2020. During that time rfxcel earned official partner status in 10 of the 11 industries for which the Center for Research in Perspective Technologies (CRPT), which operates Chestny ZNAK, had chosen partners. It also tripled the size of its Moscow-based team and continues to be one of only a few solutions providers with active implementations in Russia.

Abood said the CRPT designations and success of the Moscow team had solidified rfxcel’s status as the leader in Russian compliance. “We’ve taken our rfxcel Traceability Platform, which includes solutions for serialization and compliance, into Russia and enabled companies in the pharmaceutical and consumer goods spaces meet deadlines, adapt to changes, stay compliant, and keep their supply chains moving. It’s been quite exciting, actually, and we’re looking forward to helping dairy companies have the same kind of success.”

Enacted by Federal Law No. 425-FZ on December 29, 2017, Chestny ZNAK was designed to protect consumers by keeping fake and substandard products out of the market. As envisioned, by 2024 it will transform the Russian supply chain and affect virtually every industry, from pharmaceuticals to baby food.

To learn more about rfxcel’s operations in Russia and its solutions for dairy, pharma, consumer goods, and other industries, contact Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives Herb Wong at hwong@rfxcel.com and visit rfxcel.com.

About rfxcel
Founded in 2003, rfxcel provides leading-edge software solutions to help companies build and manage their digital supply chain, lower costs, and protect their products and brand reputations. Blue-chip organizations in the life sciences (pharmaceuticals and medical devices), food and beverage, worldwide government, and consumer goods industries trust rfxcel’s signature Traceability System (rTS) to power end-to-end supply chain solutions in key areas such as track and trace, environmental monitoring, regulatory compliance, serialization, and visibility. The company is headquartered in the United States and has offices in the United Kingdom, the EU, Latin America, Russia, India, Japan, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region.

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rfxcel: A Leader in Patient Safety through Traceability

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Reasons Why Students Need to Connect to a VPN

NEW DELHI, INDIA, February 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In these modern times, gone are the days where only the big corporations are aware of, and let alone, use Virtual Private Networks or VPN for security and restriction purposes.

It is also vital for students, who are mostly dependent on the internet when it comes to researching their assignments, projects, and other academic endeavors, to connect to a VPN. After all, everything that students need can be found in the world wide web.

But unfortunately, because of some factors like ISP restrictions and geo-blocked contents, students are being limited to these massive resources, and it should not be the case.

This is where a VPN tends to be helpful. Below are the reasons on why students should install a VPN on their devices:

1. Bypass academic restrictive internet usage policies – mostly, universities and colleges tend to block websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, and even WhatsApp. These apps are sources of communication for students in this technology-dependent generation, so blocking these may cause some issues within students and even their instructors and professors.

2. Safe browsing while using public wi-fi – it is inevitable to connect to a public hotspot, especially for students who prefer studying and doing their assignments in coffee shops where there is minimal noise and relaxing ambiance. Public wi-fis are notorious for their unsafe data protection. By connecting to a VPN, students can browse the internet without being tracked by hackers.

3. Invisible search history – even if one has deleted his search history, search engines and other websites have already recorded the user’s online activities. The main reason is these sites use these records for targeted advertising. Even though this strategy seems harmless, several people get annoyed with many pop-up ads in every site they visit.

4. Avoid bandwidth throttling – oftentimes, students are preoccupied with several academic endeavors that even just a slight inconvenience may stress them out. Especially if it is in the middle of watching a documentary required by a professor or doing some research , the internet decreases its speed. With a VPN, the user’s IP address is hidden so the user would not have to worry about the ISP’s bandwidth throttling caused by online activities such as streaming and file sharing.

5. Unlimited access to geo-blocked websites – students often need a guide on writing a great research paper or a case study, and there are a lot of these documents in the internet. Unfortunately, several internet users cannot access these because the majority of them are part of the geo-blocked contents in cyberspace.

A VPN is really helpful. But of course, not every VPN is suitable for students. Be wary of the price and package that a paid VPN can give; also, be aware of the consequences of a free VPN. It is better to research the VPN that one is eyeing to install. After all, the user’s safety, security, and privacy are the most important of all.

For a VPN recommendation, click here.

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TNTX launches decentralized cloud platform to drive security of FX platforms

Generates value through practical usage on the forex market.

TNTX strives to improve the practicality and ease of usage of the financial world.

TNTX, built with blockchain technology, uses its unique immutable distributed ledger to construct a highly intelligent cloud platform for financial transactions

The most significant difference with other digital currency is that it does not rely on the digital currency market or speculation to generate value.”


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In comparison with all other financial products, the foreign exchange (forex) market is undoubtedly the most liquid financial trading product in the world. It is also the only market that operates 24 hours a day, with more than 140 different currency pairs and larger trading volume than all other financial markets.

According to 2020 data, global securities market record about US$300 billion of daily trading volume, while forex can average about US$6 trillion trading volume, several times larger than the securities market!

If trading activities are the pulsation required to support the heartbeat of the international market, then forex is the ever-flowing blood circulating in the system. Blood never stops flowing for a moment, just as the forex market does not stop for market suspension or trading halt, allowing investors to enter the market at any time.

[ Major security concerns in the forex market ]

However, two major concerns are shadowed behind the colossal forex market: Is forex trading safe and transparent enough? How are investors’ fund kept safe and secure? Understanding the real problems can help us resolve it.

As it has been much easier to enter the forex market in recent years, the number of new retail investors have ballooned to a total of 9.6 million traders worldwide. At the same time, thousands of new forex trading brokerages and platforms are popping-up every month to grasp market share.

With that many brokerages and platforms, it is easy for unregulated financial institutions to mix in and disguise themselves as legal brokers and trick young investors with get-rich-quick schemes. Those illegitimate brokers would first sweet-talk investors into depositing fund into their system before following up with various reasons to disallow the withdrawal of funds. When the transactions are neither safe nor transparent, there’s no guarantee that our funds are protected at all.

[ TNTX builds highly intelligent cloud platform ]

Blockchain, a technology that has been widely adopted globally in 2020, has unique features such as decentralization, immutability and traceability. But its unique features are not made exclusively for Bitcoin or Ethereum. Instead, blockchain is created as a practical technology with the intention of changing how the internet works. Its unique feature can overcome the lack of transparency and security flaws in the forex trading system.

TNTX, built with blockchain technology, uses its unique immutable distributed ledger to construct a highly intelligent cloud platform for traceability and verification of financial transactions, overcoming various security issues in forex trading.

TNTX is also a digital asset that carries traditional financial value. Its most significant difference with other digital currency is that it does not rely on the digital currency market or speculation to generate value. TNTX generates value through practical usage on the forex market.

TNTX developer, LEX LLC, is a company registered in St. Vincent with a core focus on developing financial technology (fintech) and innovative technologies. The company is equipped with leading blockchain technology and in-depth application technology, aiming to build a more open, transparent, and credible financial network, simultaneously promoting the development of financial ecology through its innovative blockchain technology combined with fintech.

[ TNTX assists investors to enter forex market ]

TNTX imports data from forex brokerage, MT4, and liquidity providers into the blockchain through the API interface for data traceability and deposition, resolving trust concerns between brokers and traders. By constructing a brand new blockchain ecosystem, TNTX strives to improve the practicality and ease of usage of the financial world.

TNTX’s main advantage set to assists investors in entering the forex market safely:

1) Trading cost can be reduced by strengthening the trust in forex trading, thus improving brokers’ service and efficiency.
2) Each block of data in the blockchain contains encrypted transaction information, eliminating security flaws and allowing data to be traceable simultaneously.
3) Shows users the genuine profit data of the PAMM/MAM system by analyzing the data on the chain.
4) Self-verification of records; identity verification and data collection from regulators are not required, thereby accelerating auditing efficiency.

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Are you single and ready to mingle? You are not going to be lonely anymore as we open our lines to all the singles out there for 24 hours on Feb 14, 2021.

As a telecommunications provider, we believe we need to jazz up this special occasion. It is our way of giving back to the public”

— Rohan Milne

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, February 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Switch Connect, a multi-national Australian telecommunications company, is brewing a limited one-day Valentine’s Day event.

The telecom company is giving all the singles out there (any gender) a chance to join in this one-day event. They provided a reserved number, (+61) 1 800 359 779, to callers to find their respective soulmates.

Rohan Milne, Switch Connect CEO said, “For this special occasion we are offering singles out there a chance to spice up their Valentine’s Day.”
When asked for further details, Rohan said, “You just have to try it to find out.”

“As a telecommunications provider, we believe we need to jazz up this special occasion. It is our way of giving back to the public,” he added.

Switch Connect is a leading and respected Australian solution provider for Enterprise Unified Communications and Managed Services for local businesses and internationally.

Established in 2015, since then, they continue to deliver comprehensive and effective Unified Communications, Network Solutions, Business Continuity and Managed Services across Cloud and Infrastructure.

Switch Connect services a large client base across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. We have 220 IT channel partners and have serviced recognisable names.

Nathan Pasic Switch Connect COO said, “This will warmth your Valentine’s Day. I encourage all the single out there to try this.”

Asked what is it in for Switch Connect?

Pasic added, “It has no expense to local callers, but we know this will be fun. We are hoping that this is a win-win situation for all.”

To participate, all they asked is to call the number, (+61) 1 800 359 779, between 12:00 a.m. on 14th February 2021 until 11:59pm, the same day. The line is open for local (free toll) and international calls.

Rohan Milne
Switch Connect
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Denamico Named North America Winner in HubSpot 2020 Impact Awards for Integration Innovations – Adds to 2019 Web Award

denamico logo - technology solutions consultants for customer-centric growth

Denamico, HubSpot Partner – Technology Solutions Consultants for Customer-centric Growth

HubSpot 2020 Impact Awards - Integrations Innovation

HubSpot 2020 Impact Awards Logo

Solving for gaps in process and technology, Denamico launches an innovative integration helping a business save 1800 hours of work per year using HubSpot CRM

Denamico is one such company that has shown unwavering commitment to helping businesses grow better. On behalf of everyone at HubSpot, I congratulate Denamico…on this exciting achievement.”

— Katie Ng-Mak, VP Solutions Partner Program at HubSpot

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, February 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Denamico announced that it has been named the North America Winner in HubSpot's Q4 2020 Impact Awards for Integrations Innovation. HubSpot, a leading CRM platform, uses the awards to recognize members of its Solutions Partner Program who go above and beyond to help their customers 'grow better'.

Denamico teamed up with Transworld Minnesota, a world leader in business brokerage, to transform the Transworld Minnesota website. Through the development of a best-in-class customer experience and an efficient, streamlined automation process, website bounce rates decreased significantly and nearly 35 hours of work were saved on a weekly basis with the implementation of new automated processes.

“HubSpot’s Solutions Partner network is amazing – I love to see these companies go the extra mile to make sure their customers are successful,” said Katie Ng-Mak, VP Solutions Partner Program at HubSpot. "Denamico is one such company that has shown unwavering commitment to helping businesses grow better. On behalf of everyone at HubSpot, I congratulate Denamico and the other Impact Award winners on this exciting achievement.”

The Impact Awards are given on a quarterly basis in five categories:
● Grow Better: Sales
● Grow Better: Marketing
● Grow Better: Service
● Integrations Innovation
● Website Design

Denamico was the winner for North America for Website Design in HubSpot's 2019 Impact Awards for their work with Minnesota-based Sunspace Twin Cities.

“At Denamico, we constantly strive to leverage the latest in marketing, sales, and customer service technology strategies and help our clients get the most value from the HubSpot CRM Platform,” said Brendon Dennewill, CEO of Denamico. “The Transworld Minnesota project was a perfect combination of marketing, sales, and customer service designed to really propel this company to new heights.” .

Learn more about HubSpot's Impact Awards here.

Learn more about the Denamico and Transworld Minnesota project here.

About Denamico:
Denamico is a B2B technology solutions provider and consultancy for customer-centric organizations – and a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner – working with businesses to realize the growth that comes with the integration of sales, marketing, and customer service processes and technology. Since 2010, Denamico has helped companies grow and achieve superior experiences for customers and employees by solving for the gaps in the processes and technology between Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service teams. They believe, "We grow better, together."

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Aleutian Capital Group Advises Codewise in its Sale to CentralNic (London AIM: CNIC)

CentralNIC - Codewise Tombstone

The transaction solidifies Aleutian’s expertise in the technology and software industry

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aleutian Capital Group (“Aleutian Capital”) is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Codewise Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. (“Codewise”) by CentralNic Group PLC (“CentralNic”). Principals of Aleutian Capital acted as the exclusive advisors to Codewise throughout the entire transaction process. The process included providing M&A advisory expertise, preparing marketing materials, contacting and coordinating with buyers, managing due diligence, and assisting in the negotiation phases of the transaction. Through the acquisition, Codewise adds to CentralNic’s domain monetization arm and helps diversify its business. The transaction closed in October 2020 and was valued at $36 million.

About Codewise
Codewise is an advertising technology company offering various online marketing tools and solutions to customers globally through its two businesses, Voluum and Zeropark. Zeropark is an advertising exchange platform that generates traffic for advertisers and publishers worldwide. Voluum is an ad tracking platform that optimizes and manages advertising campaigns. The company is headquartered in Kraków, Poland. For more information, please visit www.codewise.com.

Dr. John Malatesta, CEO of Codewise, commented “Aleutian has proven from the beginning, a deep understanding of the tech industry and has played a critical role across all the steps of the process. Aleutian provided unparalleled services throughout segmentation, targeting and positioning, leading to the discovery of the right business and cultural buyer. Furthermore, through efficient assistance in the due diligence and negotiation stages, they have enabled us to save time and stay focused on our core business, a key advantage during this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.”

About CentralNic Group
CentralNic Group PLC. (London AIM: CNIC) is a London-based developer and operator of software platforms providing web presence services to customers in almost every country. They are one of the fastest growing companies in the domain name industry, with over 45 million domains using its platform. For more information, please visit www.centralnicgroup.com.

About Aleutian Capital Group
Aleutian Capital Partners is a New York-based M&A advisory firm serving sellers and buyers of companies throughout North and South America, Asia and Europe. Aleutian provides particular expertise in the technology, e-commerce, healthcare, aerospace, consumer, transportation, professional services and industrial manufacturing industries. Our banking practice, through our broker-dealer affiliate Bradley Woods & Co. Ltd. (Member FINRA/SIPC), provides merger and acquisition advisory, capital raises, valuations and recapitalizations. “Aleutian” is a service mark of Aleutian Capital Partners, LLC. All securities are offered through Bradley Woods & Co. Ltd., member, FINRA and SIPC. Aleutian Capital Partners, LLC and Bradley Woods & Co. Ltd. are independent entities. Officers of Aleutian Capital Partners are licensed registered representatives of Bradley Woods & Co. Ltd. For more information please visit: www.aleutiancapital.com.

Ji Sang Lee
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Arkisys & Rhodium Scientific Team to Advance Science Missions for the Port

Arkisys and Rhodium Scientific Team Up to Advance Life Sciences, Hardware, and Mission logistics services for Space Outpost Efforts

LOS ALAMITOS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Arkisys (https://www.arkisys.com), who is building the world's first robotic Space Outpost for Assembly, Integration and Resupply, is teaming up with Rhodium Scientific (https://www.rhodiumscientific.com), an innovative provider of space microgravity science mission and logistics services, to support advanced science payloads and experiments at the Port.

Through adaptive hardware and software interfaces, web and mobile-based interface ordering, and options for fast launch and data transport, Arkisys is building the Port (https://www.arkisys.com/the-port) which is an advanced Space Outpost that provides multiple capabilities and services for a global customer base. Arkisys is developing a platform which will connect customers to their data, their mission, and their ideas for space vessels and businesses now and in the future.

Rhodium Scientific is enthusiastic to team with Arkisys to support high-fidelity science experiments and mission logistics services for the Port. Rhodium Scientific leads the way in streamlining space-based biological sciences with the quality assurance industry expects. Together, Rhodium Scientific and Arkisys create capabilities for scientists and program managers across academia, government, and industry to conduct unmanned investigations and testing at the Port. These capabilities will advance research and development in the space-based economy. Arkisys views Rhodium Scientific’s space science services as a key element to the success of the Arkisys Space Outpost mission, and to improve life on Earth.

“Arkisys is excited to join forces with Rhodium Scientific, a leader in advanced microgravity science and mission logistics capabilities for our customers. They have exceptional, proven mission success to enable our next step providing advanced science missions on the Port.” says Dan Lopez, Chief Strategy Officer at Arkisys.

As part of the Arkisys Space Outpost program, Arkisys will be hosting several events in the coming weeks, beginning with:

– Undiscovered Markets Fireside Chat, 17 February 2021 04:00PM – 05:00PM Pacific (https://www.arkisys.com/event-details/undiscovered-markets-fireside-chat)
– Science on the Port hosted by Arkisys and Rhodium Scientific, 24 January 2021 08:00PM – 09:00PM Pacific (https://www.arkisys.com/event-details/science-the-port)
– Visiting Vessel Workshop, TBA March 2021

"As a leader in the commercial space biotech industry, known for facilitating and developing progressive research in space, Rhodium Scientific , is enthusiastic to develop unique, science-focused Port capabilities with Arkisys. The Arkisys Port has the capacity to support new areas of research currently not possible on the ISS, thus providing an opportunity for scaling space-based testing and manufacturing." said Olivia Gamez Holzhaus, CEO and Founder of Rhodium Scientific.

Led by a renowned team of space industry pioneers, Arkisys is building the fastest, incremental space infrastructure step to take shape quickly, and exist in an agile platform to directly support specific customer needs today, with services to expand and create new markets.

Learn more about Arkisys at https://www.arkisys.com.


About Arkisys, Inc.
Arkisys, Inc., located in Los Alamitos, California with locations in France, Argentina, and Singapore, is a provider of advanced spacecraft architectures, structures and platform solutions. Arkisys is building the Port which is a robotic Space Outpost that provides multiple capabilities and services for a global customer base. For more information, visit https://www.arkisys.com.

About Rhodium Scientific, LLC:
Rhodium Scientific, LLC, is a biotechnology company, is located in Houston, Texas. The company is a woman and Hispanic-owned small business specializing in life science, mission integration, and hardware services that enable the frontier of microgravity research and production. Led by scientists and industry experts, Rhodium Scientific offers clients mission-science resources and strategic partnerships to effectively navigate the unique challenges associated with space-based research. For more information, visit https://rhodiumscientific.com.

Press and Media Inquiries, please email media@arkisys.com

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Trusted Government Technology Contractor Koi Computers Receives O-TTPS Certification for Secure IT Solutions

Koi Computers O-TTPS Logo

Koi Computers just received certification through the Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard (O-TTPS).

We already had an extremely rigorous security system in place, this provides third-party confirmation.”

— Koi Computers Federal Business Development Manager Catherine Ho

CHICAGO, ILL., U.S., February 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Koi Computers, one of the leading complete HPC solution providers, just received certification through the Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard (O-TTPS). The standard sets forth guidelines, requirements and recommendations for component supply chain members to enhance the integrity of commercial technology products and the security of the global supply chain.

The O-TTPS requires program participants to implement best practices which mitigate key supply threats of counterfeit and maliciously tainted products. While the O-TTPS Certification Program certifies organizations (not products), the program does cover the integration of commercial off the shelf technology products. Products that fall within the scope are included in the Conformance Statement that appears on the public registry.

The O-TTPS Certification Program benefits many stakeholders throughout the supply chain, including Koi Computers’ clients, who can consider the O-TTPS Certification and status as an Open Trusted Technology Provider to be an important safeguard in their own internal comprehensive technology procurement and risk management strategy.

Koi Computers’ Federal Business Development Manager Catherine Ho said, “We went through the exacting certification process to let our clients know that we take the security of our supply chain very seriously. We already had an extremely rigorous security system in place, this provides third-party confirmation.”

Headquartered in Greater Chicago since 1995, Koi Computers has been working with top technology manufacturers to deliver scalable high performance computing and technology solutions that improve efficiency, reliability and speed. The company’s world-class engineering team specializes in building custom IT solutions that accommodate today’s needs and tomorrow’s vision with services that include performance benchmarking and outstanding support. Koi Computers has a strong track record of developing, building and deploying HPC technology for the U.S. Federal Government with satisfactory ratings in CPARS and Past Performance. The company is a Prime Contract Holder of the GSA IT Schedule 70, NASA SEWP V, and NITAAC CIO-CS contracts. To learn more, call: 888-LOVE-KOI (888-568-3564); email: sales@koicomputers.com or visit https://www.koicomputers.com. For media inquiries, contact Jeanna Van Rensselar at Smart PR Communications; jeanna@smartprcommunications.com 630-363-8081.

Jeanna Van Rensselar
Koi Computers
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Latest Research By GoodFirms Unveils the Several Ways to Use Big Data for the eCommerce Business from 15 Experts

Use of Big Data Analytics in eCommerce_GoodFirms Research

Use of Big Data Analytics in eCommerce_GoodFirms Research



GoodFirms research discloses the varied ways to use Big Data for the eCommerce industry.

Big Data is helping the eCommerce industry in growing, gaining new customers and streamline operations.”

— GoodFirms Research

WASHINGTON DC, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, February 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Big data proves to be the game-changer for the eCommerce business world. It has become a powerful tool that can successfully implement effective big data strategies that offer value to the customer and help businesses earn more profit.

Big data is used to extract analytical techniques against extensive, diverse data sets that include hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer behavior, and consumer preferences.

Today, the demand is rising for the Top Big Data Analytics Companies to help industries make better decisions, prevent fraudulent activities, and much more. Big data analytics gives you a greater depth in understanding the overall operations of your business.

Using data for eCommerce helps you manage inventory, supply chain, forecasting demands, better pricing strategies, and sales strategies. With the cutthroat competition in the eCommerce industry, the companies leveraging big data analytics to understand the market trends and consumers' purchasing behavior. Thus, the companies tailor their marketing as per the buyer personas and provide optimized pricing for better customer experiences and increase sales.

According to GoodFirms research, "How to Use Big Data for the eCommerce Business? 20 Ways from 15 Experts" has revealed the data analytics tools preferred by commerce businesses to get insights. About 59.8% of eCommerce companies use Google Analytics, 24.5% use data Studio, 23.5% utilize tableau, 14.7% use Microsoft Power BI, 9.8% use Zoho Analytics and 4.9% Others.

GoodFirms surveyed 102 eCommerce owners and experts worldwide to find various ways to use big data in online commerce. This study covers how to use big data to create personalized for customers, optimize price and increase sales, predict trends and forecast demand, secure online payments, and much more.

A B2B GoodFirms is a globally recognized research, ratings and reviews platform. It aims to help the service seekers in associating with top companies and software for various project requirements. The research team of GoodFirms assesses every firm through three main factors are Quality, Reliability, and Ability.

Every element integrates some metrics such as determining the complete background of each company, verifying the years of experience in the domain area, online market penetration, and client feedback.

Focusing on the overall research process, each company obtains a mark that is out of a total of 60. Hence, they get indexed in the list of brilliant agencies as per their proficiency. Presently, GoodFirms has also disclosed the latest list of Top Ecommerce Development Companies that are known to assist the sectors of fields to provide optimal solutions.

Moreover, GoodFirms invites the service providers to participate in the research process and present strong evidence of the work done by them. Hence, grab a chance to be indexed in the list of brilliant IT companies, best software, and other organizations from various sectors of industries. Embarking a position among the list of top companies and best software at GoodFirms will help to build brand awareness, be prospective globally, increase productivity and earn more revenue.

About GoodFirms:

GoodFirms is a Washington, D.C. based research firm that aligns its efforts in identifying the most prominent and efficient companies and software that delivers results to their clients. GoodFirms research is a confluence of new age consumer reference processes and conventional industry-wide review & rankings that help service seekers leap further and multiply their industry-wide value and credibility.

Get Listed with GoodFirms.

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Cloud-based Solutions Are Trending In The Cybersecurity Services Market

Cybersecurity Services Market - Opportunities And Strategies - Cybersecurity Services Market Forecast To 2030

Cybersecurity Services Market – Opportunities And Strategies – Global Cybersecurity Services Market Forecast To 2030

The Business Research Company’s Cybersecurity Services Market Report – Opportunities And Strategies – Global Forecast To 2030

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UK, February 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — New year, new updates! Our reports have been revised for market size, forecasts, and strategies to take on 2021 after the COVID-19 impact: https://www.thebusinessresearchcompany.com/global-market-reports

Cloud-based cybersecurity solutions have been gaining acceptance from companies across all industries for cost effective solutions, as per TBRC’s cyber security industry outlook. The use of a cloud-based cybersecurity strategy for businesses offers substantially more benefits than traditional security strategies, especially if the network is cloud-based. Cloud is a software delivery method where a vendor hosts a software application in a remote server and customers can access it through the internet. Cloud-based cybersecurity is a cybersecurity approach that uses cloud protection software and applications to keep a network infrastructure, as well as all end-user devices, secure. This service is provided by a third-party supplier who is responsible for ensuring that all network-connected devices and network infrastructure are kept secure. For their use of cloud-based cybersecurity services, businesses usually have to pay a periodic fee to the third-party provider. When using a cloud-based cybersecurity approach, malware and viruses are detected more easily, ensuring that the network is continually equipped with the latest security updates and improvements. For instance, McAfee provides cloud-based cybersecurity services for both consumers as well as businesses. It serves industries such as healthcare, financial services and the public sector.

The global cybersecurity services market size is expected grow from $65.41 billion in 2020 to $69.12 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7%. The growth is mainly due to the companies resuming their operations and adapting to the new normal while recovering from the COVID-19 impact, which had earlier led to restrictive containment measures involving social distancing, remote working, and the closure of commercial activities that resulted in operational challenges. The cybersecurity market is expected to reach $103.89 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 11%.

Here Is A List Of Similar Reports By The Business Research Company:

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Technology Advisory Global Market Report 2021: COVID 19 Impact and Recovery to 2030

Cloud Services Market – By Segments (Infrastructure As A Services (IaaS), Platform As A Services (PaaS), Software As A Service (SaaS), Business Process As A Services (BPaaS)), By Country, And By Region, Opportunities And Strategies – Global Forecast To 2022

Interested to know more about The Business Research Company?
The Business Research Company is a market intelligence firm that excels in company, market, and consumer research. Located globally it has specialist consultants in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, chemicals, and technology.

Oliver Guirdham
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