Regalix Launches RegalixTV for Businesses

A unique channel featuring inspirations & insights from industry leaders

The purpose of RegalixTV is to share ideas on a global forum of thought leaders, on how digital transformation, AI, and other technologies have compelled enterprises to evolve and transform.”

— Vikas Sharan, CEO, Regalix

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 16, 2019 / — Mountain View, USA, January 2019 – Regalix has today announced the launch of its latest venture – RegalixTV, an online global business information and analysis channel, dedicated to giving the business community free access to leadership insights. RegalixTV features interviews with top executives from the world's largest technology companies, including SAP, Adobe, VMware, Microsoft and many others.

RegalixTV has been built as a trusted source of industry news, insights, trends, and analyses. The audience will learn about leadership strategies, motivations, challenges and solutions via candid one-on-one interviews with the top brass of the hi-tech, ad-tech and mar-tech companies.

“The purpose of RegalixTV is to share ideas on a global forum of thought leaders, on how digital transformation, AI, and other cutting-edge technologies have compelled enterprises to evolve and transform,” says Vikas Sharan, CEO, Regalix. “It is an amazing experience being up close with business leaders and getting an insight into how their minds work.”

“RegalixTV profiles business and technology leaders from around the world in a manner that celebrates thought leadership, and helps us amplify their voices,” says Kevin Benedict, SVP Solution Strategy, Regalix.

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About Regalix

Regalix is a Customer Acquisition and Customer Success company that re-imagines digital experiences across hi-tech, ad-tech, and retail domains. The company has partnered with some of the largest global B2B organizations in their efforts at customer acquisition, growth and retention. Regalix works with businesses, supporting their customers' through the entire journey, to deliver reliable products and services in today's subscription-based economy.

Regalix has a long history of creating award-winning ventures with enterprises through co-innovation and idea-driven frameworks that inspire companies to think different. Headquartered in the Silicon Valley–Mountain View, California–Regalix has offices in Europe and Asia.

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Powertranz Launches New Platform to Support EMV and PCI Validated P2PE Point of Sale Card Processing

Powertranz removes complexity in face-to-face card payment acceptance across the Caribbean

With the deployment of Powertranz we have solved an important issue in the Caribbean. We have removed the dual entry requirement, significantly improving a merchant’s ability to reconcile transactions”

— Chris Burns

HAMILTON, BERMUDA, January 16, 2019 / — Powertranz Ltd., a newly incorporated card payment solutions provider, in partnership with First Atlantic Commerce (FAC), a global online payment gateway, today announced the launch of Card Present payment platform, Powertranz.

Powertranz is a modern, robust payment gateway that provides Integrated Point of Sale (POS)/Card present transaction processing, including EMV and PCI Validated Point to Point Encryption (P2PE), for merchants across the Caribbean.

The first and only truly integrated Card Present payment solution incorporating PCI Validated P2PE in the Caribbean, Powertranz provides POS software vendors with a lightweight integration point to enable integrated payment solutions for merchants.

Powertranz currently supports Chip and Pin, Chip and Signature, and Magnetic Stripe read capabilities across 17 Caribbean countries.

The fully equipped payment platform features PCI Validated P2PE, the PCI Council’s standard for End to End encryption, via Powertranz’s partnership with Bluefin Payment Systems. PCI validated P2PE encrypts card data at the point of contact with the payment terminal, removing all clear text credit card data from the merchants’ systems.

This largely reduces PCI Scope and protects merchants from credit card data breaches, which continue to trend upward on a global scale.

Key Features

• Full integration between POS software and payment terminal
• Elimination of price and credit card data manual entries
• Elimination of costly dual entry mistakes
• Cleansed transactional data sent back to POS software in real time
• Protection from costly data breaches
• Sensitive card data encrypted at all times
• Improved ability to reconcile transactions
• No requirement for POS software vendor to do costly EMV certifications to processors
• PCI Validated P2PE protection on each transaction
• PCI authorized scope reduction

According to Powertranz CEO, Chris Burns, until now, the Caribbean market lacked a truly integrated EMV solution. POS software and payment terminals did not have access to the required integration points.

“With the deployment of Powertranz we have solved an important issue that existed in the Caribbean for many years. We have removed the dual entry requirement, which significantly improves a merchant’s ability to reconcile transactions,” he said. “And thanks to Bluefin, we can provide PCI Validated P2PE solutions within POS environments which not only greatly reduces the merchant’s PCI Scope, but also gives them industry leading protection from costly data breaches. This is a major step forward for the Caribbean payments industry.”

Ronnie Viera, COO of Powertranz added: “We are extremely pleased that, after 3 years of design, development and testing, Powertranz is now available to the market. The new gateway was built with a fully redundant systems architecture using the latest in technology. As well, we have released a state-of-the-art merchant portal web application to provide merchants with deep insight into their transaction processing activity.”

Powertranz is available now to Point of Sale merchants across the Caribbean. For more information, please visit

About Powertranz

Powertranz is a sophisticated Card Present payment platform that processes integrated Point of Sale transactions, including EMV and PCI Validated Point to Point Encryption (P2PE), in the Caribbean marketplace. Powertranz is the first provider of PCI Validated P2PE in the Caribbean via its partnership with Bluefin Payment Systems. The company is based in Bermuda. For more information, please visit

About First Atlantic Commerce

First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) is a leading global, online payment solutions provider that specializes in the Caribbean. Headquartered in Bermuda, FAC provides merchants with multi-currency online payment solutions, tokenization services and PCI validated Point to Point Encryption solutions. As well, FAC provides merchants and banks with fraud management services including AVS-only, CVV, 3-D Secure™ and Kount’s fraud control system, in multiple jurisdictions across Europe, the US, Canada, and the Latin American Caribbean Region. Customers include Sandals, Digicel, PriceSmart and Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC). For more information, please visit

Media Contacts:

First Atlantic Commerce
Tricia Lines Hill – SVP Business Development & Marketing
1.441.294.4625 or

Tricia Hill
First Atlantic Commerce
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Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics® Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for GEO® Nitinol Staple System

GEO, a revolutionary company transforming the Orthopedic Implant Industry, is pleased to announce the GEO Nitinol Staple System received FDA 510(k) clearance

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, January 16, 2019 / — Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics® (GEO®) today announced it received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for the GEO Nitinol Staple System for fixation of small bone fragments, fixation of osteotomies, and joint arthrodesis. This addition to the company’s product line marks a major milestone for Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics.

The GEO Nitinol Staple System offers a comprehensive array of sterile symmetric and asymmetric, barbed and smooth nitinol staples in various widths and lengths. Each GEO Nitinol Staple comes preloaded on individual inserters with the nitinol staple in the relaxed position. All implants and instruments within the GEO Nitinol Staple System are provided sterile. Instruments are provided in single use kits to ensure a new and sterilized instrument is used every surgery.

“We are very pleased with the FDA clearance of the GEO Nitinol Staple System. This system will become the standard in our industry and in combination with the RFID enabled GEO CART® delivery system this will have a major impact in increasing patient safety and decreasing our customers cost”, says Michael P. Simpson, President and CEO of Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics. “GEO is in the business of providing solutions to complex problems for our customer, and this clearance is another step in that offering”.

GEO will be exhibiting at the ACFAS Scientific Conference, New Orleans, Feb 14th – 17th, 2019. Booth #301.

About Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics:

GEO was formed from the idea that there could exist a more cost effective, user-friendly way to supply Orthopedic Medical Implants in today’s healthcare environment. This is accomplished through the use of technology, a groundbreaking Point-of-Sale delivery system and GEO designed best in class sterilized single use orthopedic implants and instruments. GEO is the only solution that provides a significant opportunity to lower real operating costs by creating efficiencies and controls throughout the delivery and consumption of orthopedic implants.

GRAMERCY EXTREMITY ORTHOPEDICS and GEO are proprietary trademarks of Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics, LLC. All rights reserved.

Michael Nugent
Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics
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Bolton NHS Foundation Trust goes live with eObservations using Tap & Go technology from Imprivata implemented in 8 weeks

New solution enables clinicians to record patient vital signs quickly and securely via shared mobile devices, improving quality of care and patient safety

Imprivata Mobile Device Access supports the mobility of clinical staff, bringing technology to the bedside by improving the secure use of shared clinical mobile devices for patient care.”

— Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer, Imprivata

LONDON, UK, January 16, 2019 / — Imprivata®, the healthcare IT security company, announced that Bolton NHS Foundation Trust has extended its deployment of Imprivata OneSign® with the addition of Imprivata Mobile Device Access™. The new solution gives clinicians fast, secure, and auditable access to eObservations, a system that records patient vital signs, via shared mobile devices with just the tap of a proximity badge. Imprivata Mobile Device Access enables care providers to record and store patient observations securely at the point of care. Armed with accurate and up to date information clinicians can improve outcomes by ensuring that patients receive the right level of attendance based on their current status and clinical progression. By analysing patient observations, care givers can identify any signs of deterioration and make appropriate clinical judgements, significantly improving patient outcomes.

Phillipa Winter, Chief Informatics Officer, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust comments; “The primary objective of the eObservations project is to improve patient safety and quality of care, ensuring patients receive the best care to improve outcomes. Imprivata Mobile Device Access is an important factor in achieving this goal. When time is of the essence, every second counts; clinicians now have fast and secure access to the most up to date patient information to inform clinical decisions and patient care.”

Bolton NHS FT already uses Imprivata Authentication Management, Single Sign-On and Virtual Desktop Access for strong authentication and streamlined access to virtualised resources in the Trust’s virtual desktop environment. The solution provides clinicians with fast and easy access to their applications and desktops on iGel thin-client terminals by tapping their identity badges onto terminals equipped with Imprivata OneSign proximity card readers. Bolton NHS FT were keen to build on this foundation and accelerate their digitisation journey.

In line with the paperless vision outlined in the NHS Five Year Forward View, the Trust was ready to launch the eObservations solution on mobile devices. A sample trial was conducted on a ward with several devices shared between a number of clinical staff members. To access the solution users were required to manually enter their login credentials into three separate applications using the onscreen keyboard in order to record a patient’s vital signs. The lengthy login times were proving unpopular in user trials and the IT team at Bolton NHS FT were keen to find a way of simplifying system access without weakening security processes or breaching audit requirements.

Imprivata Mobile Device Access provided the answer, the solution extends the capabilities of Imprivata OneSign and the Imprivata identity and access management platform enabling fast, secure access to shared mobile devices and applications with the tap of a proximity badge. Following successful testing and user trials, the solution was installed on 500 mobile devices which were deployed over 8 weeks as part of the eObservations project. As a result, Bolton NHS FT has been able to unlock the full potential of its devices, ensuring fast and efficient access to the eObservations system whilst maintaining security and auditability.

Brett Walmsley, Chief Technology Officer at Bolton NHS FT, explains; “The speed and responsiveness of the Imprivata team in understanding our requirements and the outcome we wanted to achieve was outstanding. They dovetailed into our existing deployment and training plans ensuring minimum disruption and no down time for staff, and worked tirelessly alongside our team to an aggressive timeline. Imprivata has been the critical component to the success of our mobile device project. We are excited about the future and about what we can achieve together. Imprivata is now our go-to provider for anything to do with authentication. We view them as very much a part of our innovative development team.”

The project has been a great success, more than 1,000 members of staff have access to the mobile devices which are located in banks of between seven and ten devices on wards across the Trust. The ease of accessing applications has reduced barriers to using the devices, because staff can quickly log in and out of the tablets with just a tap of their badge. All staff use their own proximity cards to access the device which ensures they are logged in using their own credentials, resulting in accurate audit trails on patient care. Observations are conducted regularly on patients according to their care plan and entered directly via the mobile device, removing the need for maintaining paper records. The solution has been a key element in helping improve staff confidence, and removing barriers to using technology and delivering tangible benefits to clinicians and their patients.

Dr Simon Irving, Chief Clinical Information Officer at Bolton NHS FT, comments; “The Imprivata solution has minimised the administration burden on healthcare professionals and delivered tangible benefits in the care of patients. The positive impact has driven us to review what other applications we can make accessible via mobile devices to staff on the move. We now have the potential to deliver more applications into the hands of clinicians and utilise technology to make a measurable difference in patient care without compromising information security.”

The Imprivata solution has provided the Trust with a safe way of authenticating users, giving assurance to the safety of patient records and demonstrating compliance with audit processes, governance, and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer at Imprivata, comments; “Imprivata Mobile Device Access supports the mobility of clinical staff, bringing technology to the bedside by improving the use of shared clinical mobile devices. This project has been a great example of customer and vendor working in harmony to bring required new clinical workflows into practice, not only benefiting Bolton NHS Foundation Trust but the NHS as a whole. The dramatic results achieved and quick deployment has made a vital difference to the delivery of healthcare and enabled the Trust to take a significant leap forward towards their vision of becoming paperless by 2020.”

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P2Sample Announces Record Growth in 2018



Leading sample provider reports tremendous year-over-year growth due in part to technology implementation, product releases and API integrations

We've applied our expertise in the release of both supply and demand APIs, developed new AI-driven features and launched our new P2Solo DIY solution…these efforts contributed greatly to our growth.”

— Mathijs de Jong, CEO, P2Sample

ATLANTA, GA, USA, January 16, 2019 / — P2Sample, an industry leader in technology-driven sample solutions, announced more than 60 percent year-over-year revenue growth for 2018. During the past year, survey completes also grew considerably and the company achieved a record 10 million completes over the past 12 months. Consistent, thoughtful implementations of new technology to create efficiencies and deliver quality outcomes for clients contributed to this growth.

“Over the course of the past year, we’ve steadily made upgrades to the point that our panel and sample management platform is maximally automated, from end-to-end,” said Mathijs de Jong, CEO of P2Sample. “We’ve applied our expertise in the release of both supply and demand APIs, developed new AI-driven features and launched our new P2Solo DIY solution. All of these efforts by our team have contributed greatly to our growth.”

Just a few of the specific initiatives that contributed to growth in 2018 include:
Creation of the industry’s first end-to-end programmatic panel management and sample blending platform with the launch of a feasibility API. This launch meant that P2Sample automated 100 percent of capabilities from bid to execution.

Release of P2Solo, the do-it-yourself tool which gives users full access to P2Sample’s advanced technology platform. The tool’s simple and intuitive interface allows users to cost-effectively manage projects with flexible cost-per-interview (CPI).

Expansion of the company’s use of artificial intelligence to encompass user experience with the launch of P2Perform. This solution dramatically improves respondent targeting and conversion rates, reducing churn and needless waste.

Launch of the company’s white and private label panels for rewards communities and panel management. Backed by P2Sample’s experience and the power of its platform, this solution offers clients flexible, custom options.

P2Sample’s growth has not gone unnoticed. In 2018, it was named for the third year in a row to the Inc 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies and for the third year in a row to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™.

About P2Sample
P2Sample operates the market research industry’s most sophisticated sample and panel platform for clients seeking targeted respondents for consumer insights. P2Sample’s fully-automated platform programmatically integrates with hundreds of sample suppliers and allows efficient management of proprietary panels. This includes the industry’s largest panel companies, exchanges and marketplaces. In addition, the platform provides access to 50+ million deeply profiled and engaged consumers across 150+ countries. Featuring the industry’s only AI-driven fraud detection and respondent engagement systems, P2Sample’s technology works with a wide variety of methodologies, including traditional surveys; the latest in neuroscience and behavioral approaches; and online qualitative and video studies. For more information, visit or follow at @P2Sample


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ザ・リッツ・カールトン バリで 気分は海のプリンセス


Ritz Kidsプールでの楽しい経験

Ritz Kids専用キッズプール





— トレスナ・デウィ

DENPASAR, BALI, INDONESIA, January 16, 2019 / — ヌサドゥアの美しい白砂ビーチが目の前に広がるご家族連れのバカンスにぴったりのリゾート、ザ・リッツ・カールトン バリでは年齢を問わず海をテーマにした様々なアクティビティをご用意しています。お子様が楽しめる休暇はファミリーバカンスに一番大切なポイント、リッツキッズではキッズクラブやお子様用プールへのアクセスをはじめ、オリジナリティーあふれるリゾート体験でちいさなゲストを魅了します。

「ザ・リッツ・カールトン バリではすべてのお客様へ思い出深いご滞在をご用意することに心を砕いています、そしてそれはお子様のお客様についても同じ気持ちです。アクアティック・ゴッデスプログラム(海の女神)ではワクワクするような冒険心をかきたてると同時に、お子様の夢を叶える楽しみに包まれたプログラムです」カリム・タヤック総支配人は語ります。


受賞実績を誇るバリのビーチフロントリゾートでご用意する人魚体験は、4時間につきIDR200,000ルピア(税サ込)でお楽しみいただけます。楽しいプログラムの様子はこちらをご覧ください。もしくは、お電話+62 361 849 8988 内線 3598までお気軽にご連絡ください。詳細についてはよりご覧いただけます。

ザ・リッツ・カールトン バリについて
エレガントでトロピカルな雰囲気につつまれたザ・リッツ・カールトン バリは、インド洋が目の前に広がる豪華なリゾートです。紺碧のインド洋を臨む279室のゆったりとしたスイートや34棟のバリでもっとも素晴らしいヴィラは、コンテンポラリーなバリニーズラグジュアリーを感じるご滞在を用意しています。ザ・リッツ・カールトンクラブ®をはじめ、ホテルには6か所のスタイリッシュなレストランやバー、エキゾチックな雰囲気をもつスパ、楽しいアクティビティを揃えたリッツキッズをご用意しています。魅力的なビーチフロントのウエディングチャペル、バラエティー豊かな会場や美しいガーデンはバリ島でのお祝いイベントやウエディングパーティーの会場として最適です。充実した設備を整えた催事会場、豪華な会議室、カスタマイズ可能なパッケージ内容、経験ゆたかなオーガナイザーなども、バリ島での各種ビジネスイベントに欠かせません。ビジネスや休暇、ハネムーンなど、ザ・リッツ・カールトン バリは訪れるゲストにいつまでも心に残る思い出のご滞在をご提供します。フェイスブック、インスタグラム、ツイッター、ユーチューブ、リンクドイン、グーグル+、ウィーチャット:ritzcarltonbaliにてフォローをお待ちしています。

Prhativi Dyah
The Ritz-Carlton, Bali
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Glassbox Digital Adds Singapore Airlines to Its Global Customer Base and Ramps-up Its Presence in Commercial Aviation

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Real-time visibility of customer behaviour drives the development of an increasingly sophisticated online experience

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 16, 2019 / — Glassbox today announced that its industry-leading Digital Customer Management solution, has been chosen by Singapore Airlines (SIA), Skytrax world’s best airline, to improve its web customer experiences.

Glassbox provides Singapore Airlines with real-time insights on customer user experience and issues faced on the web platform. This helps the airline to identify the reasons behind challenges encountered throughout the various transactions, so that these can be addressed accordingly.

“We are extremely proud to have been selected by Singapore Airlines and to contribute to their ability to deliver a worldwide renowned customer experience. Glassbox’ digital customer management solutions are gaining terrific momentum in the travel, hospitality and leisure industry. The flexibility and robustness of our platform have proven pivotal in winning important global accounts such as SIA and we are committed to continue enriching our offerings to match our customer’s ever-evolving needs”, commented Yaron Morgenstern, Chief Executive Officer at Glassbox Digital when asked about the deal.

About Glassbox
Glassbox empowers organizations to manage and optimize the entire digital lifecycle of their web and mobile customers. By leveraging unparalleled big data, behavioural analytics, session replay, free-text search and application monitoring capabilities, Glassbox enables enterprises to see not only what online and mobile customers are doing but also why they are doing it. Most importantly, Glassbox informs and facilitates action based on those insights that can lead to enhanced customer experience, faster customer disputes resolution, improved regulatory compliance, and agile IT troubleshooting. Glassbox’s solutions are used by medium to very large enterprises across a wide range of verticals, including telecommunications, financial services, insurance, healthcare, travel, hospitality and business services.
Learn more at

Francesca Pezzoli
Glassbox Digital
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Explore the future of retail at Digital Retail Forum 2019

DRF 2019

JOHANNESBURG, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, January 16, 2019 / — There is so much more in store for the African retail industry. According to research conducted by PWC, many sub-Saharan African countries have emerged among the world’s fastest-growing economies. This kind of development is due, in part, to a great deal of economic and social change, but also because of the rapid advancement in technology and changing consumer trends.

TrendWatching has determined that some of these trends e-commerce, logistics, proudly African goods and services, excellent branding, and the right channels, all things to keep in mind when working towards next-level customer centred retailing.

Digital Retail Forum is set to take place on 30 January 2019, at the Hilton Sandton in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Under the theme “Harnessing Digital Technology for Next-Level Customer Centred Retailing”, #DigitalRetailForum will bring together hundreds of Africa’s retail and technology leaders to engage and give insights on emerging technology trends such as Ai, IoT, drones, digital payment solutions, new eCommerce models and mobility are disrupting the retail sector. This event will also delve into how to survive by harnessing new technology to improve both Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency.

Confirmed speakers for Digital Retail Forum 2019 include:
• Ben Williams , GM: Online at Exclusive Books
• Dr Mark Nasila, Chief Analytics Officer: Consumer Banking & Chief Risk Office at First National Bank
• Alastair Tempest, CEO at e-commerce Forum Africa
• Stephen Mallaby, COO at Argility Technology Group
• Richard Phillips, Joint CEO at Cash Connect Management Solutions
• Felipe Penacoba Martinez, CIO Retail & Business Banking at Santander UK
• Frans Van der Colff, Director at TIA
• Gareth Hawkey, CEO at redPanda Software
• Kofi Abunu, Chief Development Officer (Nigeria & Ghana) at Food Concepts Plc
• Lesego Moagi, Marketing Executive at AutoZone South Africa
• Bradley Elliot, Founder at Platinum Seed
• Vian Chinner, CEO at Xineoh
• Warrick Kernes, CEO at Insaka eCommerce Academy

Key topics to be discussed:
• Leveraging data to understand customer segments, manage risks and enhance decision making.
• Mapping your journey from brick-and-mortar to eCommerce.
• Leveraging mobile technology to enhance your in-store experience.
• Making Mobile Payment for Everything a reality.
• Leveraging AI to impact your bottom line and CX.
• Real-World retail digital transformation stories.
• Order Fulfilment: Improving efficiency and speed of delivery.
• Understanding the key drivers within the South African retail sector.
• Understanding the digital customer’s journey.
• Utilising technology to identify customer pain-points.
• Optimizing inventory management and supply chains with technology.
• Closing the gap between technology and personalization.
• Customer engagement with interactive digital signage and point-of-sale (POS) solutions.
• Delivering a technology platform that empowers the business and delights customers.
• Assessing emerging retail models and technologies that will define 2019 and beyond.
• Adapting to Generation Z – “the digital shopper”.
• The store of the future.

To register, speak or exhibit at the conference, visit: [t]: 011 026 0982 [e]:

Matshego Njumbuxa
IT News Africa
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Scottish creative company globalises to help youth

• Strategic partnership secures fast growth and international strength.

Being a part of a partnership that offers these young storytellers’ access to global audience(s) inspires and invigorates illustrating that from possibilities become actualities. ”

— Michael J. Asquith

DORNIE, HIGHLANDS, SCOTLAND, January 16, 2019 / — Scottish creative company globalises to help youth
• Dornie headquartered Dreamharvest partners with global transformation solutions provider Ulatus, a Crimson Interactive Co.
• Strategic partnership secures fast growth and international strength.

Dornie, Scotland, 15 January 2019–Dreamharvest has entered a strategic partnership with Ulatus, a Crimson Interactive Co., opening up a whole new world of storytelling and accessibility for young writers using their storytelling platform MageQuill and publishing through their youth-to-youth imprint Bombadil Publishing. To ensure the voices of the young writers are heard on a global platform, Ulatus enables the stories written on MageQuill to be distributed, translated and sold through their global network to thousands of retailers, libraries, schools, e-commerce companies, and other channel partners. This collaboration will provide the largest and most comprehensive distribution and quality assurance network for any book in today’s global market place, further empowering young people by ensuring that their voices are heard.

A start-up based in the Scottish Highlands developed its creative writing platform in order to strengthen thoughts and ideas of young minds and effectively put them into words. The writing and publishing platform, MageQuill, is in touch with today’s youth, helping them to unleash their creativity, write about today's issues, their concerns, their thoughts and ideas, without boundaries within an online community of peers. It is connected with the youth to youth publishing imprint Bombadil Publishing, to further give the young people of today a chance to be heard and read the stories by their peers.

Dreamharvest CEO, Marianne Rugard Jarvstrat said: “Young people write such amazing stories and their voices need to be heard, locally as well as globally. I am so excited to partner with Ulatus to open up new possibilities for our writers. Now there are no more borders and the stories can resonate throughout the world.”

Ulatus, a Crimson Interactive Co. is an important global player promoting quality and flexibility for texts and story production. With a global presence that ensures the sun never sets, the ideas, and stories of young people will now have a firm imprint on the global arena. Books that have gone through the MageQuill mentoring process and ready for release, can now be distributed into multiple languages while also culturally adapting these stories for both digital and in print distribution. This partnership opens up new markets for quality stories written by young people for young people.

Ulatus, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy, Michael J. Asquith comments, “Being a part of a partnership that offers these young storytellers’ access to global audience(s) inspires and invigorates illustrating that from possibilities become actualities. Further, it ignites more ideas cross-culturally as there are many commonalities as well as differences to learn from, embrace, and share.”

Growth through strategic collaboration is truly in line with the ethos of the new global economic order spearheaded by the Millennials. It helps companies do what they do best, keeping creativity and quality in focus.

Mossytop Dreamharvest Ltd, trading as Dreamharvest, owns the trademarks MageQuill and Bombadil Publishing, and is headquartered in Dornie in the heart of the Scottish Highlands and is internationalising its products on a global scale.Dreamharvest works closely with Education Scotland to bring creative writing to Scotland, and likewise the All Indian Council for Technical Education, AICTE, to enhance the creative learning for their students at their 10,000+ colleges. Bombadil Publishing is revolutionising publishing and enabling new ways of learning for young people across the world, and gets young people writing its pioneering creative writing platform, MageQuill. With a growing client base of schools, colleges and universities in the UK, Europe, India, China and the Americas, MageQuill connects young writers in over 90 countries with each other and a trusted network of international mentors.

Ulatus, a Crimson Interactive Co., offers “publish-ready” translation/localization quality and customizable solutions that use the very best advancements in the marketplace to solidify their clients’ continuous business growth through the conversion of their branded communications and distinguished by being Global in Spirit, Local at Heart®. Founded in 2005, Ulatus, at its inception was to be a part of a collaborative concept of specialized business units under the Crimson Interactive ‘umbrella’ to supply and support corporations, organizations, digital specialists, academic/medical researchers, publishers/authors and various stakeholders worldwide with a blueprint for how to effectively Localize to Globalize® using a 360° “Glocal” approach to client 1st multilingual solutions in 50+ languages into 125+ locales. By being multifaceted, Ulatus’ unique perspective produces measurable and impactful quality results through a combination of key factors: In-Country, “Linguistic Teams” with “Subject Matter Expertise”, State-of-the-Art Technology and a robust Quality Control Processes delivering unparalleled global perspective to end clients. Ulatus is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing global transformation solutions providers in the world by striving to be a positive disrupter to the conventional localization industry model by instead being a consultative partner. It is through these communication breakthroughs that Ulatus paves the way for its clients to shape the world with their product innovations, integrity, and visions. For more information, or email us at

Marianne Rugard Jarvstrat
Mossytop Dreamharvest ltd
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Creativity the MageQuill way

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Delvinia Announces Investment in Blockchain-Powered Data Platform Measure Protocol

Putting Control of Data Back in Consumer Hands

Pioneering technologies like Measure Protocol significantly deepen the levels of trust that are — and will be needed — to power data into the next century. ”

— Adam Froman, founder and CEO of Delvinia

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 15, 2019 / — Data collection firm Delvinia today announced a significant investment in Measure Protocol, a blockchain-powered marketplace that gives users control of their own data.

Measure Protocol uses blockchain technology to address growing concerns around fraud, privacy, transparency and consumer participation rates. Research respondents who use Measure Protocol's mobile app get paid to complete surveys and connect personal data sources such as location, health and purchase history from their online store accounts. Those who buy the data—including researchers and marketers—can target specific groups of consumers based on their extensive profile and behavioural attributes, all protected using advanced cryptographic techniques.

For Adam Froman, founder and CEO of Delvinia, this investment is all about building the future of how data is collected and exchanged, ultimately giving consumers control of their data. "We're in a major period of transformation for the data collection industry where all players will need to adopt new practices to improve data quality," Froman explained. "Pioneering technologies like Measure Protocol significantly deepen the levels of trust that are — and will be needed —to power data into the next century. And it puts Delvinia ahead of the curve. As significant investors, we’ll be one of the first data collection companies in the world to use the protocol once it’s fully developed."

With this investment, Measure Protocol plans to extend its core development work into advanced cryptography for protecting consumer data and profiling, while also using the investment to launch its consumer facing application business in the second quarter of 2019.

"Delvinia is the perfect investor to help accelerate our vision of advancing how research is conducted, using blockchain to ultimately improve data quality," said Owen Hanks, CEO and co-founder of Measure Protocol. "We wanted collaborators who share in our vision of putting the control back in the consumer’s hand and value the user experience. With Delvinia, we now have a partner on our scale of making bold moves to better the industry."

As part of the relationship, Delvinia will provide Measure Protocol with strategic advice and identify immediate opportunities to improve the research experience.

About Measure Protocol
Measure was founded in 2018 by a group of media, ad tech, and market research technology veterans with leadership based around the globe in London, Toronto, Chennai and Silicon Valley. Created to help consumers take ownership of their data and address data quality issues for buyers, Measure is an open blockchain-based protocol that facilitates a marketplace for person-based data where individuals take control of their data and monetize it directly with researchers, advertisers and brands. Consumers contribute data by completing surveys and other data-generating tasks or by providing access to existing data sources such as health and location. Founded on principles of data sovereignty, privacy, transparency and fair compensation, Measure provides an ecosystem that addresses challenges faced by the market research, advertising and AI industries.

About Delvinia
An authority on the data economy, Delvinia is at the forefront of leading companies through this age of data. The company operates as an innovation incubator with the sole purpose of reinventing how data is being used to underpin business decision-making at every level. For more information on the company’s suite of products and services, visit


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