My Top 100 Tweets'' is the ONLY solution to turn your top Tweets into a beautiful book

Turn your best Tweets into a beautiful book

Collect all your favorite Tweets in the palm of your hand.

By linking social media networks at large to books, we invite our users to step back and appreciate the
mood board of their content on a timeless medium”

— Philippe Bruno

BORDEAUX, FRANCE, July 13, 2018 / — BlookUp, a technology startup specialized in printing the best of social media posts and blogs, announces the availability of ‘’My Top 100 Tweets’’ on the US market. For the first time, a company is offering an ergonomic and innovative online solution to print the user’s most popular

Twitter is one of the fastest-paced social networks. Content either quickly fades away unnoticed or is immediately commented on, re-Tweeted or reacted to, before getting lost in the Twitter feed and disappearing into oblivion. With BlookUp, Twitter users have now the ability to save their greatest
moments by creating a unique book gathering their one hundred most popular posts.

Collect all your favorite Tweets in the palm of your hand. “My Top 100 Tweets” is a truly unique tool for social memorabilia targeting Twitter users and business professionals who want to preserve some of their greatest social moments. BlookUp easily and instantaneously imports up to 3,200 tweets from a user’s Twitter feed and automatically identifies and extracts the most popular ones of a given period, creating a Twitter best-of.

“My top 100 Tweets’’ is a collection of ranked Tweets in descending order, from number 100 to number 1, to maintain suspense up until the very end! The ranking relies on an algorithm that analyzes the user’s most liked and most re-Tweeted posts. The printing layout is then automatically generated. ‘’By linking social media networks at large to books, we invite our users to step back and appreciate the mood board of their content on a timeless medium,’’ says Philippe Bruno, Founder, and CEO of BlookUp. ‘’After offering blog books, Facebook books, Instagram books, and Tumblr books, we are proud to introduce Twitter users to an exclusive selection of their most popular Tweets. Turning a page is more entertaining and enduring than scrolling a timeline!’’ concludes Philippe Bruno using a metaphor.

Creating a Twitter book is intuitive and user-friendly. A client simply connects to and links their Twitter account via a secure protocol. No download is required; the customer’s book is ready for high-quality printing in minutes. In just one week, the shipment is ready to go, and the delivery occurs in
one to two weeks within order confirmation.

‘’My Top 100 Tweets’’ is available for order on at $22.00 per copy.

Founded in 2012 in France (Bordeaux), BlookUp has launched a new generation of user-friendly books to fill the gap between social media accounts and physical, timeless books. BlookUp is an integrated solution offering users the opportunity to turn their social media feeds (Facebook, Instagram and now Twitter), their blog or their Tumblr into beautiful books in just a few clicks. The solution does not require any file upload or application download. Users simply connect their social media accounts to BlookUp via a secure protocol to automatically generate beautiful books. The collection is created thanks to an algorithm that surveys the content and simplifies the selection process. Ready to print in minutes, an online version remains available for viewing for a 6-month period when users create an
account. BlookUp delivers books globally.

Maryse Camelan
425 985 2121
French Tech Hub
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MxHero Launches New Enterprise Statistics Module To Mail2Cloud Offering – Providing Content Insights

MxHero Logo

mxHero Inc.

MxHero’s Mail2Cloud product now with advanced admin stats of service performance and usage. Reports reveal thousands of emails & attachments auto-secured.

Now with the new system's statistics module, companies can readily ascertain the significant benefit of the Mail2Cloud product”

— Alex Panagides, CEO, mxHero Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2018 / — The latest release of MxHero’s Mail2Cloud product adds advanced administrative statistics for monitoring service performance and usage. The new metrics will provide organizations with content insights and reveal details around the thousands of emails and email attachments automatically secured to cloud storage targets via the Mail2Cloud platform.

Email and cloud integration technology company, mxHero, has recently added advanced reporting capabilities to its Mail2Cloud suite. Mail2Cloud is an enterprise application that transparently integrates a company’s email with their backend cloud-enabled content storage service (ex. Box, OneDrive, Egnyte, Google Drive, etc.). The new capabilities provide Mail2Cloud administrators the ability to monitor the service's utilization. Reports include:

* Number of attachments automatically replaced with secure cloud storage links
* Number of email messages saved and auto-classified by mxHero
* Emails auto-encrypted for transparent and compliant delivery

“We’re super excited about this new update to our Mail2Cloud suite. One of the best aspects of Mail2Cloud is its transparency and security mechanisms. A company can now combine the benefits of cloud storage and email, with minimal change management and without end user effort. However, because of this transparency, the value of mxHero has been hard to quantify. Now with the new system's statistics module, companies can readily ascertain the significant benefit of the Mail2Cloud product,” states Alex Panagides (CEO, mxHero Inc.)

About MxHero
MxHero's products and services gives companies, service providers and end users powerful new ways to control, use and analyze email-based content. Apps developed for MxHero's platform work with any email management program, including Gmail and Microsoft Exchange. MxHero is the 2016 Box Elite Partner of the Year, has partnered with Canon USA for go to market, and provides solutions mapped to the world's foremost cloud and hybrid content management platforms including Box, Egnyte, Citrix Sharefile, Microsoft OneDrive and Google. Information on all of their Mail2Cloud product line can be found at More than 3,500 companies with over 1 million users have added MxHero to their email. To learn more about MxHero visit Find MxHero on Twitter: @mxheronet and Facebook:

Alexis Panagides
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Countrywide Events Expand its Services Pan India

Corporate Event Management

Artist Management

Fashion Show

Among various event management companies in Delhi, CEPL has been providing great services since its inception.

We keep adding new touches to keep it a special event”

— Jim Cooper

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, July 13, 2018 / — The success of an event greatly relies on its planning. Be it a product launch, concert, award ceremony, corporate event, tour, wedding or a personal party, an event management company can bring a professional edge to handling operations. Organisations, as well as individuals, have displayed a favorable inclination towards event managers for obvious reasons. They know their game, have all the required leads and can flawlessly pull out an event without you stressing out.

Among various event management companies in Delhi, CEPL has been providing great services since its inception. The company has shown a lot of potential in managing a wide variety of events. By approaching each event with an innovative mindset and creative outlook, this team has been accumulating success stories one after the another.

The two creative minds and perfectionists behind CEPL are Dheeraj Kumar and Gurjinder Virk. Dheeraj Kumar is the co-founder and the creative director who with his creative bent on the mind and a decade of valuable experience in advertising is the backbone of the company. Gurjinder Virk, co-founder as well, is the dynamic force behind the team’s success with performance focused and result-driven planning and managerial skills. Good leaders must lead by example and the duo just does that. Their skills in organizing a successful event, knowledge of the latest technologies, imagination, immaculate planning and execution is unmatched.

As a passionate and enthusiastic event management company, CEPL has been delivering meticulously planned and satisfying events over the past years. When planning an event, they appropriately anticipate the needs of their clients to deliver the best!

The long list of high profile clients includes HCL, Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Hyundai, JK Tyres, Hindustan Times and several others. The team has mastered organizing various kinds of events like Corporate Event, Activations And Promotions, Social Events, Artist Management, MICE, Exhibition and Sports Events. It is quite commendable that they have been rendering end to end solutions to all kinds of event requirements precisely according to clients’ guidelines ensuring that the goals of the events are achieved.

What unique do they bring to the table?

As one of their clients expresses, “Countrywide Events Pvt. Ltd. is a well-integrated Event Management Company that is flexible enough to transform an event that could render diverse benefits. … they acknowledge our targets as their own." Such passion and diligence in handling every event are what clients have been appreciating about CEPL. As an event management company, this team believes in crafting events into unique experiences. Their years of experience and intense skills give them an edge over the competition. They pull out most breathtaking and rewarding events within the stipulated budgets.

It goes without saying that CEPL has been revolutionizing the way event management services are rendered. Going forward, it is to be seen what new heights this team will reach.

To know more about the services,

Follow us on Facebook:

Dheeraj Kumar
Countrywide Events Pvt. Ltd.
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Mika at JW Marriott – Social Event Managed by Countrywide Events

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Glosfer Signs MoU With Uzbekistan to Provide Blockchain Technology Farm Product Distribution and Local Cryptocurrency

– Signed MoU with Uzbekistan’s Farm Product Distributor ‘Q’z TFQM’ and Central Bank-affiliated EPF

SEOUL, REPUBLIC OF KOREA, July 13, 2018 / — Blockchain company Glosfer (CEO Taewon Kim) announced that it signed MoUs with Uzbekistan’s farm product distributor, The Center for Support of Business and Farmers of Uzbekistan (Q’z TFQM), and the Small Businesses and Private Entrepreneurship’s Export Promotion Fund (EPF), an affiliate of the country’s central bank.

Under the MoU with Q’z TFQM, Glosfer will closely cooperate with the distributor to apply its blockchain technology in verifying the country of origin and distribution records of farm products in Uzbekistan.

Glosfer will also cooperate with EPF in applying blockchain technology to various businesses such as cryptocurrency and local currency.

Previously, Glosfer successfully developed Nowon Cash, a blockchain-based local cryptocurrency system in Nowon District of Seoul. The company also issued its own cryptocurrency HYCON and on June 1 launched its public blockchain network.

“Uzbekistan has been active in attracting foreign capital and adopting advanced technologies to strengthen its competitiveness and further its economic growth,” said Taewon Kim, CEO of Glosfer. Kim also said Uzbekistan “is very willing to adopt innovative systems using blockchain technology,” adding “Glosfer will provide its blockchain technology and local cryptocurrency adoption cases to Uzbekistan to help accelerate the country’s economic growth.”

Glosfer Inc
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Crux Labs deploys its unique telecom solution for VWO – Diabetes Singapore

DS Jurong Centre

DS Jurong Centre

Overall DS setup layout

Overall DS setup layout

Crux Labs logo

Crux Labs

Crux solution enhances collaboration and provides better access to patients and induces reduction in monthly telecom rental and call charges by over 30 percent

Crux turned out to be the most cost-effective solution as well as easy to install and configure. Its functionality is far outstanding and there is no comparable product in the market.”

— Venkatesh Narasiah, Executive Director, Diabetes Singapore

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, July 13, 2018 / — Crux Labs, a start-up headquartered in Singapore, announced the successful deployment of their telecom product, Crux LX, at Diabetes Singapore (DS), a non-profit organization affiliated to International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). DS now has a common communication platform between its centers, mobile van and remote staff, that improves their reach, provides seamless access and delivers an improved experience to their patients and channel partners.

Diabetes is a long-term illness and according to industry estimates, in Singapore, one out of nine people aged 18 to 69 has diabetes. Diabetics are required to make lifestyle changes and continued health monitoring to manage the illness and lead a healthy life, for which DS ties up with hospitals and clinics to help their patients effectively manage diabetes. As a Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO), DS lacked distribution capability through a common telephony platform for patients to access its services seamlessly across Singapore. Increasing awareness and demand required DS to expand its outreach, while at the same time reduce their operating costs. The current communication system at various DS centers operated in isolation and did not allow cross-location collaboration. This prevented DS from providing patients a comprehensive view of its offerings across all of their locations. In short, DS needed to scale up their telephony and improve operational efficiency in order to deliver consistent, uninterrupted services in a cost effective, secure and compliant manner.

SMBs like DS require cost-effective collaboration solution that can facilitate easier communication and better connect but does not burden them with a need for an inhouse IT team or create expensive vendor dependencies to manage such a solution. However, unified communication solutions involve either a high cost of acquisition or high monthly rentals with incremental feature cost. Hence, the involved complexity and costs make such solutions unattractive for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB).

Crux LX not only simplifies the consumption of this complex technology, without comprising functionality – such that it is as simple as configuring a wireless router, but is also the most cost-effective solution, cheaper than cloud-based PBX service providers.

“I had a very specific need for a telephony system for my organization. The only available solution was Crux LX. It turned out to be the most cost-effective solution as well as easy to install and configure. Its functionality is far outstanding and there is no comparable product in the market. It has significantly enabled us to increase our distribution reach.”, said Venkatesh Narasiah, Executive Director, Diabetes Singapore. Adding further, he said “With Crux LX solution, the staff just punches in 3-digit numbers to call colleagues across our locations without incurring any call costs. I am also able to stay connected to my office lines even when I am at home in evenings. This has not only enabled better collaboration across our centers but also helped us reduce monthly telecom rental and call charges by over 30%”.

“Even in current digital age, 47 percent of on-premise communication systems sold every year, continue to be based on old analog technology, that lack collaboration features, sold largely to SMB – ie. companies with less than 100 users. We are very happy that we were entrusted with the opportunity to serve Diabetes Singapore. Through this deployment, our product is touching the lives of many in Singapore. It is very satisfying to see DS draw benefits from using our product.”, said Rohit Gupta, Founder, Crux Labs. He added that, “DS is the first VWO that we have worked with to deploy Crux LX. We now understand the challenges and considerations of VWOs much better. We are looking forward to working with more non-profit organizations to help them break out of the lock in with old technology and reduce their expenses.”.

About Crux Labs
Crux Labs is a Singapore-based technology startup focused on building IT products that simplify technology, in an innovative yet cost effective way, using open-source software and hardware. Crux Labs’ first product, Crux LX, is an effective alternative to complex and expensive telephony. This makes it an ideal choice for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) globally. In January 2018, Crux LX became one of the 26 successful hardware-based crowd-funded ideas on Kickstarter from Singapore, and one of the very few in B2B segment.

About Diabetes Singapore
Diabetes Singapore’s mission is to raise awareness and to provide education, counselling and support to people with diabetes, their families and the community in order to empower them to lead a healthy and productive life.

Media Relations
+65 6401 3357
Crux Labs Pte. Ltd.
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Crux LX – The alternative to complex and expensive telephony

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Why renewable energy sources must power the future’s data centres

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 13, 2018 / — In the not too distant future, it’s likely that automation and artificial intelligence will be key elements of our daily lives. Additionally, as Richard Branson and Elon Musk battle out who will be first to cover the Earth in wifi, the whole world could be online as soon as 2020. While these technological developments are exciting, they raise interesting and pertinent questions about how we’re going to power them.

As we begin to rely more on technology, we’ll rely more data centres. However, data centres require a lot of energy. Currently, they represent 3 to 5% of the world’s energy usage (the same as the entire aviation industry). By 2025, researchers suggest this figure will have skyrocketed to 20%. If the data centres of the future are to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, we must consider how they can integrate renewable energy sources.

Pressure on data centres to include renewable energy sources is growing. Two major trends are encouraging this: the boom of corporate social responsibility initiatives aimed at carbon neutrality, and the potential for national and international legislation that will cap carbon emissions.

While the data centre industry isn’t specifically singled out by these trends, corporations that commit to reducing carbon emissions will quickly realise that their data centres are significant energy guzzlers. If these companies are to reach their carbon targets, they may be strongly compelled to integrate renewable energy sources into their data centres.

However, renewable energy suffers from both pricing and scalability issues, with a lot of energy sources struggling to fully support the requirements of a data centre.

Efficacy of renewables for data centres

If data centres are to consume 1/5th of the world’s energy by 2025, failure to include renewable energy sources would make them one of the biggest polluters. So, what are the alternative energy sources they could rely on?

Wind and solar power is limited by the absence of wind or sunlight. While its source is more predictable, tidal power’s energy is cyclical and cannot be relied upon as the principal source of energy for a data centre.

Using wood and garbage to fuel centres has potential, but the kinks are yet to be fully ironed out. At the moment, producing energy from wood and garbage is incredibly expensive, and therefore out of reach for many data centre operators. Bigger power generating companies may find these technologies easier to adopt, but the economic viability of using wood and garbage precludes small-scale systems from using them.

Hydroelectric generation from lakes and rivers is a real possibility if water flow is constant and doesn’t slow down during dry spells. However, hydroelectric power would only support organisations in close proximity to a water source.

Battery technology has been touted as a solution to the renewables question. Energy could be stored in batteries in order to provide a smooth supply to data centres. However, as the technology is still in its infancy, it is expensive and requires a lot of maintenance.

A hybrid solution

So, with all of the current limitations on renewables, is it worth considering them when looking to power a data centre? The answer is yes.

While renewables may not yet be able to power data centres on their own, they must be integrated into their energy portfolios. In other words, renewables should be viewed as secondary energy sources, rather than primary. While data centres may rely primarily on the grid, including renewables now is a way of minimising the amount of primary sources used. One strategy to achieve this is to use the grid to power a data centre’s base load and to use renewables for extra demand.

At this point in time, renewables are not capable of powering data centres on their own. However, they are fully capable of supporting a wider approach to reducing energy usage, and in doing so, helping the data centres of tomorrow to be more sustainable.

Ross Archer
Viderium Ltd
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Most Recommendable Top 15 Digital Marketing Companies by B2B GoodFirms Research

Top Digital Marketing Companies

Top Digital Marketing Companies

Based on the marketing strategy, client reviews and other key factors GoodFirms Research has released the list of Top 15 Digital Marketing Companies

The highlighted Top Digital Marketing Companies are known for providing a highly beneficial method of marketing Strategy”

— GoodFirms Research

WASHINGTON DC, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2018 / — Technology is embryonic at rapid speed and the digital marketing landscape is ever sprouting. According to the research, there are over 4 billion internet users and about 3.3 billion are social media users worldwide. These stats give us a glimpse of how big our target audience is. The digital marketing expends will rise to about $332 billion by 2021.

That's the reason; all the entrepreneurs and individuals are adopting digital marketing services for their businesses. To be a lending hand for the service seekers to ease the task of finding the best online marketing agencies, GoodFirms unveiled the Top Digital Marketing Companies worldwide that are providing custom strategies for their clients to boost their businesses on digital channels.

Take a birds eye view on the Top 15 Online Marketing Agencies as per GoodFirms Research:

•Foxtail Marketing
•SEOValley Solutions Private Limited
•Viral In Nature
•Thinking Juice
•Directive Consulting
•Bruce Clay, Inc
•Icecube Digital
•Lead to Conversion
•BenErg Software Solutions

The usage of digital marketing is increasing in an excellent way to influence your target audience into paying customers. Today, most of the businesses are also taking the help of Top Social Media Agencies as it assists in improving the business, building the credibility and trust.

GoodFirms – a globally recognized B2B research and reviews platform acts as a connecting bridge allowing the service buyers to reach out the Top Digital Marketing Companies in Canada and the other best IT and software firms from all corners of the globe.

The analyst team of GoodFirms runs a research process in which each agency is thoroughly measured using several qualitative and quantitative key factors including the on-hand experience in the same domain, market penetration, marketing strategy, branding, and promotion as well as feedback from their clients.

Moreover, GoodFirms also supports the all IT and Software companies to be visible to the service seekers by asking them to participate in the research process with a proof of their excellent work provided by them to their clients.

About GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a Washington, D.C. based research firm that aligns its efforts in identifying the most prominent and efficient digital marketing companies that deliver results to their clients. GoodFirms research is a confluence of new age consumer reference processes and conventional industry-wide review & rankings that help service seekers leap further and multiply their industry-wide value and credibility.

Get Listed with GoodFirms.

Rachael Ray
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FINMA has Officially Recognized #MetaHashCoin as the Utility Token

#MetaHashCoin is now the world’s first coin officially recognized by Switzerland’s FINMA as the utility token with payment functions at a crowdsale period

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, July 12, 2018 / — The #MetaHash team is proud to announce that it has successfully passed the review of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and received a legal conclusion according to which the #MetaHashCoin (#MHC) is officially recognized as the utility token with payment functions. #MHC is now the world’s first cryptocurrency which received such a classification at the initial crowdsale stage.

The process of applying to FINMA has started in the beginning of 2018 and included the preparation of required documentation and legal opinion with the help of leading regulatory and tax advisors, as well as arranging a public opening of the functioning network prior to the start of the crowdsale. Due to the immature nature of crypto market and its regulation standards the review process has taken several months and resulted in the official conclusion which contained FINMA’s review of the #MetaHash description of business model and network’s components, and identified #MHC as the utility token which can also be used for payments within the #MetaHash network.

This recognition is undoubtedly a big step forward to a more transparent, standardized and trustworthy practice of crowdsale as it clearly signals the preference of having the product live prior to the start of ICO, as with the #MetaHash case. This approach along with proper legislation of the rapidly growing market should shape into the dominant trend and work for further formalization of crypto with its market capitalization around $300 billion as an integral part of the global finance ecosystem.

“If at first the government authorities were wary of FinTech and cryptocurrencies which led to point-like prohibitive regulation in different countries, recently there are more and more opportunities for positive interaction,” comments Anton Agranovsky, co-founder of #MetaHash. “Since the very beginning our strategic approach was based on heavy focus on legal compliance and launching the functioning network first to fit official regulations, and now we are proud that this long path has resulted in getting FINMA’s conclusion. Big deal for #MetaHash, but also for the whole industry”.

In February, 2018, FINMA has officially released ICO guidelines and classification of tokens which categorise tokens into three types with a possibility to have hybrid forms:

1. Utility tokens are tokens which are intended to provide digital access to an application or service.
2. Payment tokens are synonymous with cryptocurrencies and have no further functions or links to other development projects. Tokens may in some cases only develop the necessary functionality and become accepted as a means of payment over a period of time.
3. Asset tokens represent assets such as participations in real physical underlyings, companies, or earnings streams, or an entitlement to dividends or interest payments. In terms of their economic function, the tokens are analogous to equities, bonds or derivatives.

On 29th of June, #MetaHash, a MultiPoS consensus blockchain and decentralized real-time application platform, has opened its MainNet and started distributing #MHC prior to its upcoming start of forging initiatives. Owners of #MHC will become the first nodes contributing into the network’s growth and enjoying the full advantages of the early forging, scheduled for August, 2018.

In comparison to mining, forging does not require hardware with lots of computational power like ASICs or video cards. The protection of the network consensus is based on the value of the network native coins, which is enough to rent any common web-server, or use a home PC that has a good internet connection.

To view the white paper and get more information including crowdsale terms, please, visit You can also check the company’s Medium blog, Facebook page and Telegram chat.

About #MetaHash

#MetaHash is a blockchain-based digital asset exchange network and decentralized real-time application platform. The versatile network utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to synchronize cross-continental nodes to create an optimal map of the network, based on latency rates. The technology then redistributes the data accordingly, harnessing the full power of the entire network, enabling unprecedented processing speeds capable of five billion transactions per day, at no more than three seconds for approval of each transaction.

The platform, based on its unique #TraceChain protocol, offers unparalleled speed, security and decentralization at the lowest price per transaction in the history of blockchain. Signaling the future of the distributed web, #MetaHash is among the pioneers of blockchain interoperability, allowing networks to interact and integrate with each other.

#MetaHash is proud to be partnered with such well-known legal, regulatory, and tax advisors as KPMG AG, Wenger & Vieli AG, Sadis & Goldberg LLP, etc.

Sergey Maslennikov
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Adaptive Computing Changes Product Name from “Moab” to “Moab Cloud for the HPC Suite”

The name change more accurately describes the product’s new capabilities.

More than 2400 companies are interested in our Moab Cloud Solution, and we’re performing several Test Drives of the product every week”

— Arthur Allen, President & CEO, Adaptive Computing.

NAPLES, FL, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2018 / — Adaptive Computing Enterprises, a world leader in dynamically optimizing large-scale HPC computing environments, announced that it has changed the name of its flagship software product “Moab” to “Moab Cloud for the HPC Suite.” The new name more accurately reflects the product’s additional cloud-bursting capabilities.

For more than 10 years, administrators have relied on Moab more than any other HPC workload management solution because of its demonstrated ability to optimize scheduling and accelerate the workload productivity of their systems. It is currently in use at the largest and most complex high-performance computing environments in the world, including many leading commercial and innovative research HPC systems.

Moab Cloud for the HPC Suite adds a new level of benefits for HPC ecosystems by combining the time-tested elements of Moab with advanced cloud-bursting capabilities. The new solution can “burst” additional workloads to an external cloud on-demand. It is easy to use, manage, and configure and integrates with on-premise resources. It offers full stack provisioning, is automated, and is very cost-effective for customers.

Adaptive Computing Enterprises was acquired in September 2016 by software mogul Arthur L. Allen, a long-time industry veteran who has been creating software companies and technology solutions for 40 years. The company has been totally transformed through millions of dollars of investment in development, taking Moab to the next level. Adaptive Computing will continue to lead the market through product innovation, product quality and extraordinary customer support.

“More than 2400 companies are interested in our Moab Cloud Solution, and we’re performing several Test Drives of the product every week,” Allen said.

Combining the capabilities of public clouds with on-premise infrastructure brings unparalleled flexibility and scalability to the business. Moab Cloud for the HPC Suite has evolved into the premiere, best-in-class solution offering increased agility, cost reduction and unprecedented productivity.

About Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing manages some of the world’s largest computing installations. Our leadership in IT decision engine software has been recognized with over 45 patents and over a decade of battle-tested performance resulting in a solid Fortune 500 and Top500 supercomputing customer base.

Adaptive Computing’s mission is to bring higher levels of decision, control, and self-optimization to the challenges of deploying and managing large and complex IT environments, so they accelerate business performance at a reduced cost.

For more information, contact Sue DeGram, Director of Marketing at Adaptive Computing Enterprises Inc.

Sue DeGram
Adaptive Computing Enterprises Inc.
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Moab/NODUS Cloud Bursting Presentation and Demo

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Konstant Outstared Its Fellow Mobile App Development Opponents in Recent Goodfirms Listing 2018

Konstant Infosolutions - Top Web & Mobile App Development Company

Goodfirms - Top Mobile App Development Companies

Konstantinfo - Top Mobile App Development Company

Amidst all hearsay and rumors, Konstant redefines itself with a firm belief as one of the Top Mobile App Development Company 2018, enlisted by Goodfirms.

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2018 / — Goodfirms has just rolled out a brand new list of top mobile app development companies. It essentially includes the names of industry leaders who have performed remarkably in particular domains and have been simultaneously been appreciated by the clients.

Konstant has been in revenge with its own ranking over years and has been constantly putting its efforts to roll out the big map, simultaneously hold a significant position in it. Doubtlessly Konstant finds it a very beautiful and gratifying revenge.

Konstant has crusaded across all industry verticals and has endeavored to make their customers happy throughout. They have always enabled their customers to respond quickly to the changing market dynamics. Bringing about cost-effective and reliable solutions that satisfy customer's requirements is the basic aim behind the work processes at Konstant.

Konstant has taken new technologies in its stride ranging from mobile app development – iOS and Android, web development, app designing, web designing, IoT development, e-commerce development, chats/Payments/NFC/Weather/Games/Health/Multimedia/E-Commerce etc., and is always geared up to imbibe new ones in its comprehensive portfolio. Konstant has survived through periods of positive and negative events and has dealt successfully with moods and interactions with its clients. The success graph is up and trending with the development of 550+ mobile apps. Out of these 350+ are iOS apps and 200+ are Android apps. Accompanying 2500+ happy clients, it relishes being on the crest.

Goodfirms listed Konstant Infosolutions amongst the Top Mobile app developers 2018. It hunted for the topmost companies based on hundreds of detailed client reviews. GoodFirms laurelled Konstant for being one of the top contenders among the Mobile App Development Companies 2018. Get the complete list by Goodfirms here:

Goodfirms is a research and review community that helps software buyers and software seekers find each other globally. They have an innovative research process to evaluate the firms. General criteria include – consistency with delivery timelines, budget constraints, reviews from clients, flexibility to adopt new technologies, history of previous projects, ability to support cross-platform, the inference of business model, maintenance after deployment, peer pressure and communication with clients etc.

According to Vipin Jain, CEO, and co-founder of Konstant Infosolutions, "Konstant has always worked with the latest technologies and tools demanded by the market. With a focus on delivering receptive user experiences and creating expert level UI/UX designs."

He further says, “I’d like to see my firm go ahead with the most prestigious brands and partners, consequently helping startups and mid-level enterprises with striking solutions to make their identity”.

The Goodfirms team has selected these companies because of their expertise and work quality, taking into account their portfolio and the reviews provided by clients.

Konstant Infosolutions is an industry leader in delivering successful Mobile and Web development solutions across the Globe. At Konstant, we strive hard to deliver the best within the estimated cost and timeline. We have been consistent in delivering industry-specific solutions that ensure customer satisfaction.

Goodfirms is a salient pedestal for mobile and web app developers who are looking for dependable top mobile app development companies with avowed reviews to build up their projects. It exposes the mobile app development company to the right audience. As the numerous visitors on Goodfirms manifest with the software, it helps convert those valuable visits into leads.

To know more about Konstant’s mobile app development services, click here.

About Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions creates the most engaging and high-performing mobile app experiences, aimed to provide high returns and profits to the business owners. Konstant has firmly achieved its offshore reputation by dedicatedly working for 15 long years. It has been consistent in its approach and has reacted spontaneously to changing technological innovation. The company provides a multitude of mobile development services including Internet of Things, Beacon, On-demand solutions, messenger applications, Artificial Intelligence, Big data Analytics and has been spanning multiple industries and business verticals. App development, inventory management, ERP software, CRM software, data visualization, E-commerce software, order management, warehouse management, marketing automation, SEO and Content management are some of the software categories in which it deals.

Vipin Jain
Konstant Infosolutions
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