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Vraimatic has helped businesses across industry verticals and processes with 45% yearly cost savings, 60% man-hours saved.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ —

VSynergize recently launched Vraimatic.ai, its new robotic process automation (RPA) arm to help organizations optimize resources, reduce operation costs, avoid costly mistakes, automate repetitive and time-intensive tasks and transform business processes overall. Vraimatic’s services allow organizations to automate mundane rule and knowledge-based work by delivering smart, secure, scalable, and successful process automation through intelligent bots or digital workers.

“RPA has become a game-changer across all industries, especially amid the current digital transformation era, as it both effectively increases productivity and dramatically decreases costs,” said Dheeraj Agarwal, CEO, Vraimatic.

Vraimatic’s complete RPA solution aims to enable organizations to automate business processes end-to-end. As part of its offering, Vraimatic assesses and helps businesses identify and transform inefficient processes. Through its deep understanding of various RPA technologies, Vraimatic provides the best automation roadmap to fit an organization’s specific needs. Its deployment process ensures minimal disruption, seamless integration with existing systems, and higher ROI, in order to make the path to digital transformation fast and cost-effective. It also improves the customer and employee experience, mitigates manual errors and lapses, ensures compliance, and facilitates faster turnaround times and better process accuracy.

Vraimatic’s innovative and scalable solutions include:

1. RPA Process Discovery: The Vraimatic RPA team will study the business processes within the organization and create a Process Opportunity Assessment document along with a Business and Technical Feasibility report. Provide Process documentation like As-Is and To-Be process maps.

2. Implementation Road Map: The team will also create a heat map of processes based on an ROI consideration to prioritize the processes for RPA implementation and for the business to take a decision on RPA implementation. Will also ensure that RPA fits into the overall Organizations Automation Strategy.

3. Implementation Service: Vraimatic team will be involved in Intelligent bot development, flexible pricing options for bots. The team can also implement Intelligent RPA by leveraging AI/ML, low code, and Analytics. Vraimatic has Strong partnerships with RPA tool providers and can help in Technology and tool selection and also Platform implementation

4. Managed Service: Vraimatic RPA team offers a Fully Managed Intelligent Automation platform that includes Platform Management, bot operations, Monitoring, Maintenance, Optimization, Patching, and upgrading of RPA products. It also offers RPA tool license management.

5. Automation Driven Business Process Management: Vraimatic not only offers RPA development and implementation but also process management post RPA Implementation.

6. RPA Training: We also offer courses in RPA from Basic RPA knowledge to Full developer courses on tools like UI Path, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism.

Vishakha Agarwal, CMO, Vraimatic, said, “Intelligent Automation should be a key strategic priority for all businesses today. The pandemic has pushed enterprises to speed up their adoption of automation technologies. And Vraimatic is here to help organizations identify the right processes for automation towards their digital transformation journey.”

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About Vraimatic:

Vraimatic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of VSynergize, is an IT Process Automation and RPA solution provider, helping organizations automate their mundane, repetitive rule-based tasks across verticals. We ensure that all operations across the front office, middle office, back office, and IT operations are done at a faster speed and reduced cost which helps increase the top line and bottom line of the company significantly. We have worked with the company's IT operations, business operations, and managed service helping them towards their digital transformation journey.

With a repertoire of 21+ years, our automation services have enabled enterprises to automate and accelerate business process transformation, maximize ROI and process efficiency – so that you can concentrate on innovation and deliver winning customer experiences.

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