PrivacyRules exclusive interview with Tina3D, the company that developed the Korean app “Corona 100m” to trace covid-19

South Korean Corona 100m app has been used as a model in many continents and rose a lot of attention in international media.

CINCINNATI, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2020 / — PrivacyRules is pleased to announce the release of an exclusive interview with Bae Won Seok, Director of Development of TINA3D. TINA3D ( is the South Korean tech and entertainment company that developed Corona 100m, the tracing app to help prevent the spread of the corona virus. Covid-19 tracing apps are still under development in many countries all around the world, and are rising issues in relation to the precarious balance between upholding privacy of the individuals and benefits to public health. South Korean Corona 100m app has been used as a model in many continents and rose a lot of attention in international media.

“Interviewing Bae Won Seok was enlightening, as we could clarify some of the most controversial issues his app rose. For instance, Corona 100m uses covid-19 visitation point data which is freely available data provided by the South Korean government” says Andrea Chmieliński Bigazzi, PrivacyRules CEO. “In fact, TINA3D has developed the app to help prevent the spread of the corona virus throughout Korea just by using publicly accessible data” he concludes.

“In many media reports abroad, our app is wrongly known as collecting users' location points which is incorrect information” says Bae Won Seok in the interview. The Corona 100m has been downloaded by nearly 4 million people in South Korea, and is widely recognised as one of the most successful apps created worldwide to prevent the spread of covid-19. Find here the interview:

PrivacyRules will comment the interview in the course of a live webinar with some of its experts and the Data Protection Authority of Norway (Datatilsynet) on 1 July at 10.00am CET (GMT +2). This webinar addresses one of the major concerns at the moment: the problematic balance between privacy and covid-19 tracing apps.

The webinar is entitled “Public safety v. privacy: the covid-19 tracing apps conundrum” and will see Susanne Lie, Datatilsynet Senior legal advisor, as guest speaker with PrivacyRules members Kelly Dickson from the law firm Macpherson Kelley (Australia), as moderator and Geert Somers from the law firm Timelex (Belgium), Ruth Ng from the law firm Taylor Vinters Via (Singapore) and Haim Ravia from the law firm Pearl Cohen (Israel) as panellists.

This international panel of privacy experts will reflect on complex questions such as: key priorities and concerns for DPAs related to covid-19 tracing apps; the precarious balance between upholding the privacy of the individual vs the potential benefits to public health; and, whether these tracing apps open the door for other forms of tracking and tracing into the future.

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