ArcBlock To Increase Awareness of Blockchain and Decentralized Identity By Showcasing Real-World DApps

Build A Decentralized Identity App to support your secure currency, crypto payments, loyalty points and more

Use Decentralized Identity to manage send, or share digital currency

I DID IT is focused on showing what is possible right now and to let everyone immediately interact and use decentralized identity apps in the real-world.”

— Robert Mao

BELLEVUE, WA, USA, February 29, 2020 / — ArcBlock, a leading blockchain development platform, and decentralized identity provider has launched its new “I DID IT” initiative focused on real-world applications and interactive training for developers, businesses and users to experience decentralized identity first hand and learn about the features and benefits of blockchain technology. ArcBlock’s I DID IT campaign will cover a wide-range application use cases including self-sovereign identity, next-generation authentication, data portability, digital assets, digital currency, and asset exchanges and cross-chain transactions, and the ability to create, verify and issue verifiable claims and certificates easily.

“Over the next few weeks, we want every company to begin to see the value of giving back users control of their own data and to see how decentralized identity can be used to replace existing legacy systems and to create amazing new experiences for end-users. I DID IT is focused on showing what is possible right now and to enable everyone to immediately interact and use decentralized identity in the real-world. We also want developers and businesses to see the potential opportunities for their business by developing low-cost/high-reward applications that mitigate many of today’s security risks, remove the need to store personally identifiable information and to give everyone the ability to create new applications and economic models that enable new revenue streams,” said Robert Mao, CEO of ArcBlock.

This week, ArcBlock is showcasing a decentralized “Cash App.” Unlike previous generations of payment apps like PayPal or Venmo who required significant investment to develop, anyone today can build their own Cash App easily. Using the ArcBlock’s blockchain developer platform, it is very easy for any developer, company or store to level the playing field and create their own “Cash App” to support a secure currency, crypto-based payments, prepaid accounts, or loyalty points system similar to today’s leading companies like Starbucks, hotel chains and airlines. By using blockchain and decentralized identity in their app, these businesses can eliminate the more than 5% of the revenue they lose every year due to fraud as stated in the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners global study.

From a users' perspective, the “Cash App” experience showcases different currency-based activities that are already supported today using decentralized identity. Many people around the world aren’t carrying cash, are concerned about their privacy and are using alternative payment systems on their phones or using someone who is located in a different locale. ArcBlock’s Cash App scenario goes one step further by letting users utilize a secure wallet that enables them to approve every request and easily:

– Set up a wallet
– Add money and/or currency
– Make and receive payments
– Connect with other people
– Add and exchange additional assets or currencies
– And more

In this scenario, users can easily send and receive digital currencies, make payments for micro-content or to access media behind paywalls, exchange currencies for other assets and more.

ArcBlock is focused on bringing decentralized identity into the mainstream. Today, ArcBlock’s leading developer platform is unique in the blockchain industry and is the only blockchain development framework that includes integrated decentralized identity tools and capabilities to let developers add these features for their users using ArcBlock’s W3C compliant ABT:DID specification.

About ArcBlock
ArcBlock ( is transforming the way blockchain-enabled applications and services are developed, managed and deployed by re-imagining how these services are going to be created in the years ahead. ArcBlock is composed of a team of industry experts, developers, technologists, and leaders who are focused on creating successful outcomes by enabling teams and businesses to create blockchain-ready services around their needs. ArcBlock has created a powerful but easy to use development platform that utilizes the power of blockchain and decentralized identity in combination with cloud computing that developers and businesses to achieve their goals successfully.

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