OneSimCard M2M Launches OneSim IMEI Lock – Allowing IoT Clients to Lock SIM Cards to Device IMEI

MEI Lock for Global IoT SIM cards, IMEI Lock enhances IoT Device Security by assigning a SIM card to a specific device's IMEI

IMEI Lock for IoT Sim Card

Data and device security is enhanced by ensuring that a specific SIM card is locked to an individual device by linking the SIM to the IMEI of the IoT device.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2020 / — OneSimCard M2M / IoT announced today the release of a new solution for its global IoT SIM card clientele. The new "OneSim IMEI Lock" service adds a layer of security and assures that a SIM card can only be used in the IoT device to which it is assigned. OneSim IMEI Lock allows the user to link OneSimCard M2M's international data SIM to a particular IoT device by using the device's unique IMEI number. Locking a SIM card to a singular device can be critical to IoT security & can prevent significant financial losses, especially for international SIM card deployments. Companies using SIM cards need to make certain that the SIM card cannot be taken from the IoT unit and installed into another device (think Smartphone or Tablet) which may use considerably more data. OneSim IMEI Lock is also crucial to ensure data being collected is accurately tied to the device sending it. With the continued surge of IoT devices being deployed globally, having this additional layer of SIM security is pivotal.

Security has always been paramount to OneSimCard M2M / IoT and OneSim IMEI Lock is yet another component which adds to the many IoT SIM card security features offered to its clients. OneSimCard M2M / IoT offers Private (Custom) APN, VPN (both IP-SEC VPN and Open VPN), & Peer-to-Peer connections using Private Static IPs. All of these features are designed to keep IoT data secure and to ensure that IoT devices are less likely to be hacked. Many other important features designed specifically for IoT are available including: API’s for SIM Management, a single APN for all SIM cards deployed worldwide, OSCAR Portal for SIM management, and the list goes on.

The OneSim IMEI Lock solution is designed to be user friendly unlike many IMEI SIM locks offered by other SIM providers where users have to call support and "get permission" to lock or unlock a SIM. Locking and unlocking the SIM with OneSim IMEI Lock is extremely simple and is completed in seconds with just a few clicks of the mouse using OneSimCard's OSCAR portal for SIM card management and reporting. Because the OSCAR portal is completely online, users can change their SIM lock settings anywhere in the world, and even on their Android Smartphone through OneSimCard M2M's IoT App available on Google Play Store (iOS 1SIM IoT app is coming soon).

During our interview with OneSimCard’s CEO, Alex Filippov, Mr. Filippov said, “OneSim IMEI Lock is an exciting addition to the vast array of IoT SIM card functionality that we offer. We are continually listening to our customers and adding features which are important to them. Our customers range from 2 person start-ups to Fortune 500 and large Public Sector organizations. Having such a diverse customer base and our ability to stay nimble allows us to adjust and add features quickly which will have the greatest impact to the largest breadth of customers.” Mr. Filippov went on to say, “The OneSim IMEI Lock is just the start of new functionality we will be releasing in the next year. 2020 is going to be an incredible year at OneSimCard M2M / IoT and we are looking forward to releasing several new features for our global IoT SIM cards.”

OneSimCard M2M (, a division of Belmont Telecom, Inc., is a leading provider of cellular data SIM card services for international IoT SIM card deployments & offers extremely competitive, data, SMS and voice services worldwide. With over 25 years of experience, OneSimCard M2M / IoT works with both Public and Private Sector organizations and offers a flexible option for IoT connectivity projects. OneSimCard M2M / IoT been widely acclaimed by IoT industry experts, including CIO Magazine.

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