IoT Company “Biz4Intellia” Unveiled its Level Monitoring and Energy Monitoring Solutions

Pioneering IoT Company Biz4Intellia present its innovative level monitoring and energy monitoring solution for various industrial and commercial applications.

ORLANDO, FL, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2019 / — The best IoT service provider, Biz4Intellia has recently disclosed its new services in the field of Level Monitoring and Energy Monitoring. The company is a leader in developing quality-rich end to end IoT solutions for different industrial and commercial segments.

Both of these solutions are a part of the company’s comprehensive platform suite named “Intellia IoT”. It is a single stop IoT product that is completely packed with hardware, software, and data storage facilities.

As per Sanjeev Verma, CEO and Founder of Biz4Intellia, “Intellia IoT level monitoring” and “Intellia IoT energy monitoring” solutions will help industries to enhance the effectiveness of their inspection procedures and achieve operational excellence. He says “These solutions have been developed to counter the challenges companies generally face nowadays. They will help them to mitigate these challenges and improve their overall plant efficiency.”

The “Intellia IoT level monitoring solution” of Biz4Intellia will allow the users to monitor the level of liquid in a tank. This solution is especially beneficial for the oil and gas industry as it highly depends on their tank farms to facilitate the storage of crude and other petroleum products. It is also beneficial for water utilities as it enables them to monitor the level of water in overhead tanks in different locations and manage water supply whenever the water level decreases from the pre-defined threshold.

The versatility of the “Intellia IoT energy monitoring solution“ is limitless. It can be used to calculate energy consumption, monitor equipment performance, and increase the overall efficiency of a plant. This solution is however specifically beneficial for energy utilities and supports them in the entire segment of energy production, transmission, and distribution. This solution will enable them to monitor energy consumption at endpoints, manage voltage fluctuations, increase the efficiency of power plants, and maintain steady & uninterrupted power supply.

The Intellia IoT product of Biz4Intellia includes various sensors, meters, gateways and other electronic devices that sense crucial information from the endpoints and transmit it to cloud storage. The information is stored in the form of data that can be accessed from the “Intellia IoT” on-screen platform.

“Intellia IoT on-screen platform” is a collection of various dashboards that allow users to retrieve and monitor the data gathered through various endpoints. The platform process this data into useful insights and allow users to use these insights to make informed decisions. The platform is even infused with advanced analytics capabilities that the users can use to develop perceptive patterns and track historical data.

About Biz4Intellia:
The Intellia IoT level and energy monitoring solution created by Biz4Intellia, are revolutionizing different industrial segments. This Florida based company has always used seamless IoT choreography to develop such futuristic and intriguing solutions that support intelligent operations and help businesses to improve process execution to achieve specific business objectives. The company is continuously working with IoT technology to provide similar ground-breaking services to its clients to help them add value to their business and digitize their end to end operations.

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