Geo.ipify Launches Improved IP Geolocation API


Find the Exact Physical Location of Any Given IP Address at Any Time

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2019 / — Geo.ipify, a leader in IP geolocation service provision, has launched an enhanced version of IP Geolocation API.

Backed by a database that, to date, contains information on more than 8 billion IP blocks and locations collected from at least 250 countries, IP Geolocation API gives users access to accurate and up-to-date physical addresses and other details on any IP address they may be interested in. Its wide coverage assures users of obtaining the data they need on as much as 99.05% of the entire IP address space. Even if users only have an IP address on hand, they can still get pertinent information on a website and its owner.

Its well-parsed and well-structured data sets allow users to filter information by country, region, state, province, latitude and longitude, time zone, city, or postal code. So if they only need a set of IP addresses in a specific area, they do not need to filter information manually, the tool does that instantly.

Companies in need of a means to personalize content for site visitors or customers can benefit from IP Geolocation API. They can, for instance, customize their websites with dynamic banners that use the visitors’ local language given their locations. Visitors who are non-native English speakers can have the option to view content in their local language. Users can also hone in on their loyal customers and target the right markets with the help of the tool as results can easily be filtered to find out where the majority of the visitors come from. They can then focus their marketing and sales efforts to prioritize loyal market bases.

E-commerce sites that cater to customers worldwide can enhance their customer interactions by providing content in the visitors’ local language. IP Geolocation API also enables them to tailor-fit product or service prices to clients’ local currencies. And given the customers’ locations, delivery options can also be customized to speed up transactions and increase client satisfaction.

Digital marketers who want to use geo-targeting to tailor-fit ads and content to customers’ locations will find IP Geolocation API useful too. They can, for instance, identify where visitors come from and what they seem to be looking for then match the content and ads to fit their customer profiles. The product enables users to cater to the right clientele backed by sound marketing strategies and campaigns. They do not have to rely on assumptions but instead use and analyze actual data to create customer profiles that can enhance their lead generation efforts.

Organizations that need protection against cybercriminals and other threat actors can use IP Geolocation API to block malicious entities from accessing their company websites. By identifying specific locations where threats hail from and constantly monitoring these, users get an extra layer of protection from cyber threats. Cybercriminals and attackers who resort to even the most underhanded of means to collect data from the users’ virtual properties will find it a little more difficult to do so. The tool aids businesses in keeping phishers, spammers, fraudsters, unwanted users, and cyber attackers away from their sites and customers.

IP Geolocation API is also a means to counter cyber fraud. It helps users fortify their IT infrastructure to mitigate cyber attacks, assess potentially risky situations by looking at the country where traffic is coming from, and block access from sites that use proxies or Tor. With it, users can build a location-based white list to make sure stakeholders, partners, and clients have unhindered access to their sites. They can also create a blacklist that keeps malicious entities away from their digital assets and customers.

Given the ubiquity of cyber threats today, every company needs to reinforce its security policies. Organizations can use IP Geolocation API to make sure no API calls are made from outside their internal networks. They can also track visitors’ IP addresses and establish access rights and permissions based on their location. This will help them protect against and prevent data leakage, loss, or theft. No one without the right to access confidential information will be able to breach their network.

With its many varied uses, IP Geolocation API is a tool that not only lets users enhance the way they do business, but also secures their digital assets from all kinds of threats that abound on the Web. Providing customized content, identifying the right customers, blocking unwanted access from online properties, mitigating risks associated with online fraud, and beefing up cybersecurity are possible with IP Geolocation API. It can benefit website owners, digital marketers, domainers, brand protection agents, cybersecurity personnel, fraud investigators, cyber forensic analysts, law enforcement agents, and market researchers.

Interested parties may visit the IP Geolocation API website to see how the product works. Signing up for the tool that lets users determine the physical location of an IP address is free of charge.

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Source: EIN Presswire