Dapp Product A.I.dols Codebase Released Open-β Version, Using NFT and A.I.dol Image Generating AI

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An entertainment to create your own A.I.dol and become a talent producer with leading-edge technologies

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, June 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gene A.I.dols Co., Ltd. (Headquarters : Tokyo, CEO Takuya Obata) is pleased to announce the release of A.I.dols Codebase β version which enables users to create their own and totally original A.I.dol with the use of AI image generation together with AI speech synthesis. Created A.I.dol will be tokenized on the blockchain and owned or traded by the users, not by management server. Token economy platform offered by ICOVO AG (Headquarters : Zug-Switzerland, CEO Akihiro Yamase) is used for tokenization. A.I.dols Codebase is the very first project of the platform.

Open β-Test version launched on June 2nd, 2019 is already open to public on Ethereum network (test net). It will be provided free of charge (https:// gene-aidols.io/). Upon open β-Test completion, it will immediately start its official operation. Ethereum (ETH) and OVO (ICOVO’s Token) are to be used in the official version.
Variety of functions are implemented in the β version such as ‘’Code generator’’ to create real-looking A.I.dol image, ‘’Fusion’’ to cross A.I.dol pairs to create a brand-new A.I.dol, ‘’Rosetta center’’ to transfer and support crossing of A.I.dol and ‘’Link spot’’ etc… .

We are gradually updating exciting technology functions in the near future. To be more specific, original voice and speaking lines for each A.I.dols in autumn, body part in winter and dialogue function next year. Gene.A.I.dol is a technology company with its mission to realize commercialization of latest technology. According to the progress of basic research, we will update its service sequentially.
AI startup DataGrid Inc.(Headquarters : Kyoto, CEO Yuuki Okada) and Blockchain startup ICOVO AG will be in charge of the basic technologies in the project. Gene A.I.dols project is a joint project of these companies

A.I.dols Codebase is the first product but only the very first step of the magnificent concept of Gene A.I.dols project. Gene A.I.dols project aims to realize users to experience being a talent manager and make their original A.I.dol debut in the real show business. We plan to construct a world view of real A.I.dol activity. They sing original songs by forming a band, post videos on websites as VTuber, and perform on show stages. You will also see utilization of leading-edge technology such as VR/AR.

For the second step, A.I.dol nurturing simulation game "Rosetta Stage(tentative)" is also coming up soon. Making the most of tokenized A.I.dols, it will cross the boundary of blockchain world and will be ‘’imported’’ to the world of game. Unawareness of blockchain knowledge, players at Rosetta Stage could scout and nurture ‘’imported’’ A.I.dols. They could also sign up their A.I.dol for ‘’Audition’’ planned at certain period of time. Survived A.I.dols from ‘’Audition’’ receive the ticket to debut in the real show business. Both A.I.dol owner and producer are rewarded
for their success.

We tackle to support users become talent producers by managing A.I.dol on a light-hearted small business level and continue to offer an entertainment service that goes beyond game frameworks.We believe not only blockchain engineers but also general game players and A.I.dol talent lovers could enjoy the game.

Click below to experience the released A.I.dols Codebase β version which is offered to anyone for free.

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Gene A.I.dols
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Risona Kudan Building, 1-5-6, Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

<What is OVO> ERC20/ERC223-compliant tokens issued by ICOVO
<What is ETH> Ethereum's Native Token. A type of crypto asset.
<What is NFT> Non-Fungible Token. A special type of crypto asset which represents different values.

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Source: EIN Presswire