Mobile App Publisher Creates an Index to Calculate a Fair Price for Everyone 

FairDif - Providing fair prices based on purchasing power

FairDif Pricing Index

Providing the same value for all its users around the world

WORLD, CHIANGMAI, THAILAND, June 13, 2019 / — An internet company called Simple Different has designed a way to set the price of their app based on the purchasing power of each country. They have developed an index that is used to calculate a fair price for their paying customers. Purchasing power is different in every country and having a single fixed price does not have the same value for everybody around the world. For example, an app that costs $10 a month in the States, does not have the same value for somebody in a developing country.

During the development of SimDif 2 (a website creation app) Simple Different created FairDif, an index based on the buying power in each country. The FairDif index was implemented to give fair and wide access to the Smart and Pro versions of their software. Here are some examples of their monthly Pro subscriptions in different countries, in US dollars: 

India: $2.39  |  Thailand: $4.69  |  USA: $6.90  |  Germany: $6.90  |  Switzerland: $11.96

This does not mean somebody in India pays less than somebody in Switzerland. It is all relevant and based on purchasing power. Everyone is getting the same value.

“When you put it into perspective, it is astounding to see that empowering online services with a fixed price are less accessible for those who need it the most” – Renaud Yorick Vince (CEO/Founder of Simple Different)

Simple Different were driven to create and implement this purchasing power parity index due to a strong belief in customer advocacy and because it aligns with their goals of creating social impact and supporting underrepresented languages.

To find out more about them, their values, and the SimDif app, check out their website, about page, or contact them for more information.



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