BitForex partnering with NASGO, The GoDaddy of Blockchain

Nasgo Globally First Launch on BitForex

NEWYORK, NEWYORK, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2019 / — The demand for business transparency leading to the advancement of blockchain technology, many Blockchain based business has risen globally. Several small and medium enterprises progressively begin to embrace the Blockchain technology, Blockchain usage is going main stream. Under the drastic change in the economic environment, every corporation will need to develop their own block-chain and relatively create corporate branded digital currency in the near future.

Nevertheless, NASGO is providing a platform for all the small and medium businesses, generalise and serve all the small to medium businesses through a network with over 4000 representatives. As a platform, NASGO is dedicated to advancing cryptocurrency and Blockchain as an established industry. The platform is striving to make digital currency accessible and available to all and to advance the ability the usage of the Blockchain for advancing humanitarian and philanthropy goals worldwide.

NASGO New Block-chain Development transforms small-medium businesses.

NASGO is the world's first billion dollar Block-chain platform, Blockchain technology will be a small to medium business revolutionary project. Small to medium enterprises are more than 95% of the overall corporation counts, small to medium enterprises provides 60% of the employment and 50% of the production gross, occupying an irreplaceable role in the economic development of countries around the world, though Blockchain is facing a severe development challenge; The emergence of the NASGO, solves many issues for small and medium enterprises, such as business information opacity, lower technology innovation, lower operation efficiency, financial and sales management issues. NASGO's hope is to enable as many as possible of those domains and all others with the ability to offer Blockchain support, which opens up vast new opportunities in application development and with the support of the toolbox allows them to move Blockchain and cryptocurrency value as easily as we currently move data through our traditional sites.

Why did NASGO choose to launch on BitForex Exclusively?

First, NASGO and BitForex shares the same corporation principal, NASGO also recognize the growth power of BitForex and their great value in the industry.

Second, BitForex has an extraordinary developing speed, growing into world top 10 trading platform in a very short period of time; development team located all around the globe, enormous number of global users over 200 countries.

Lastly, BitForex's global operations team will advertise NASGO's digital currency “NSG”with it’s very own advertisement strategy, establish NASGO's development appeal and concept, BitForex will be NASGO's global market strategy partner to build a brand new blockchain finance system.

According to NASGO's official, Blockchain usage is applied in many major areas, business magnates also adopted Blockchain technologies, such as Microsoft, MUFG Bank and more, shows that the trend of blockchain is moving into greater heights. NASGO premiere launch project on BitForex is the absolute main focus, assist both parties with the creation of the new business model, provide more professional and high functioned trading platform experiences and Blockchain business model operations.

NASGO Global Exclusive Launch Presentation Countdown

NASGO is hosting an official launching presentation and the signing ceremony with BitForex on January 11th, 2019, in Nah Trang, Vietnam. BitForex CEO Garrett Jin and NASGO co-founder Steve Chiang and Eric Tippetts will attend the occasion. We hope to share this important moment with you, see you in Vietnam!

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