EG A/S Agrees to Three-Year Extended Contract with Microsoft Partner ENAVATE



ENAVATE will provide ongoing consulting, strategy, upgrades, re-architecture, maintenance and Microsoft Dynamics implementation support to EG.

We are excited to continue this relationship with EG and to become their trusted partner providing resources for EG.”

— Thomas Ajspur, CEO of ENAVATE Holdings

DENVER, CO, USA, January 31, 2019 / — ENAVATE, a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 provider, has announced that they have extended their contract with EG A/S, the leading Microsoft Dynamics partner in Scandinavia EG A/S.

The three-year agreement builds upon the success of a previous collaboration between ENAVATE and EG A/S, providing EG with resources to develop their Intellectual Property as well as supporting their Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations. Under the terms of the new contract, ENAVATE will provide ongoing consulting, strategy, upgrades, re-architecture, maintenance and implementation support to EG. ENAVATE will also continue to support the sale of EG’s solutions for Microsoft Dynamics in North America.

“We are excited to continue this relationship with EG and to become their trusted partner providing resources for EG. At the same time, we will continue to sell and support EG’s extensive Dynamics portfolio of products in the North American market,” said Thomas Ajspur, CEO of ENAVATE Holdings LLC.

EG is among the strongest Microsoft Dynamics partners with more than 25 locations and 2,000 employees across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Poland. With more than 35 years of experience, EG is a valued partner for its more than 12,500 customers. EG’s experience across logistics, industrial, construction, utility, oil and gas, and other markets complements ENAVATE’s deep industry expertise.

“Enavate has proven to be a valued partner with the successful completion of EG’s Healthcare suite,” said Bjarne Aarup, Executive Vice President at EG A/S, “Enavate made it easy for us to decide to continue our partnership for another three years as a key partner in building and selling Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.”

ENAVATE is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner committed to providing transformational software solutions and services to our partners and clients worldwide. ENAVATE partners with distribution companies in North America to implement, upgrade and make the most of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX software platforms; provides managed services to customers with Microsoft Dynamics; and partners with Microsoft Dynamics Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) globally to provide consulting, upgrades, re-architecture, maintenance and implementation support.

Visit to learn more. For more information, please contact Patric Timmermans, Director of Marketing, ENAVATE, at +1 (303) 324 4570 or email

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ARVR & Ai in Classroom: Middle East's Largest VR Education Program Launched for Public Schools

Educators immersed in Virtual Reality lessons with Google Expeditions

Educators immersed in Virtual Reality lessons with Google Expeditions

Thousands of Virtual Reality lessons in Arabic language

Thousands of Virtual Reality lessons in Arabic language

Students at Riffa Views School Bahrain Immersed in Virtual Reality based lesson

Students at Riffa Views School Bahrain Immersed in Virtual Reality based lesson

Dubai is hitting another major milestone with VR based STEM Lab Program for schools

Youth have a responsibility to contribute to the development of the region and look into the use of future technologies for a better future for all”

— His Excellency Omar Sultan Bin Olama, Artificial Intelligence Minister

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, February 1, 2019 / — Over a million students and thousands of teachers across the Middle East have experienced the most immersive technologies. Their collective huge response in favor of these technologies and the positive impact they have on education has already led many schools in Dubai to introduce the modern learning methodologies in classrooms. These schools have termed VR technology as “a powerful learning tool”.


Moving forward, the education ecosystem in UAE is now hitting another major milestone with VRXOne’s VR based STEM Lab Program for schools. Designed around the Classroom Format, the initiative is the largest program of its kind helping educators to implement VR, AR and Ai led education in schools across the Middle East. A massive initiative to put the region on world’s map as the most advanced in classroom learning solutions and teaching aides.

“Designed around the Classroom Format, the initiative is the largest program of its kind helping educators to implement VR, AR and Ai led education in schools across the Middle East.”

Prior to it, UAE government’s A Million Coders Program and subsequently, VRXOne’s One Million Expeditions for Emirati youth, gained immense response for their impact in enhancing students’ learning abilities. It comes as no surprise then that immersive technologies are dictating a massive shift in human-technology interaction. And VR based STEM Lab is the next step in classroom education not only locally but globally as well. Instead of moving around a mouse or tapping on a screen, we are able to step inside and explore the realities of our universe in the virtual world.

We know for a fact that the early adoption of these immersive technologies is a must as per the government’s vision of a knowledge-based economy. It is the only way to close the gap between education and job markets at a rapid pace. And VRXOne’s VR based Lab Program helps to work towards that goal by providing the youth with the most immersive learning solutions.

“VRXOne has the largest library of VR/AR/Ai lessons available in Arabic Language covering a huge range of STEM Subjects.”


Virtual Reality has emerged as the ultimate medium for delivering “experiential learning”. No other methodology even comes close in impact. The fact that no physical or geographical boundaries stand in the way of this technology, is reason alone for its huge impact. Add to that the element of safety and cost-effectiveness and you have a win-win combination.

Virtual Reality is the ideal technology and well-suited to delivering the learning in STEM subjects. Since all these disciplines – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics – are based on highly critical thinking and applied knowledge, VR is the perfect fit for STEM education.

VRXOne’s VR based Classroom Format offers the most advanced level standalone program today equipped with machine learning applications allowing the teachers full control of the curriculum-aligned virtual lessons. VRXOne has the largest library of VR/AR/Ai lessons available in Arabic Language covering a huge range of STEM subjects. No longer does a student need physical presence in a science lab to understand a concept thoroughly. Every VR class provides pedagogically sound, engaging content to students for proper exploration and understanding. For instance, VR technology eliminates the need for a microscope to examine an organism or to study the DNA sequencing. The VR lab actually provides full immersion for further exploration of DNA and the atom at the molecular level. Something which is not possible in a physical lab.

Such are the opportunities available to STEM students today in the UAE made possible through the VR technology. These captivating lessons are the way forward for the youth to develop the right skill-set needed for the future markets in the era of technology. Moreover, the technology is exactly in line with the innovation goals of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai,
“Our vision for development is driven by a deep understanding of the future needs, and built on proactive ideas because we want to be in first place globally. Our methodology for development is based on the launch of initiatives that can be applied anywhere in the world and creating a global model for not only our economy but also for the global economy,"


Learning a new language is one of the most exciting as well as daunting things for a student or any individual. There is always an initial hesitation with a new way to pronounce, speak and interact. VR helps to eliminate the element of hesitation and self-consciousness by providing scenario-based, highly interactive environments to develop new language skills. It can put you in a class full of learners or amongst the native speakers to perfect your command over language.

Because VR experiences support interaction and are able to replicate different situations, there isn’t a more realistic way to learn a language than reality itself. With VR, you could either be buying cannoli on the streets of Sicily or asking for directions in Turkey. There is the added benefit of instant feedback on pronunciation and suggestions for vocabulary to further enrich your learning experience. The Head of Languages at Methodist Ladies’ College in Melbourne, Chloe Briand opines that VR helps to build students’ confidence and reduce the level of anxiety associated with learning languages, “This is a tool that you use to practise and improve on your fluency and accuracy in a real-life scenario, without feeling self-conscious in front of a native speaker. It’s the perfect segue between a relaxed familiar environment and the outside world.”


Being a great interactive medium, it is fairly easy to build and create a lesson in VR for both teachers and students. For instance, it is as easy as ‘1,2,3’ to get a class started on a Google Expedition. But in case you wanted something more, you could easily use Google StreetView to create an exclusive expedition of your own. Visit the famous landmarks or walk through historical places.

By virtue of being a virtual medium, VR can put you in any location, inside a lab or an archeological site in an instant. There are boundless opportunities to explore and learn with VR so much so that not only does it remove geographical walls but time-bound as well. You can explore the lengths of Roman Colosseum or walk on the Acropolis of Athens. It is all within reach with VR.


In the same fashion, Augmented Reality enhances the learning experience for STEM lessons. You can use it to examine the 3D models of plants, animals as well as the natural features in your class. Students can go “deeper” in a lesson by rotating, swiping, and zooming in and out of a model at will. They can even take photos or videos of the model within their surroundings.

AR is a great learning technology and brings huge value to everyday lesson plans. Aligned with the standards of the UAE Ministry of Education, the platform supports all kinds of different visual overlays and hundreds of lesson plans with valuable educational content.


Immersive technologies can help us to make classroom learning fun and exciting as well as more relevant and comprehensive. But at the same time, it is important to monitor the students’ performance to ensure positive outcomes and compliance with the educational standards.

This is where Artificial Intelligence helps to customize lessons for students providing cross-reference between subjects to support interdisciplinary learning. Moreover, automation of processes through Ai – such as performance monitoring, feedback, marking, tracking growth etc. – provide further assistance in the class freeing up more time for teachers.

On the part of students, Ai helps them understand concepts better and self-pace their studies. It also inculcates innovative and entrepreneurial thinking in the students something which is the need of the day. Sreejit Chakrabarty, the Director of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at Gems Education Dubai, says that Ai opens a huge door of opportunities for young minds, “Naturally, this Ai literacy brings in and helps students to extend their knowledge of English, Maths and Coding. For example, by seeing how their programming strategies are reflected in the learning and behaviour of a machine, they can better grasp abstract concepts such as cause and effect. They can also get immediate feedback from the machine and iterate their ideas based upon this. These are powerful opportunities for learning in a cross-disciplinary way.”


Arab teachers view the virtual and augmented reality apps as invaluable mediums to support “deeper learning” practices. As more and more content is being developed to align with curriculum requirements, the teachers find it immensely helpful to inspire curiosity to learn and ingenuity to create in their students.

Martha McCleary, Head of Digital Literacy at Foremarke School Dubai, shares her experience of VR in the classroom and how it has helped to involve students in the learning process, "We have been using VR to visit faraway places and go on virtual field trips. This heightens engagement in lessons as children get to experience new environments. Recently we have begun looking at creating our own VR experiences. The children are busy creating online galleries of their work. Beyond learning about VR, this engages the children in learning about design and user experience."

One of the GEM schools, The Winchester School at Jebel Ali has also teamed up with VRXOne to improve learning productivity of their students using VR and Ai. The Vice-Principal of the school, Dr. Ritika Anand believes that these immersive technologies become the basis to provide a thorough and holistic learning experience to the students, “Student experience is the biggest testimonial of a school’s commitment to provide holistic learning. The use of technologies like VR is aligned with the concept of experiential learning in pedagogy. Such technologies encourage inquisitiveness, innovation and excellence, and ultimately lead to bigger impact through nation development.”


In the wake of these immersive learning experiences, students are well-equipped for the year of innovation ahead. Ai has a huge part to play in UAE’s National Innovation Strategy. Consequently, it is also a major component of Expo 2020 as well. As UAE gears towards the fast approaching event, the students are enthusiastically curious about using Ai to put their imagination to work and manifest their innovative ideas into reality.
The Emirati youth is more than ready for the upcoming challenges ahead backed by their mentor and the State Minister for Artificial Intelligence, His Excellency Omar Sultan Bin Olama, “Youth have a responsibility to contribute to the development of the region and look into the use of future technologies for a better future for all.” Speaking to a conference in Sharjah, he stressed upon the importance of AI as part of youth’s everyday life now and said, “Each of you have to be aware how to use it and develop it for you to be able to adopt it.”

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UAE Teachers Training session attended by more than 20,000 Educators

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TrenData Closes 2018 with Record Sales and 100% Client Renewal Rate

Company increases bookings, wins enthusiastic, committed clients

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 / — TrenData, a leading global provider of AI-driven people-analytics solutions, ended the year with its strongest quarter in company history. In addition, revenues for the full 2018 year also hit record levels, with the company signing such notable clients as Federal Realty, Healthgrades, and Quick and Clean Carwash, expanding both the client base and the industries TrenData supports.

In a clear indication of customer satisfaction and commitment, TrenData renewed 100% of its 2017 clients, with some signing up for expanded solutions with TrenData. Among the renewals was DuraServ, who increased their license count in response to substantial company growth and implemented a real-time data source feed through the ADP marketplace, where TrenData is now featured.

As part of the ADP marketplace, the biggest human capital management app store, TrenData’s solution is widely available to companies seeking tailored HR solutions that blend platforms and data.

In 2018, TrenData also joined the Deltek Product Marketplace, where strategic business partners share a commitment to providing the highest quality products and business services. Construction giant Adolphson-Peterson is among many companies employing TrenData’s people analytics software in conjunction with a Deltek offering.

“TrenData’s growing client base and partner ecosystem are the key engines for our growth,” said TrenData co-founder and CEO Tom McKeown. “We continue to put these revenues back into the company so our product development can continue to keep us on the leading edge in analytics technology.”

TrenData launched version 3.0 of its analytics platform in the second half of 2018, featuring the most recent technology in natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence.

About TrenData

Based in Dallas, Texas, TrenData is a cloud-based platform company providing people analytics to address critical business needs. Co-founders Tom McKeown and Mark Hamdan have over 30 years in the HR space.

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GoodFirms Survey: 93% of the Online Brand Reputation Companies Believes Having a Positive Reputation is Imperative

Online Reputation Management Strategy for business

Online Reputation Management Strategy for business

Recently, an unfathomable survey done by GoodFirms reveals the positive impacts of reputation management for businesses

Powerful online Brand Reputation is important as it reflects your business values and creates a strong connection with the customers.”

— GoodFirms Research

WASHINGTON, WASHINGTON DC, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 / — These days, modern customers are always researching on online reputation management to know how it can impact on the businesses. It is a fact that an online business reputation is a crucial thing which can make the company sink or swim. Thus, recently GoodFirms survey explored the importance and positive impacts of online reputation management for business along with top tips from professionals on how to respond to negative customer reviews.

In the online reputation management survey, 500+ firms and experts participated and shared the acquainted knowledge to build a strong reputation and to deal with positive and negative feedbacks. Of particular note considering this survey, 92.6% of brand reputation companies and experts agreed that online reputation is essential and priority thing for any business.

Below companies are indexed on GoodFirms that participated in the survey of online reputation management and highlighted the best practices to handle the situations carefully and ensure brand presents true value:

•OnGraph Technologies
•Carina Technologies
•Hestabit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
•TRooTech Business Solutions
•Zignuts Technolab
•iQlance Solutions
•Endive Software
•TRooInbound Pvt. Ltd.
•Identix Web Solutions
•Relevant Software
•Wrexim Infotech
•Appentus Technologies
•Dev Technosys Pvt. Ltd.
•Konstant Infosolutions
•Yield Interactive
•West Coast Infotech
•180 Creative

GoodFirms is an internationally renowned B2B research, ratings and reviews platform. It connects the service seekers with Best Branding Agencies and other IT development companies that are evaluated with a number of some metrics. The research process is based on three vital factors that are Quality, Reliability, and Ability. These metrics are incorporated with many other statistics such as determining past and present portfolio, on-hand experience in their proficiency, market penetration and client reviews.

After this method, all the firms are differentiated and are allotted points that are out of total 60. Then index the exceptional agencies in the list of top companies, best software, and excellent firms from various segments. GoodFirms also surveys trending topics to reveal the insights and share it with the customers.

Additionally, GoodFirms supports the service providers by asking them to involve themselves in the on-going research. To enhance their chance to get listed in top companies, they can provide a strong portfolio. Getting indexed at GoodFirms can help in being more visible to customers from worldwide.

Here GoodFirms has also uncovered the list of Top Social Media Marketing Companies based on knowledge, experience, and many other metrics.

About GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a Washington, D.C. based research firm that aligns its efforts in identifying the most prominent and efficient custom software development companies that deliver results to their clients. GoodFirms research is a confluence of new age consumer reference processes and conventional industry-wide review & rankings that help service seekers leap further and multiply their industry-wide value and credibility.

Get Listed with GoodFirms.

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Stack8 Becomes the First Cisco UC Provider in Canada to Achieve Cisco Customer Journey Platform Authorization

Stack8 Logo

Stack8 Logo

Customer Journey Platform

Customer Journey Platform

UC services leader Stack8 recognized for its unique expertise in Cisco’s leading-edge cloud offering

Building on our existing Unified Communication as a Service offering with this certification marks a new milestone for Stack8 customers and reflects our commitment to addressing their cloud ambitions”

— Steven Karachinsky

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, January 31, 2019 / — Stack8, a leading provider of Cisco Unified Communications (UC) Services and Solutions, is now the first company in Canada to become Cisco Customer Journey Platform Authorized. Stack8’s customers now have the flexibility to choose between Cisco’s latest on-premise and cloud-based UC systems, and will benefit from in-depth expertise on the company’s most advanced cloud offering.

Cloud-based UC has gained particular traction with contact centers, allowing them to scale their operation quickly while offering an attractive cost model. Cisco’s Customer Journey Platform (CJP) sweetens the deal with advanced analytics capabilities, which have become invaluable for contact center managers and supervisors who need greater insight into their team’s performance to inform their decision-making.

Eric Losier, CTO at Stack8 said: “How quickly calls are being answered and resolved, where bottlenecks are occurring, which agents are performing best at any given time – our contact center partners draw on more data points than ever to help them make split-second decisions. Cisco’s analytics platform allows them to view and react to these data points in real-time, whether that means rerouting calls through top performers for better customer service or managing traffic dynamically to deal with spikes in demand.”

Cisco released its Customer Journey Platform following the acquisition of BroadSoft in February 2018. CJP is the Cisco incarnation of BroadSoft’s CC-One solution, already an industry favorite among contact center leaders. As a CJP authorized partner, Stack8 is not only the first company authorized to sell and consult on the technology in Canada; it also joins an elite group of just seven North American providers who are CJP certified.

Steven Karachinsky, CEO at Stack8 said: “Building on our existing Unified Communication as a Service offering with this certification marks a new milestone for Stack8 customers and reflects our commitment to addressing their cloud ambitions. Of course, we understand that every business is at a different stage of their cloud journey. That’s why we work with each customer to find the right technology mix for their needs and help them evolve at a pace that makes sense for them.”

About Stack8
Stack8’s mission is to fight for our customers to achieve the promise of Digital Communications
Stack8 aspires to deliver on the promise of Digital Communications. Today, the majority of companies that have transitioned to IP communications have effectively just bought an expensive phone system, yielding little business performance improvements. While the promise of digital communications is well defined (see below), companies just can’t get there. There are numerous factors holding customers back, led by integrators/partners treating this move like any other project. Once the technology is installed, they move to the next project stranding the customer with a complicated and difficult to use platform.

We built Stack8 to really fight for our customers. We seek to get past the broken promises of integrators by building a pathway to digital communications while also adhering to disciplined IT processes. This quest requires a blend of creativity, passion, and experience so that our clients no longer have to accept the status quo.
We believe in this promise and have built our company to lead our customers on their Digital journey.
Founded in 2010, Stack8 Technologies is an independent, privately held company based in Montreal, Canada. To find out more, please visit

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Worried about the financial impact of data breaches? 5 reasons for cyber insurance

Joe Collinwood at CySure explains why cyber insurance is a business essential for companies

Insurance should be viewed as an important addition to a company’s overall risk management”

— Joe Collinwood, CEO, CySure

LONDON, UK, January 31, 2019 / — Cyber risk remains a key concern for every boardroom and small to medium enterprise (SME) business owner. The current cyber landscape is chaotic including state-sponsored hackers, financially motivated cybercrime gangs and simple negligent data loss. Risk is everywhere and liabilities are high. Cyber threat remains one of the most significant and growing risks facing organisations today and too few are prepared.

The global average cost of a data breach per compromised record in 2018 was $148, a 6.4% increase from 2017, according to the Ponemon Institute 13th-annual Cost of Data Breach Study. Interestingly, locations that experienced the most expensive data breaches include the US and the UK, where notification costs are nearly five times the global average. It is clear the problem isn’t going away. Although cyber security most often makes it into the headlines because of large breaches, the most frequent threat is actually to SMEs. Smaller organisations are by nature agile and innovative, harnessing the power of technology and the Internet to reach their customer base, however, this also increases the attack surface. Research conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance revealed that 60 percent of hacked small and medium-sized organisations go out of business after six months.

Five reasons for cyber insurance
Becoming more resilient to cyber risks in an age of digital disruption means understanding the full scope of cyber governance responsibilities. Here are five reasons why every business, regardless of size or ownership, needs cyber insurance:

1. Cyber crime is growing exponentially – an overwhelming majority of businesses are reliant on online services, which exposes them to cyber security risks. The 2018 Cyber Security Breaches Survey, conducted on behalf of the UK Government, revealed that 43% of UK organisations surveyed had experienced a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months. With highly sophisticated attacks now commonplace, businesses need to assume that they will be breached at some point and have coverage to mitigate the risk.

2. Data breaches are costly – as mentioned before, in Ponemon Institute’s 2018 Cost of Data Breach Study, the average cost of a stolen or lost record is $148, while the overall cost of a data breach is nearly $4 million. This is irrespective of the fines and sanctions under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) within the EU and California’s Consumer Protection Act, which comes into effect on 1st January 2020 and will surely add to those costs.

However, the real expense of an attack against an organisation is not just the financial damage suffered or the cost of remediation, a data breach can also inflict untold reputational damage. Suffering a cyber-attack can cause customers to lose trust and spend their money elsewhere. Additionally, having a reputation for poor security can also lead to a failure to win new business or government contracts.

3. Organisations can be held legally and financially liable if third party data is compromised in a breach – emerging regulation as announced by the US Department of Defence (DoD) and the EU’s GDPR, places the responsibility on organisations to only appoint third parties who can provide sufficient guarantees that the requirements of NIST 800-171 and GDPR will be met. Both the DoD and the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will hold liable, and may, fine any organisation that has not carried out due diligence to ensure third parties are compliant. Regulatory fines have become synonymous with data breaches and the fact that cyber risks are now global, makes complying with various regulatory responses across different geographies all the more challenging.

4. Standard insurance policies do not cover cyber risk – cyber insurance is specifically designed to cover the unique exposure of data privacy and security and can act as a backstop to protect a business from the financial and reputational harm resulting from a breach. While some categories of losses might be covered under standard policies, many significant gaps often exist and cyber events can impact numerous lines of insurance coverage. Standard policies are often unlikely to cover the cost of even a “standard” security breach, let alone cyber-attack or ‘hacktivism’. Only specialist cyber insurance policies provide extensive cover. However, organisations need to research policies carefully to understand the level of cover offered and their responsibilities to stay within the conditions of the policy.
5. Improved cyber awareness and risk management – insurance is just one piece of the puzzle and solely taking out a cyber insurance policy won’t protect an organisation from a cyber-attack. Given that the single greatest cyber risk is social engineering, ie employees voluntarily but unknowingly allowing an attack to occur, it's critical that organisations get the basics right, such as putting every employee through training on how to avoid and recognize cyber threats. The fact is that the vast majority of damage done by cyber-attacks is due to an inability of the party being attacked to respond. Organisations need a comprehensive risk management plan that details how the company will respond in the face of a cyber-attack, that includes unknown threats.

Getting the basics right
Given the complexities and ever-changing threats it is important to be proactive as possible. Cyber Essentials is a UK government-backed and industry supported scheme that guides organisations on how to protect themselves against the most common cyber threats. Undertaking a certification route will help organisations, especially SMEs which may not have a dedicated cyber security specialist, to coordinate all security practices in one place, consistently and cost-effectively.

Certification is a valuable indicator of a mature approach to cyber security in organisations. It helps to guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate a commitment to cyber security. Whilst cyber insurance can provide a layer of protection when an organisation is faced with a cyber threat, it is no substitute for good cyber hygiene. Insurance should be viewed as an important addition to a company’s overall risk management, but organisations should not wait for a breach before confronting their cyber risks and exposure.

Joe Collinwood is CEO of CySure

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Certified Zoho Development Available from KDG

logo for certified Zoho development team at KDG

Certified Zoho CRM and Creator Development available from KDG’s Zoho Partners

Zoho Creator development, custom integrations, and more are available from the certified Zoho Partners at KDG.

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 / — KDG’s 100% US-based Zoho partners provide award winning development and custom integrations, helping businesses streamline workflows, improve invoicing, and market more efficiently using the power of Zoho.

The certified Zoho Creator and CRM partners at KDG provide expert development and consulting in Zoho Creator, Zoho CRM, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Books, Zoho Campaigns, and more.

In addition to applications in the Zoho Suite, the team at KDG can also help businesses integrate their existing third-party applications into Zoho. Integrations with payment processors, contracting software, voice software, and more ensure that data can be shared seamlessly between applications, helping businesses improve their internal and external processes.

“As one of the only US-based teams of Zoho developers in the United States, businesses from around the world have turned to us for Zoho support and guidance,” says Lynette Wills, AVP of Sales and Marketing at KDG. “No matter a business’s need, our team can develop a solution.”

To learn more about the Zoho solutions the team at KDG can build, visit: There, a complete list of Zoho solutions and integrations is available.

About KDG: KDG has been a leading advisor in the business world since 2001. Using custom software development, small business IT support, and UI/UX design, the company has helped clients stop making it work and start making it happen. KDG has also developed a reputation for being able to see and respond proactively to changing markets. Learn more at

Keri Lindenmuth
The Kyle David Group, LLC
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Nexus Software LLC Nexus Evolution™ 2019 Release

The newest release of the indgrated middleware for banking devices such as Recyclers, PinPads, and more is here.

KIRTLAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2019 / — Nexus Evolution™ (Nexus Software LLC), a device management middleware for the banking industry, is pleased to announce the release of Nexus Evolution 2019. This year’s release includes enhancements in recycler support and expanded device options. New reporting options make communicating licensing and support details even easier.

“For NE19 we put a lot of work into implementing the most requested recycler features: simpler bill counting and a new duress lock feature,” stated Mike Buffington, Chief Architect for Nexus Software LLC. “Also in this release is enhanced functionality to ensure that the port redirectors and serial connections work as expected.”

Nexus Evolution is a device management middleware that allows financial service providers to connect their branch teller solutions to most available banking devices. The latest release of this integrated product will help create your best solution, especially if you are:
1. Wanting more flexibility and options in your device choices.
2. Looking to get the most out of your recyclers.
3. Struggling with the output from Windows Printers.
4. Looking to take advantage of the security and other specialized options of the latest devices.
5. Exploring implementing a virtual environment.

“Retail Banking is evolving and so is Nexus Evolution. Our goal is to provide the tools needed to efficiently manage necessary devices in the financial institutions network, keeping the focus on the customer and not the equipment,” said Kevin Eilerman, CEO and President of Nexus Software LLC.

About Nexus Software LLC
Nexus Software LLC is a world-leader in multi-channel device management middleware and related products and services. For more than 30 years, Nexus Software has been used by financial institutions around the world to connect any branch solution, to any device, from any vendor. Nexus Software’s XFS standards-based, vendor-neutral solutions are installed in over 350,000 branch teller workstations at more than 1,200 financial institutions around the world. Nexus Software is headquartered in Kirtland, Ohio, with an additional development office in Apex, North Carolina, USA.

For more information on Nexus Software LLC products and services, visit the company’s website at, email or call +1 (440) 210-3400.

Kevin Eilerman
Nexus Software LLC
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eLearning Inside Announces EdTechnically, a New Podcast & Video Series That Asks Questions About Edtech and Answers Them

Elearning Inside announces EdTechnically, an edtech podcast and video series.

eLearning Inside's EdTechnically podcast and YouTube series launches on February 18th, tackling tech questions for the education and tech sector.

At eLearning Inside, we continue to push to deliver insightful and impactful content to our audience. Your commute just got a little smarter!”

— Don Weobong, Founder and CEO of eLearning Inside

LOUISVILLE, KY, USA, January 31, 2019 / — The world of edtech is both exciting and confusing. New technology promises to educate more learners and deliver stronger results than ever before. But other products fizzle in the market, prove ineffective, or fail to scale. That’s why eLearning Inside is proud to present EdTechnically, a new podcast and YouTube series that asks questions about edtech and tries to answer them. The series will launch on February 18th.

American and international venture capital continues to set records with total edtech investment. VC funds around the world poured over $1 billion into edtech startups in July 2018 alone. American rounds exceeded $1.45 billion, matching the previous high water mark set in 2015. And despite these massive investments, 2018 still didn’t exceed the international record set in 2017 when $9.5 billion entered the sector. There’s reason to believe 2019, however, will push the bar higher still.

Despite these billions of dollars flooding the edtech market, many companies and countries have little to show for it. Countless beneficiaries of VC capital go under a few years later. As Educated Ventures Founder Christopher Nyren told eLearning Inside, “My fear is that, as in 2002, Silicon Valley hot money will abandon the education sector, leaving a lot of schools in the lurch. Ultimately, the peculiarities of education require founders to bootstrap as long as humanly possible.”

At the same time, technological developments that promise to improve education often remains trapped in the silos of academia or startups that burn through their runway before anyone can actually use their product. What does get out often arrives at the hands of huge marketing budgets and a lack of sufficient testing.

As David Niemi, an expert in learning analytics and VP of measurement and evaluation at Kaplan, told eLearning Inside, “I think there’s actually good reason for people to be wary of technology because if you go online or if you get contacted by companies that have come up with some new solution, my overwhelming experience in investigating what they’ve got is that it’s almost all hype. People make huge claims for what their systems can do without any evidence behind them. They haven’t done any studies or tested the effectiveness of what they’ve got.”

Since launching in 2017, eLearning Inside has sought to map this wilderness. Reporting on the site has investigated artificial intelligence (AI) in the classroom, MOOCs, virtual charter schools, and everything in between.

But many would prefer to digest this information in various media. With EdTechnically, eLearning Inside seeks to tackle some of the biggest and most contentious issues in the edtech sector with engaging podcasts and videos.

“At eLearning Inside, we continue to push to deliver insightful and impactful content to our audience,” said Don Weobong, Founder and CEO of eLearning Inside. “Your commute just got a little smarter!”

Following launch, EdTechnically will provide an expansion to eLearning Inside’s existing PR and advertising services. Edtech startups and organizations routinely approach the site to gain exposure through their reporting, place advertorials, and spread their message. EdTechnically will provide a further avenue to reach an even wider audience.

Episodes in the series will seek to answer questions such as “Does edtech actually save teachers time?”; “Does mobile learning lead to device addiction?”; “Which will dominate online tutoring: AI or the gig economy?”; and “Can you measure engagement by watching a learner’s face?”

Many of these episodes draw their information from existing or future eLearning Inside reporting.

If you’re a teacher, administrator, manager, developer, student, or parent, EdTechnically will have something for you. Tune in February 18.

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Absolute Logic to triple its office size with new location in Wilton; cites strong growth as driver for relocation

New location for Absolute Logic

New office space will house both Absolute Logic and sister company CyberGuard 360

We have outgrown our current location; and we look forward to continuing to be a part of the Wilton community.”

— Al Alper, CEO Absolute Logic/CyberGuard 360

WILTON, CT, US, January 31, 2019 / — Absolute Logic (, a firm providing technical support and technology consulting to Connecticut and New York businesses since 1991, is tripling its office space with the relocation to new headquarters effective February 1.

Al Alper, Chief Executive Officer of Absolute Logic and sister company CyberGuard 360, confirmed today that his firm will relocate its corporate headquarters to 88 Danbury Road, Suite 1D, in Wilton. The new office space is more than three times the size of their current location at 44 Old Ridgefield Road.

Alper said that significant growth in both companies drove the need for expansion. “We have, simply stated, outgrown our current space,” he said, noting that both companies experienced more than 25% growth over the last year. On the Absolute Logic side, the firm has picked up a number of clients throughout Connecticut and New York, while CyberGuard 360 continues to develop and market cyber security software solutions to assist with compliance and protection issues. He said that the growth will result in bringing on new team members in 2019; and with the new space and its expanded conference room capabilities, he anticipates scheduling additional seminars and workshops for clients.

“We are pleased to have found a location here in Wilton that will meet our needs,” said Alper, who is also a resident of the Town of Wilton. “We have outgrown our current location; and we look forward to continuing to be a part of the Wilton community.”

The company plans an Open House for later in the year.

About Absolute Logic
Since 1991, Absolute Logic has been providing Fortune 500-style security and IT services, technical support and technology consulting to businesses of up to 250 employees. Absolute Logic has recently launched CyberGuard 360, a strong cybersecurity protection suite of technology services. The company was also designated as a Champion of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2017 and has expansive experience with and knowledge of cyber regulations such as New York State’s Department of Financial Services’ new cybersecurity regulations (23 NYCRR 500).

The firm’s original client base was comprised largely of independent insurance agencies, law firms and dental practices; today, these industries remain a key part of the company’s clientele, but Absolute Logic has expanded its scope of services to represent more than 40 different industries. Services include managed IT services and consulting, cloud computing, virtualization, email and spam protection, backup and disaster recovery, VoIP solutions, network security, and more. Absolute Logic serves the IT and related needs of Connecticut and New York. Founder and CEO Al Alper is a national speaker on IT and security issues and has authored several articles and books; his recent one being “Revealed! The Secrets to Protecting Yourself from Cyber-Criminals.” To obtain a copy, or to request Al Alper as a speaker for a business organization, please call (203) 936-6680. Absolute Logic maintains corporate offices at 44 Old Ridgefield Road, Suite 216, Wilton, CT, and operates a satellite location at 300 International Drive, Suite 100, in Williamsville, NY. As of February 1, the headquarters will relocate to 88 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT. Please visit the firm’s website at, and follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.

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