NY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 27, 2018 / — Blockchain technology has come into our modern life quickly and confidently. The data hashing technology in private networks is made as the mechanism providing the record and encryption of any transaction between two bodies in a permanent and provable way. Truth, but as long as companies, entrepreneurs and investors are afraid of new technologies like blockchain or cryptocurrency and do not follow the technological trends, the digital economy will not reach its top.

Anyway, blockchain always develops and finds its admirers. The mayor of the largest metropolis of South Korea has announced about his intention to make Seoul a “smart” city based on the blockchain technology. The strategy called Blockchain Urban Plan (2018-2022) involves 14 public services of 5 industries, for instance, human services, transport, certificate issuing, voting system, and donations management.
According to the opinions of the banking sector representatives, the banks sharply react to the technologies as the new market is not regulated. That is why the banks are not ready to integrate the cryptographic economy into the banking sector because the main features of blockchain such as anonymity and decentralization are at variance with the initial idea of the bank.

In spite of it, the blockchain payment service CLA group conducted the press release (November 28, 2018) where one of the largest investment banks Goldman Sachs and multinational investment banking enterprise Morgan Stanley were announced to be among the users of this blockchain-based service.

Apart from that, the holding company JPMorgan, the financial corporation Citigroup and financial services company Barclays become the members of CLA Group. The financial institution of the foreign exchange market (FX) reaches $5 trillion daily and is meant to be the first FX settlement service running on the base of the blockchain technology.
The intention to accept blockchain in the main financial mechanism of both companies will lead to improvement of payment netting process. The reduced costs, the increase of operation efficiency, the business growth and so on will gain their support throughout the blockchain technology usage. There is nothing strange that these investment giants such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are going to launch the products related to Bitcoin.
In addition to Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley news, the blockchain technology has not gone past the largest online retailer in the world – Amazon. On the base of blockchain, this tech giant launches a service in order to provide the clients with easy development of their blockchain networks with no difficulties and costs during the creation of their own platform.
Recently created the Amazon Managed Blockchain is known to be a service providing reliable, manageable, and scalable blockchain networks. The Amazon users are able to build the platform using the open source frameworks – either Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric.

The Amazon Managed Blockchain is another style of online trading and web services. The platform powers a lot of websites and media providers such as Netflix platform. What is more, the Amazon Quantum Ledger Database, which was created as the applications’ data guard, works as a ledger database meeting the demands of many users. The organizations use QLDB for recording and analyzing the history of economic and financial activity. With QLDB, data can be neither altered nor deleted. As a result, the history of the applications’ data is saved and owned by the central trusted authority. The people who are interested in this service are able to sign up and create a blockchain network if they are approved.

Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency sector which is known to be the most popular area for the blockchain technology usage experiences hard times, blockchain remains to be widespread and popular around the world. With its help, it will be more than possible to automate most of the business processes which are necessary for business activity. Then, in the view of the analytical and research company COR Index INC (New York, US) that professionally deals with studying of data and information about blockchain projects and cryptocurrency at all, large business companies that are leaders in their industries cannot ignore and deny the modern technologies such as blockchain. 2018 has shown that the use of blockchain technology became a necessity. For some many industries, blockchain is meant to be a priority goal for its integration into their business processes.

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CompanionLink Releases Update for Google Batch Endpoints

Image showing Outlook to Google Sync

Sync Outlook to Google

CompanionLink for Google

Google Deprecates Batch API Endpoints in March 2019. CompanionLink’s release updates customers to the new Endpoints.

With this offer you can purchase CompanionLink 8 for Google, which you can install on three computers, get free telephone technical support and a built-in deduplication tool, for just $29.95.”

— Wayland Bruns, CTO

PORTLAND, OR, US, December 27, 2018 / — CompanionLink Software has released an update to CompanionLink for Google to provide support for the new Batch Endpoints for the Google Calendar API. Google announced in March 2018 that they would be discontinuing support for the old values. Customers who synchronize Outlook to Google should be aware that an update is needed to maintain sync to Google Calendar.

“The Google Calendar API has periodically changed through the life of the product,” says Wayland Bruns, CTO for CompanionLink. “In our PC world, we are happy to see customers who run our software without modification for a decade. This is a great advantage to customers who purchase a perpetual license that maximizes their return on investment. Google chooses to update their API periodically and PC based customers must update to meet the changes in the web-based Google API.”

CompanionLink for Google synchronizes Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Tasks to Google. The current release of CompanionLink 8 uses the new endpoints and was updated shortly after Google’s announcement in 2018. In addition, CompanionLink has updated CompanionLink 7 with the new batch endpoint, which allows a fee update to who purchased CompanionLink products after January 1, 2014. CompanionLink advises these customers to install the update before March 2019 to maintain Google Sync API compatibility.

“We are extending our update pricing to those who use competing Outlook to Google sync products which may not be updated,” says Bruns. “With this offer you can purchase a full license of CompanionLink 8 for Google, which you can install on three computers, get free telephone technical support and a built-in deduplication tool, for just $29.95. Click here to take advantage of the offer.

CompanionLink for Google is a $49.95 one-time purchase, or $14.95 for a 3-month recurring subscription. Click here to update to CompanionLink for Google for just $29.95. For more information, please visit

About CompanionLink Software
CompanionLink® Software, Inc. is a pioneering developer of data synchronization solutions for mobile phones and CRM software and services. They also develop DejaOffice® CRM which runs on Android™, iPhone®, iPad®, and Windows based PCs. Since 1987, CompanionLink has helped mobilize information across devices, computers, applications, and web-based services. For more information, please visit and

CompanionLink, DejaOffice and DejaCloud are registered trademarks of CompanionLink Software, Inc. Other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners

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KDG Looks Back at 2018 with Digital Year-in-Review

2018 review

KDG looks back at 2018 with their first-ever digital year-in-review

KDG highlights the year’s top projects and memorable moments in their digital year-in-review.

We are excited to take a look back at the year’s accomplishments, and we are thankful for this opportunity to recognize the clients who helped us get to this point.”

— Kyle David, President and CEO

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, December 27, 2018 / — Allentown business processes firm KDG is inviting clients to look back at the year’s highlights in their first-ever digital year-in-review. The interactive and engaging website showcases the company’s most impressive projects, shares memorable milestones, and includes plenty of pictures of the growing company and its new headquarters.

Clients are invited to join KDG for a look back at everything they helped accomplish over the year.

“The year-in-review isn’t a list of the things KDG has accomplished,” explains Nicole Kutos, associate UI/UX designer at KDG. “It’s a look back at everything we have accomplished alongside our clients.”

Some highlights of the year-in-review include a sneak peak at the company’s new headquarters, a map of current clients, and a list of awards KDG has been recognized with.

“2018 was a year of tremendous growth for us,” says Kyle David, president and CEO of KDG. “We are excited to take a look back at the year’s accomplishments, and we are thankful for this opportunity to recognize the clients who helped us get to this point.”

To see the company’s year-in-review, visit

About KDG: KDG has been a leading advisor in the business world since 2001. Using custom software development, small business IT support, and UI/UX design, the company has helped clients stop making it work and start making it happen. KDG has also developed a reputation for being able to see and respond proactively to changing markets. Learn more at

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AllAboutApps Unveils its Top Mobile App Development Companies List of 2018 Unveils its Top Mobile App Development Companies List of 2018.

We believe in creating trust and reliability by ensuring that our readers get insightful information about the top IT industries”

— Team

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 27, 2018 / — AllAboutApps has released their most promising list of top-notch client-centric mobile app development companies in 2018. After a deep analysis of the statistical parameters and clients reviews, AllAboutApps have included the most competent and client-friendly companies in the list.

In an interview with the team of AllAboutApps said,” our researchers and analysts have gone through profound research on the companies. We have a selected the companies on the basis of various parameters, the companies fulfilling these parameters get a chance to be listed. Our researchers have found that these companies are putting their efforts in offering technically promising aspects to drive quality services.”

In recent times, the mobile application has become a necessity for businesses to reach their target niche efficiently and effectively. It is important to create branding with the help of technologies to compete in the market and to deliver the best solutions. Thus, businesses are looking for the right mobile application development companies that can develop a user-friendly and seamless application for their business.

Applications can be a great source for creating impressive branding and satisfying customers’ demands of having access to the services online. Thus, businesses are looking for the right custom mobile app developers or agencies to upgrade their businesses in accordance with the market standards.

In the market, there are many mobile app development companies that are offering various development solutions but the question of trust is always an issue among the clients. To help the customers in their first stage of finding a top-rated company, AllAboutApps have listed separated companies from the clutter. To get the best service provider according to your business needs, take a look at the Top Mobile App Development Companies in 2018.

Here are the lists of Top App Development Companies in different categories that will pave the path for your business growth in the technology-driven scenario.

Top App Development Companies in 2018
1. Fueled
2. WilliowTreeInc.
3. Appster
4. Intellectsoft
5. Appinventiv

To read more and in detail, Visit: Top App Development Companies in 2018.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in the USA
1. Fueled
2. WillowTree Inc.
3. OpenXcell
4. Y Media Labs
5. Dom & Tom

To read more and in detail, Visit: Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in the USA

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Canada
1. iQlance Solutions
2. AppStudio
3. Net Solutions
4. Hyperlink InfoSystem
5. MindSea

To read more and in detail, Visit: Top Mobile App Development Companies in Canada

Top Mobile App Development Companies in the UK
1. Hyperlink InfoSystem
2. Eleks
3. Iflexion
4. Cleveroad
5. Appinventiv

To read more and in detail, Visit: Top Mobile App Development Companies in the UK

Top Mobile App Development Companies in India
1. OpenXcell
2. IndiaNICInfotech Ltd.
3. Hidden Brains InfoTech
4. Consagous Technologies
5. Space-O Technologies

To read more and in detail, Visit: Top Mobile App Development Companies in India

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How to figure out whether STO is the right choice for your project?

TOKYO, JAPAN, December 27, 2018 / — Security token offering, Initial coin offering, and Initial public offering – which method of fundraising a company should choose? Since the beginning of the year the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) started taking action against crypto projects and even hedge funds. Token issuance rules are changing and in order to ensure that your company meets all the requirements you should carefully study the functions your digital asset will perform and the laws it should satisfy.

ICO, STO and the SEC

Let’s start with the difference between two fundraising mechanisms based on blockchain technology. STO is a procedure through which an investor receives a security token in exchange for payment. ICO has the same working principle, but purchasers get utility tokens instead.

STO combines ICO’s technological features and strictness of IPO registration process and has been invented as a response to new regulations, that seek to protect investors and consumers from cryptocurrencies frauds.

The main difference between STO and ICO is that tokenized securities are financial assets that can be backed by the company’s tangible actives, such as shares, revenue of the company, the right to receive dividends or even to vote. As a result, STO solves two major problems of crypto companies – stronger regulation and return of trust.

In comparison, ICO doesn’t give any rights or obligations. Due to the previous lack of regulation any company could have issued utility tokens without a prior registration. As a result, investors have lower barrier to entry but still have to take on increased risk.

However, after the SEC started investigating the real function of the tokens, things became a little bit more difficult. In case they find that investors purchased the token with the idea of selling it afterwards, the nature of this digital asset will be reclassified and the issuer will have to pay for violating Securities Law. Not so long ago, SEC has “slapped” Paragon and Airfox ICOs with $250,000 fine. EtherDelta founder also has been charged with $388,000 in penalties for operating “Unregistered Securities Exchange”.

Is your token a utility or security?

Companies should understand the nature of their token beforehand not to repeat others’ errors.
The SEC defines a security as “any transaction or scheme whereby a person invests his money in a common enterprise and is led to expect profits solely from the efforts of the promoter or a third party.” Only accredited or professional investors can buy this type of tokens.

Utility tokens, in turn, are simply app coins. It means that they enable future access to the products or services offered on the platform of a company. Thus, utility token shouldn’t be used for investment purposes.
In order to issue security tokens, a business must complete a registration process similar to an IPO. But in case of STOs the fees are far less than those companies are paying to the investment banks and brokers.

STO: regulations, limitations, specific rules

The main feature of an STO in relation to any other fundraising instrument is that it has less middleman and more automation, which, in turn, corresponds to lower taxes, legal and accounting fees. But before issuing security tokens, a company must register with the SEC, unless they qualify for an exemption.

Below you can find some of restrictions and requirements that both sellers and buyers must meet. First, security tokens cannot be freely traded. According to the SEC, a security owner willing to sell a security restricted to the public has to meet five conditions:

Holding period: typically between 6–12 months
Current public information: Information regarding the nature of its business, the identity of its officers and directors, and its financial statement publicly available
Trading volume formula: <1% of the outstanding shares
Ordinary brokerage transactions
Filing a notice of proposed sale with the SEC
Because security tokens are subject to federal security regulations, issuers in the U.S. can qualify for three distinct exemptions: Reg D, Reg A+ and Reg CF.

In conclusion

Constant investigations conducted by the SEC actually play into the hands of the STO dissemination. In accordance with a level of transition from IPO and ICO mechanisms to STO, it is expected that the market cap of the last fundraising channel will reach $10 trillion in 2020.

Overall, it’s a quite challenging task to issue security tokens. STO requires a lot of time and money, unless the company is backed up by professionals who know the mechanism like the back of their hand.

Platinum helps businesses to comply with a list of rules and regulations and to without having to deal with lawyers and advisors individually. By appealing to us, companies will save not only precious weeks, but will also have lower costs.
So far Platinum has consulted over 700 projects and helped to collect $200M+. And that is in a bearish market! For more information, please visit our website or follow us on Facebook.

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Speciale Invest leads investor group to raise an undisclosed seed fund for the tech-gaming poker startup Pocket52.

Online Poker tech gaming start up Entrepreneurs

From Left: Nitesh (CEO), Debashish (CMO), Satyam (CTO), Saurav (COO)

Tech-gaming poker start-up successfully gains support of Speciale Invest with a slew of entrepreneurs in catalyzing a revolution in the Online Poker Circuit.

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, December 26, 2018 / — Ever wondered how computers generate Random Numbers?

Bangalore based start-up, an online poker platform Pocket52, has taken a major step in evolving the Random Number Generator technology. iTech labs, a globally renowned third-party certification agency based out of Australia, has certified Pocket52 as a cryptographically secure RNG platform.

In Fact, Pocket52 is the first Indian poker company to develop a cryptographically secure RNG, sourced by Lava Lamps in India. They call it RNG+. This major technological step has brought about a revolution in the online poker space.

Speciale Invest led an investor group to raise an undisclosed seed fund for Pocket52. The group included marquee poker players like Abhigya Sagar, Pranjal Batra and a slew of astute entrepreneurs.

Pocket52 is boldly held together by Nitesh Salvi (CEO) along with other co-founders Saurav Suman (COO) (Co-Founder TimeMyTask now acquired), Debashish Bhattacharjee (CMO), and Satyam Verma (CTO).

Nitesh (Co-founder and CEO Pocket52) is an IIT Bombay graduate and a serial entrepreneur. His first venture Plancess was one of India’s top-ranked Ed-tech startups which was later acquired by the Career Point Group, Kota.
Nitesh has been an ardent poker player from his IIT Bombay days. He mentions identifying major anomalies in his online poker experience over varied platforms.

A decade of unsatisfactory experiences inspired him to build a space of his own in the online poker Circuit. Nitesh along with the founding team aims to reconstruct the online poker experience with the help of Data & Machine Learning.

The platform is designed encompassing a world-class User interface to create a stunning user interface.

The Bangalore-based company expressed their intentions to infuse their funds in contriving an expanding consumer business. Pocket52 built their software from the scratch. The technology was built by India's finest, led by Satyam, CTO of the company who is an avid poker player himself. Pocket52 has introduced many new features for a sophisticated gaming experience of their users.

The startup has absorbed a very dynamic and tech-savvy team which has built a whale of a product. This product holds the potential to attract a large user base and foster their sustenance. The CMO of the company with his extensive knowledge on the customer leads the planning of every reward feature and benefit. Each promotion is designed keeping in mind every type of potential poker player in India.

Arjun Rao, General Partner at Speciale Invest expresses- “We’re excited to support Pocket52 in their vision. Their vision to bring technological innovations to the Indian online gaming sector. Of course, poker is their first game. They have a strong product differentiation around the game-play. Their integrity levels, fairness and high-quality player engagement, strengthen our confidence in them.”

Founder of Speciale Invest Vishesh Rajaram mentions-
"The growth rate of the Indian online poker gaming industry is very high. It is a land of opportunities. Pocket52 has taken the technological lead in this space and we are happy to be a part of their growth journey.”

This exhibits a tremendous level of faith in the start-up by their investors.

The RNG+ technology employed by Pocket52 is an additional security layer in their online card shuffle process. They drew this technological inspiration from some noteworthy companies like Cloudflare. A platform that acts as a medium to secure 10% of the entire world wide web.

Pocket52 has traced a tremendous roadmap for themselves. Their plan includes construction of personalized learning modules. This will equip the platform to impart personalized learning experience to the poker players who aim to go professional in poker. Machine learning will play a pivotal role in the design of these learning modules.

As per a study by KPMG & Google in India published in May 2017, the market value of Indian gaming Industry’s is about USD 300 Million. The estimated value of the online poker space in India is USD 7 Billion. This value combined with a base of more than 5 Million poker players in India. This infers a massive market potential as PokerStars India. Companies like Adda52, Spartan Poker, Pokerbaazi & 9Stacks are changing the face of online poker by promoting it as a game of skill.

So just like they say “BuildChurnWin” your poker today at Pocket52.Com

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Multi-Currency Wallet App Quppy Announces Launch of White Label Wallet Payments

The Quppy team is proud to announce that white label payment technology is now available on its platform.

The platform remains completely decentralized, so that only the client has direct and unequivocal access to their funds.”

— Quppy

TALLIN, TALLIN, ESTONIA, December 24, 2018 / — Unique, Multi-Currency, Cross-Platform Crypto-Wallet Quppy, has announced that it now offers users white label technology on its platform. The solution, which can be applied to projects of any type, uses a decentralized white label Wallet from Quppy and Quppy Exchange to accept payments through the system, and buy & sell cryptocurrencies.

The Quppy team can now create a wallet for a client’s own coin or for other coins, regardless of their availability in the wallet. This very unique service allows users the freedom to launch projects based on their own platform, and will even enable the project to display it’s own custom design and logo. Users will also have the ability to add and remove these functions, and additional ones, based directly on their requirements.

The platform remains completely decentralized, so that only the client has direct and unequivocal access to their funds.

Benefit Now

The new system serves to payment providers enabling them to use third-party technologies and support payment acceptance for their merchant customers.The white label simplifies the payment processing for customers.

Fraud Risks Minimized

The new payment gateway offers tools to help fighting fraud. The system protects genuine revenues while reducing the costs and administration associated with fraudulent activities.

Rapid Deployment Time

No need to build anything from scratch. With the white label the client has his own platform ready for action.

Other advantages:

– the tested core;
– good for when there’s a lapse of technical experience;
– a private service for technical development;
– lower long-term labor cost long term (no shares/equity given);
– no need to create your own platform.

24/7 support

The multilingual team provides constant support of the project. It also monitors the overall system performance. As the system is multilingual, the project can be translated into multiple languages.

Additional Features

use the Quppy promotion experience to be on top;
legal support;
technical support.

Besides, Quppy opens IBAN accounts in European Banks, EU collection accounts, Virtual IBAN in SEPA. The accounts support SEPA transfers on the territory of the European Union and the CIS as well as other countries.
In the 1st quarter of 2019 it is planned to start issuing corporate cards. Any transaction complies with all safety requirements without exception.

If you have any questions please contact us via

Learn more about Quppy White Label program –

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Five reasons why STOs will rule the crypto future

TOKIO, JAPAN, December 25, 2018 / — Security tokens, or asset-backed tokens, are getting a lot of interest these days in the crypto space. And not without good reason. They offer a dynamic and complaint way to raise funds, a process that was started by ICOs that raised upwards of $27 billion in the last three years. Experts are already predicting that the STOs will be a multi-trillion dollar market in the next few years.

So what is it that make STOs the new darling of the crypto space? Let’s find out.

Security tokens possess intrinsic value
Unlike utility tokens that find their usability limited only to the platform for which they were created, security tokens have inherent value in the form of equity/debt position, dividends, profit share, voting rights, among others. This means that when you buy security tokens, you get a promise of legal rights to ownership of the intrinsic value in the company that is issuing them.

Security tokens are inherently compliant
Since the tokens issued by a company are classified as “securities” they have to comply with security laws, especially in countries that have a US-like regulatory setup. However, security tokens go one step ahead because compliance is inherently integrated within them since they are smart contracts. These smart contracts can make security tokens self-regulating and can execute transactions, enforce its terms and satisfy financial requirements.

Security tokens offer clarity and transparency
Security tokens take investor protection to the next level with a high degree of transparency with regards to the information of the issuing company, the number of tokens issued and sold. While utility tokens may allow unscrupulous players to take advantage of the crypto craze and attempt to scam investors, security tokens protect investor interests. The high level of regulatory compliance and high fees discourage fly-by-night operators from offering tokens in a bid to scam investors.

Security tokens can be recovered
The dangers of losing cryptocurrencies in digital wallets are real. The absence of any recovery feature in the virtual assets environment have caused many investors and crypto enthusiasts millions of dollars. However, a carefully constructed STO can reissue tokens to holders in the event of loss of original ones. This is a great example of how much protection security tokens offer investors as a result of its high degree of compliance.

Security tokens emphasize heavily on KYC and AML protocols
As a result of their inherently compliant nature, STOs adhere strictly to relevant KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) guidelines issued by regulatory authorities. By creating terms and conditions within the smart contracts that disallow transfer of security tokens to ineligible investors, STOs can substantially reduce the risks of non-compliance to KYC/AML protocols for the issuing company and increase success rate of legal enforcement.

For the first time, regulatory authorities and the crypto community are seeing eye-to-eye on one aspect. STOs, with their compliant nature, are being looked at favourably both by regulators and blockchain ventures wanting to raise funds, without the hassles and high costs of an IPO. However, the legal intricacies of running an STO can easily overwhelm companies who have no experience in such processes. This is where a company like Platinum can help.

Platinum is a global leader in consulting services for STO/IEO/ICO/Post ICO. With offices in Minsk, Kiev, Moscow, Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Yangon, Colombo, we have a diverse and expert team of 112 specialists. We provide an extensive range of services – marketing and PR, management, consulting, programming, cyber security, education, legal advisory and much more. Having advised more than 700 projects and having helped raise in excess of $200 million in funds, we are extremely well placed to strategically plan your company’s STO and run it successfully.

To know more about our consulting services, visit our website where you can also get a free, no-obligation consultation and project review.

Mike Graigham
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SEOUL, KR, December 24, 2018 / — 独自開発のブロックチェーン・メインネットの稼働に成功した「Glosfer・ハイコン」(代表:キム・テウォン)は、今月24日、ハイコン・プライベートブロックチェーンのプラットフォームに追加された「スマート・コントラクト」の機能を紹介する。さらに、クリスマスの翌日の26日には、世界で初めて具現化に至ったスペクター・アルゴリズムの技術について発表する予定だ。
一方で、26日に公開予定のスペクター技術の具現化に関する映像では、「VisibleSpectreプロジェクト」での問題点やその解決過程、ネットワークで新規ブロックが生成される仕組みが紹介される。ビットコインやイーサリアムといったこれまでの仮想通貨に採用されているシングルチェーンではなく、「DAG(Directed Acyclic Graph:方向を示す有向非巡回グラフ)」を使うハイコンの「スペクター・コンセンサスプロトコール」は、シングルチェーンの制約を克服するため、DAG構造を必要とする。このDAG構造での問題を解決するために開発されたのが、「スペクター・プロトコール」だ。DAG構造は、ひとつの親ブロックで生成されるという構造的制約を受けることなく、比較的速やかにブロックを生成することができる。「ネットワークの遅延(D)×ブロック生成速度(λ)」で表現される値は、ネットワークのセキュリティに関わっている。この値を増やした場合、シングルチェーンはセキュリティの水準が急激に低下するのに対し、スペクター(SPECTRE)・アルゴリズムが使用されたブロックチェーンでは、値が増加しても(すなわち、ネットワークの遅延が長引いたり、ブロックの生成速度を上げたりしても)一定水準のセキュリティが保持できるというメリットがある。つまり、スペクター・コンセンサスプロトコールを通じて、安定性と拡張性を同時に解決することができる。

Glosfer Inc
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HYCON unveils SPECTRE ∙ Private Blockchain & Smart Contract

SEOUL, KR, December 24, 2018 / — HYCON, which has been running its own mainnet, is going to introduce Smart Contract that will be attached to HYCON Private Blockchain Platform on 24th. Following after Christmas, on 26th of December, the team is going to release the world’s first technological adaptation of Spectre Algorithm.
Smart Contract with “HYCON Enterprise Platform”, which was introduced on 19th. The mother company of Team Hycon, Glosfer aims to fulfill the needs in the enterprise market and to commercialize blockchain technology in the service industry. According to the description on the video clip, current Smart Contract has categories such as ‘to’, ‘from’, ‘amount’, ‘fee’, and ‘nonce’. On top of these categories ‘data’ section has added to save the length of variables. Moreover, it’s using Ethereum’s EVM module, which has already been examined in the international community, This source can be used swiftly.
The team is going to post a video on 26th to explain a number of issues such as the problems they had, journey to overcome dilemmas and flow of creating a new block. Unlike well-known single chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, HYCON has decided to apply an advanced structure called DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph). Spectre protocol enables to solve critical problems of DAG structure in its adaptation.
With an ordinary blockchain network, each block can have only one parent block. However, DAG enables to overcome this limitation and to increase the block generation speed.
The equation of “Network Delay (D) x Speed of Block Creation (λ)” deeply relates to network security. As the value goes up, the level of security goes down on regular chain. However, blockchain with Spectre Algorithm enables to maintain the safety of the network even if the equation value is high. In other words, the security level is guaranteed with fast blockchain creation time.
The transaction methods of single chain and DAG are different. If you look at block ‘height’, the chronological order is very clear on single chain. Any double spend problems can easily be dealt with. Imagine two blocks with the same height on single chain, the block has longer series of blocks will survive and the other will be removed from the network. All transaction records from the short chain will be deleted.

However, on DAG network, there’s no such thing as ‘a rule of rejection’ systemically. As long as any blocks under the rule of consensus, all blocks are embraced. This is the secret of fast transaction speed. However, the problem of the double spend can be a critical issue in this manner because on DAG structure, it’s difficult to define the chronological order of blocks because it does not have index like ‘height’.
Spectre is the algorithm that helps to overcome such a problem on DAG by having a system of voting between blocks. According to Team HYCON, once Spectre is updated on HYCON public network, the TPS rate will become at least more than 3,000 per second. The fundamental problem of blockchain speed will no longer an issue.
Taewon Kim, the CEO of Glosfer said “HYCON Private Blockchain has Smart Contract as well”, “This is the world’s first successful Spectre adaptation case and we are close to its completion. This unique development will strengthen the technological development in South Korea.

Glosfer Inc
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Source: EIN Presswire