Barclays, BBVA, Citi, Microsoft, R3, Ripple & Fidelity take over Boston for the Blockchain for Finance Conference

Other speaking organisations include BNY Mellon, Northern Trust, RBC, DTCC, State Street & IBM
See the full speaker line:

NEW YORK , USA , August 15, 2018 / — Due to the success of FinTech Network’s Blockchain for Finance Conference in Europe and the Asia Pacific, we’ve now introduced our BFC series to the North American market. This meeting will take place in Boston on 14-15 November ( with an aim to help FSIs advance blockchain technology from POC to commercialization.

BFC NA will offer a platform for industry professionals to discuss these important challenges through keynote presentations; panel discussions, workshops and networking opportunities. Delegates will learn how to streamline blockchain adoption, hear latest DLT applications, technical challenges and the crypto asset space
We’ve assembled some of the most recognised experts to discuss the latest advancements in DLT which will revolutionise the finance industry.

Highlights include:
• Microsoft’s Marley Gray will share his thoughts on technical challenges such as scalability, interoperability and privacy that need to be considered for full blockchain implementation
• Explore the partnerships that Barclays have formed to aid DLT adoption and where DLT fits within their overall fintech strategy
• Hear Factom, BBVA and Clovyr’s Amber Baldet discuss the ways of storing data on blockchains and the most effective platforms to use
• Understand Northern Trust and Fidelity’s standpoint on the developments of crypto assets and how this will affect financial services
• Examine the array of blockchain applications available and where the likes of Citi, Ripple, R3 & BNY Mellon are applying this technology

You’ll also hear from leading blockchain experts at the National Bank of Canada, DTCC, State Street & Digital Asset to help you to move your blockchain projects from POC to commercialization. To see the full speaker line-up and latest agenda, download the brochure now:

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