You Will Never Want to Use YouTube / Facebook After Knowing the Truth

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As a content creator hoping to make some money from it, nothing is more rewarding than actually getting paid for the contents created. Content creators put in a lot of work to ensure they come up with really amazing content, however, despite all the time and effort that go into creating high-quality content, platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Steemit, etc. take most part of the profits. A lot of content creators will really love a platform where they get the compensation they really deserve. The UUNIO platform is one such system that values content creators and has designed their platforms such that the content creators get the larger profit, and enjoy a lifetime of compensations.

Profits of Content Creators on YouTube and Facebook

Perhaps at some point, you have uploaded contents on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and the likes, what was the reward like? First of all getting rewards on these platforms involves driving tons of traffic to the content, and that still does not guarantee you will get rewarded. YouTube and Facebook get the lion-share of the profits made when content gets uploaded on their platforms. Rather than content creators getting rewarded for their work, these platforms get most of the rewards, even the content users do not get anything.

The Appearance of Reward-Driven Social Media Platform: Steemit

Steemit is a social media and blockchain platform that rewards its users with monetary tokens. Content creators create content, then upload on to the platform, then the users interact with the content by either upvoting, recommending, or sharing the content. However, the value of the vote is dependent on the Steem power of the voter, and also upvotes from Whales have more influence than ordinary members.

The Problem with Steemit

Steem may have been a very good platform if it had not implemented the compensation period feature in its structure. There is a 7 day compensation period attached to a post, after which the content creator will no longer be able to receive compensations in terms of monetary rewards as a result of upvotes, shares, and recommendations. So no matter how good the content is, after 7 days it will not yield any rewards.

UNNIO to Solve the Problem

UUNIO is a Contents Reward Platform that uses blockchain technology to monetize creator's contents for a lifetime. UUNIO is one that is different from all others due to some key features it has developed which will truly make content creators kings and afford them the due regard that all other platforms so far deny them. While YouTube, Facebook and the rest receive a lion share of the profits made from posts by content creators, UNNIO is offering 62.5 % of the profits to the content creators, and 22.5% to content curators. The rest of the profits will go into maintenance and interest.
In addition, many services such as Afreeca TV,, YouTube, charge a huge fee for donations to creators. Donations to the creators are a gift of gratitude to the creators from the users. This should not be misused to make platform providers rich. Within UUNIO,100% of sponsorship or donations go to the contents creators.
There is also no compensation period on the UNNIO platform, this means that content creators will continue to get compensated as often as their posts get upvoted, shared, or recommended. This will make it possible for the content creators to enjoy the compensations for a long time, and that is the encouragement they need to do more and come up with high-quality contents.
UUNIO is not a platform that is straddled on top of other ecosystems. It’s dedicated team of developers want the platform to be the all-powerful, and all-convenience content marketplace that is why it was built from the ground up with its unique blockchain, and a continued dedication to improving the system with regular updates over time.

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