World Health Energy Holdings Inc. new release of mobile Cyber Defence firewall

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new Cyber Defence firewall available free on play store

World Health Energy Holdings (OTCMKTS:when)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, April 18, 2018 / — World Health Energy Holdings (OTC PINK: WHEN), a diversified Software, Energy and Financial company announced today the successful development of its new Cyber Defence firewall which can be used free. Our new Cyber Defence APP was created by in-house development IT team headed by Mr. Uri Tadelis CEO and Mr. Giora Rozensweig Owners of UCG INC USA.

In the wake of the recent developments, mobile users grow savvier about the data generated by their app usage and the associated data collection practices. With WHEN's new Cyber Defense tool you can decide if those data sets stay on your device or get sent back to the service provider, and if it should happen along your WIFI or your Mobile data connection.

"We're empowering our users with fine-grained control over their data, as the Cyber Defense firewall allows you to control which App can communicate back to the internet and when in an intuitive way".

Cyber Defence will reveal all the applications, known or unknown, present on your mobile device. The new app was created right after previews release on Nov 2017
We want to spread awareness and decide to offer this tool for free worldwide. To download our new Cyber Defence app go on the play store and look for "Cyber Defence" created by UCG unique cyber group.

Uri Tadelis
World Health Energy Holdings
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Source: EIN Presswire